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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 11 – You were no good during that night Xiao Wang immediately opened the window and asked, “Do you two need me…to wait for you two??” Just that, this voice became smaller and smaller, seemingly as if he was just saying that as a show of respect to his work. Seeing them walked away, he stepped onto the pedal. I don’t want to see those two anymore, they are too hurtful. Sizing up the surrounding food stalls, Qing Ya pursed her lip, “Do you normally eat those?” “I normally order take out.” “In any case, you are also a boss, why do I feel that you are especially poor?” Qing Ya had wanted to ask this question for quite a while, but she was afraid of hurting Ye Hua’s pride. Ye Hua walked towards a skewer shop and said leisurely, “I donated the money that I earned, and the rest is used to pay the workers’ wage.” “You actually know how to donate money?” Qing Ya seemed as if she had just discovered a new mainland. The impression that Ye Hua gave her was that of a cold and detached playboy. Incorrect! The impression that Ye Hua gave her was only that of a playboy that has serious eccentricity. But right now, in her view, she felt that he still at least had a bit of heart. “I heard that one could nurture compassion by doing this.” “You do indeed lack compassion.” Qing Ya immediately found a loophole and mocked at Ye Hua. Ye Hua’s footsteps suddenly came to a stop, causing Qing Ya who was immeasurably self-satisfied to knock into him. “If…” Ye Hua did not even finish speaking and Qing Ya cut him off and said, “If it was in the past, you would have already killed me, I know, I know, but the question is, do you dare to kill me now? Aim and stab right at my stomach, remember to aim properly!” Ye Hua took a few huge deep breaths. Staying together with this woman, I will sooner or later turn back to that state in the past. However, as the child’s mother, it is not bad that she has this kind of courage. She has a chance to become the supreme overlord’s madam. Seeing that Ye Hua was unhappy, as if he just ate a housefly, Qing Ya felt really happy, just that she kept that happiness in her heart and her expression was still that cold as usual, seemingly as if everyone around her owed her money or something. The two of them casually found a table and sat down on the table. The waitress brought a menu and ran over. The waitress was an adorable young lady, she did not dare to look at the two people and had her head lowered. Ye Hua took the menu and tossed it over to Qing Ya, seemingly lazy to even order dishes. “Lazy thing.” Qing Ya mumbled. However, she was indeed feeling hungry right now, after all, she did not eat breakfast when she woke up in the morning. Ye Hua did not bother with her, if not for the child, I wouldn’t even sit with her and have a meal together. I really want to use magic on that mouth of hers and seal it. Qing Ya also did not take the initiative to chat anymore. The two of them quietly waited for the dishes to be served. After all the dishes were served, Ye Hua said calmly, “Prepare for me.” “Prepare what?” Qing Ya went into a daze. Ye Hua indicated by looking at those skewers, then looking at his own bowl. Qing Ya was angered to the point that she laughed. Do you really think that you are a big shot? To actually want me to help you prepare, do you want me to also feed it into your mouth! “Prepare it yourself.” Qing Ya said coldly. “You are my wife now, you have the authority to serve me.” Ye Hua said with a deep voice, seemingly feeling in a bit of a bad mood already. Qing Ya almost spat out the tofu that was in her mouth, “I have the authority to serve you! Sorry, I give up on this kind of authority.” If it was during normal times, Ye Hua would still prepare it himself, after all, there was only him alone. But right now, this woman was considered nominally as his wife already. If he was to still have to prepare it himself, if words of that were to spread out, he would be losing face. Seeing that Ye Hua remain seated and did not eat anything, Qing Ya pouted her mouth and said, “Your temper is quite big huh.” Ye Hua did not pay attention to her. I should not come out with her to eat anymore in the future. After 10+ minutes had passed, Qing Ya was amazed by Ye Hua, finally, she stretched out her hand, prepared a skewer for Ye Hua and placed it in his bowl, “Eat it.” “Seems like you have already realized your own mistake.” Ye Hua said coldly, then picked up his chopsticks and picked up the meatball. Qing Ya felt that her lung was going to explode already, why is this fellow this annoying? I only prepared a skewer for you after seeing that you were so pitiful. “Prepare another skewer for me.” “Are your hands broken?” Qing Ya was not going to pity Ye Hua anymore, and her tone was even colder. “Prepare another skewer for me, I won’t repeat it the second time!” Ye Hua felt that this woman really needed to be taught a lesson. Qing Ya snorted coldly, “You already said it the second time.” “Pa.” Ye Hua slammed the chopsticks heavily onto the table. The surrounding customers were all shocked by that and wondered just what this super good looking man and women were doing. Qing Ya was also shocked by that, and she felt really grievance in her heart. Resisting her tears, she said, “Come on, hit me then!” Looking at the eyes that were gradually turning red, Ye Hua’s anger calmed down by a bit. He leaned on the chair once again and did not say anything. However, the surrounding customers were all discussing spiritedly. “Holy shit, that handsome guy was going to hit that beautiful woman.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk, to even be able to bear to lay his hands on a woman like this, this handsome guy is truly…” “The handsome guy is so handsome!” “Sicko!” The atmosphere between the two immediately became calm, all the way until Qing Ya’s phone rang. Looking at the caller, Qing Ya wrinkled her brows, however, she still picked up the phone. “Qing Ya, I heard that you went to Long’an City, why didn’t you inform me, I could have accompanied you to go to Long’an City.” Qing Ya said indifferently, “I’m accompanying my husband, I’m going to hang up first.” “Qing Ya, can you not be mature a bit and not play this kind of routine anymore? I know that your impression towards me is not good, but feelings can be nurtured.” The man on the phone seemed to be very persistent, and at the same time, had blind confidence of himself. “I’m accompanying my husband, I will not repeat this sentence a second time!” Ye Hua said indifferently, “This is the second time already.” Qing Ya ruthlessly took a glare at Ye Hua, just whose side are you on! “Alright, alright, alright, you are accompanying your husband. Grandpa wants us to go back to have a meal, just nice you are at Long’an City right now, I will come to Long’an City this afternoon, how about we have dinner together tonight?” “I’m not free! I’m accompanying my husband!” Ye Hua said indifferently, “This is the third time already.” Qing Ya couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted, “Will you die if you don’t speak!” “What are you talking about Qing Ya?” The person on the site was confused, he felt that Qing Ya’s anger was very big today. “I want you to die!” After finish speaking, Qing Ya hanged up the phone and began gorging on the food. All the customers that were present were shocked. This woman is really hard to suppress, she has such a strong aura, wanting someone to die at the drop of a hat… Ye Hua took out a cigarette and smoked silently. “I’m full already.” Qing Ya stroke her flat belly and felt that she had eaten up all her gloominess into her stomach, and after a while, all of it would be digested. Ye Hua did not say anything and stood up and walked out of the stall. “Hey, are you really not going to eat? I’m asking you a question!” Seeing that Ye Hua really walked out of the store, Qing Ya paid the bill and hurriedly followed after him. This fellow sure is stubborn. After catching up to Ye Hua, Qing Ya was a bit gasping for breath, “Can you walk a bit slower!” Ye Hua turned his head over and took a look at Qing Ya, “Your body is no good, during that night, you almost fainted after only half an hour.” “I……” Ye Hua’s words immediately made Qing Ya recalled what happened during that night. “You are precisely a bastard!” Qing Ya shouted coquettishly and walked towards another direction while panting in rage. Ye Hua originally did not want to chase after her, but after thinking that his child was still in her stomach, he had no choice but to chase after her. This woman is really a woman that makes one feel vexed!

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