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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 137 – How did your innocence get sullied? 2/2 Wei Chang pulled out the stool for Ye Hua, and Ye Hua sat on the opposite side of Xun Fang. Looking at the woman’s face, Ye Hua discovered that the woman was indeed beautiful, the tender eyes of the woman seemed as if they had suffered an insufferable blow. “How did you know that I am a skeleton.” Ye Hua asked gravely as killing intent emitted out from him. Xun Fang was currently feeling a little dizzy because of the alcohol and misheard what Ye Hua spoke. Looking at the handsome fellow in front of her, Xun Fang said, “Because I saw him with my own eyes, he is precisely a skeleton, I want to kill him!!!” Ye Hua and Wei Chang were both confused right now. What kind of plot is this? Isn’t the plot jumping forward a bit too quickly? “Why do you want to kill the skeleton?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Xun Fang’s beautiful eyes turned cold and a sharp aura burst out from her entire body, “Because he sullied my innocence! In this entire rest of my life, my only wish is to kill him!” A skeleton sullied this woman’s innocence? Ye Hua couldn’t help but shout out vulgarity, “The f**k!” Wei Chang was stunned when he heard that. Feeling curious, Wei Chang asked, “Miss, may I ask, how did the skeleton sully your innocence?” Shing! A silvery light flickered, and a sharp sword could be seen being held onto Wei Chang’s neck. “If you dare to say one more word, I will take your life!” Xun Fang shouted out while drunk, she was not even able to hold onto her sword steadily right now. Ye Hua looked towards Wei Chang and shook his head, and Wei Chang naturally understood His Honor’s intention. There is actually a degenerate like this who is the same race as me. Ye Hua decided that he was going to dispose of the skeleton that Xun Fang was talking about. This woman seems quite pitiful. Recently, I have truly been a good person. “Do you still remember that skeleton’s characteristics? For example, his weapon, or his attire?” Ye Hua asked. Xun Fang’s head was quite dizzy. After shaking her head, Xun Fang said intermittently, “That skeleton… he… he likes to play with his phone… fishing game… he wears a black robe… and he has a big sickle as his weapon… he doesn’t know how to speak, and would often make the sound ‘jiejiejie’…” Ye Hua was completely confused after listening to what Xun Fang said. However, Wei Chang on the other hand was stunned. Isn’t the skeleton that this woman is describing precisely f**king Death Mage!!! An evil spirit that I summoned actually sullied a female human!!! How is this possible! Death Mage is a skeleton, how was he even able to sully this woman!!! “Your Honor, subordinate has something to report to you.” Wei Chang said in a low voice. Ye Hua silently nodded his head. Before listening to what Wei Chang has to say, Ye Hua called Lie Gu to come over. This damned skeleton, if I caught him, I am going to stew him. “Your Honor, the skeleton that this woman is talking about… is… is our own people.” Wei Chang finally said it out. After saying it out, Wei Chang immediately felt that his body became lighter. Ye Hua and Lie Gu were both stunned! “He is an evil spirit that subordinate summoned.” Wei Chang continued. After feeling astonished, Ye Hua said faintly, “Since this skeleton is our own people, I will forget about it. However, for a matter like this, it has to be dealt with properly. If both parties were voluntary, just drive the woman out of the bar. If the other party was involuntary, then get the skeleton to take responsibility. For the woman to even ran all the way here to make a scene, what is this even!" “What Your Honor just said is right. I will call him to come over right now and confront face to face with this lady.” Wei Chang felt that what His Honor said was right. However, I really don’t understand, how was a skeleton even able to sully a human? Lie Gu said in a low voice, “What the hell, this evil spirit that you summoned is actually this good at hitting on girls? And I even had some thoughts towards this woman here.” “Lie Gu, can you not be so disgusting? To even want an underling’s woman.” “Tsk, I am just joking around, look at how anxious you are getting. I am a man that has mysophobia okay?” Wei Chang laughed lightly. Mysophobia? Who are you even trying to kid? Everyone moved to the toilet, and at the toilet, Wei Chang began summoning Death Mage, “Death Mage!” Under the Tianqiao Bridge, it was still that same spot, and it was still the same as before, with Death Mage sitting on his Sickle of Death. The only thing that changed was Death Mage’s phone. The phone changed from a 10k rmb phone to a 1k rmb phone. Even though it was late at night, Death Mage was still playing with his phone. BIu, biubiubiu… Looking at the surrounding wanderers, cotton could be seen stuffed in their ears. Suddenly, Death Mage stopped playing with his phone, and in the next moment, Death Mage’s figure disappeared. The surrounding wanderers sensed that the housefly that was buzzing around their ears had finally left and all of them couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief. I can finally sleep in peace now. Within leisure bar’s toilet. “Couldn’t you choose a clean place to summon that skeleton over!” Ye Hua said in displease. Wei Chang said respectfully, “Your Honor, be at ease, I have already cleaned the toilet.” “Can the floor be licked?” Lie Gu pouted his mouth and said. At this moment, a black figure appeared within the toilet. Death Mage first went into a daze, and soon after, not daring to even think too much about what was going on, Death Mage kneeled down onto the floor, “Your Honor!” “Get up, the floor is dirty!” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows.

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