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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 155 – My strength is not allowed to be doubted! 2/2 Ye Hua closed his palm, and the Firmament Ghost Flames immediately disappeared, while Ye Zizi was still being controlled by Ye Hua. Peak Moon Illumination Lamp slowly floated to the top of Ye Zizi’s head. When the lamp was floating on top of Ye Zizi’s head, a flame appeared within the lamp core, and illuminated Ye Zizi’s entire body. Ye Hua’s gaze was tightly fixed onto Ye Zizi. I hope that this Peak Moon Illumination Lamp would be of use. Slowly, the lamp illuminated out Ye Zizi’s true body, and also various kinds of constitutions. Ye Hua’s comprehension towards the things that were illuminated out was pretty decent, and up till now, the things that were being illuminated out of Ye Zizi were still normal. However, of course, if those things were to be illuminated out from other people, it would be abnormal. Suddenly! Three pieces of faint seals appeared on the top of Ye Zizi’s head! The three pieces of seals formed into a triangle shape seal. Looking at the shape, there were still 2 more pieces of seals that were missing, thus, this seal could be counted as an imperfect seal. Ye Hua tightly held his hand into a fist, to actually dare to place seals on my subordinate! However, with how strong Ye Zizi's capability is, who is able to even place seals on her! I will ask her about it later on! Ye Hua tapped lightly onto the triangle seal with his bone finger, and immediately, the three pieces of seals shattered. And right at this moment, the Peak Moon Illumination Lamp’s flame had extinguished, and the Peak Moon Illumination Lamp vanished from within the air. After the three pieces of seals disappeared, the armor that was on Ye Zizi’s body disappeared too. While wearing a princess dress, Ye Zizi slowly fell onto the ground. Ye Hua summoned out his corporeal body again and lighted up a stick of cigarette, then began waiting for Ye Zizi to wake up. After a long while. Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~ Ye Zizi who was lying on the ground rubbed onto her big eyes, “Where am I at?” “I’m so hungry…” Ye Zizi sat her body up and pursed her lips. Suddenly, she saw that there was an unfamiliar man in front of her. So handsome~ However, what a familiar feeling… “Ye Zizi.” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. Ye Zizi immediately recalled of the battle just a while ago. A pitiful expression appeared on her face and tears immediately began flowing out from her eyes. “Big skeleton head~” Ye Zizi ran over to Ye Hua, and her tears of happiness scattered throughout the air. Ye Zizi could be seen throwing herself into Ye Hua’s embrace and crying out at the top of her voice. Ye Zizi seemed so tragic… seemingly like she was a child that had been abandoned. Ye Hua let out a breath and patted onto Ye Zizi’s head, “Where did your aura from a while ago go to?” “Big skeleton head, I know my wrong already~ Boohoohoo~ Big skeleton head~ I miss you so much~” All of Ye Zizi’s tears and mucus were wiped onto Ye Hua’s clothing. Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled. “Alright, if you did something wrong, you have to be punished!” Ye Zizi looked pitifully at Ye Hua, and soon after, she raised her butt. Don’t think that Ye Hua’s idea of punishing others by beating onto their butts was a sudden inspiration that he had. Instead, it was that, in the past, Ye Zizi would often make mistakes, and Ye Hua could only beat her butt as punishment. Without any trace of politeness, Ye Hua began giving a lesson to this mischievous subordinate of his. However, for Ye Zizi to be able to recover, it made Ye Hua felt very happy. “Alright.” Ye Zizi rubbed onto her butt, then ran over and hugged onto Ye Hua’s neck, “Big skeleton head, Zizi miss everyone so much.” “Don’t cry already, I still have some things that I want to ask you about.” Ye Hua said gravely. Ye Zizi wiped away the tears that were on the corner of her eyes, “En, big skeleton head, you ask, Zizi will tell you everything that she knows.” “When did you wake up, and who placed the seals on you!” Without even thinking, Ye Zizi said, “Zizi woke up about a year ago. Back then when Zizi woke up, there were a lot of priests that were chanting incantations sitting around Ye Zizi, and also, there was a magical tool placed on top of Zizi’s head. When Zizi woke up, Zizi immediately crushed the magical tool, then absorbed all of the priests that were around Zizi. Afterward, Zizi began traveling around the world and discovered that this world was super fun, there were lots of pretty dresses to wear. Just that, the people of this world are too weak.” “Big skeleton head, you should know that Zizi is very lazy, therefore, Zizi thought of a plan to gather all the people that were comparatively formidable, so that I can absorb all of them in one go. Unfortunately, those people were still too weak, and I didn’t have my fill. And soon after, I came across… Eh… Your Honor~ Forgive Zizi~ Hmm~ Hmm~ Your Honor~” Ye Zizi began acting cute towards Ye Hua. Ye Zizi who had never used Your Honor to address Ye Hua has begun addressing Ye Hua as Your Honor. From this, it could be seen just how much Ye Zizi hope that Ye Hua would forgive her wrongdoings. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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