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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 22 – Childish “Grandpa Qing, be at ease, I’m well aware of the situation.” Long Aotian said magnanimously, seemingly as if he totally did not take it to heart at all. Qing Chengren laughed heartily, “As expect of Old Long’s grandson, outstanding!” “Qing Ya, you take a look at Aotian, look at how sensible he is, and then take a look at yourself, setting up some small cheap tricks.” Wang Muqing reprimanded. Zi Han also followed after and said, “That’s right, Qing Ya, Aotian this child is really not bad, why do you not feel anything for him hmmm?” As Qing Ya’s father, Qing Huaxuan was already angered to the point that he wasn’t able to speak out anything. When I meet with those 2 daughters of mine, my heart disease would guarantee to start acting up, luckily my heart disease was cured by Long Aotian. Qing Ya seemed to be not intending to light out her trump cards, looking at her little sister, she said with a smile, “Since it just so happens that little sister came home today, grandpa, how about letting little sister marry Long Aotian instead.” Qing Yutong went into a daze for a moment, and in the next moment, her pretty face immediately changed into a face of grievance. As expected of a best actress. “Big sister, you can’t be like this, to actually want to let your little sister jump into a fire pit right after you had jumped out of it yourself. How about we exchange instead, you give me brother-in-law, and you can be together with Long Aotian.” Long Aotian nearly spat out blood. You all! You all actually humiliate me like this! This is unforgivable! “Enough!” Qing Huaxuan slammed onto the table and shouted. Family shames! Family shames!!! “Huaxuan…” The 2 wives called out worriedly. At this moment, with the help of her crutches, Mei Xunshuang walked over to Ye Hua’s side and said with satisfaction, “Young man, you sure are handsome, treat Qing Ya well in the future.” Mei Xunshuang pulled over Qing Yutong who was at the side and placed Qing Yutong’s tender small hand onto Ye Hua’s big hand, “You all have to live well, grandma is optimistic about you all.” The living room was totally silent, and Long Aotian’s complexion was beginning to turn white. Ever since this man entered into the living room, he did not even said a single word, and has already held onto the hand of both of my future wives, this is intolerable! Wait, incorrect! This man’s existence is for me to use to act cool, the situation will definitely turn for the better later on! It will definitely be that, later on, I will expose his plot, and afterward, the both of them will look at me in a new light, and from then on, I will walk towards the peak of my life. “Muqing, carry mom inside to rest.” Qing Huaxuan could not stand it anymore, it is getting messier and messier. Wang Muqing and Zi Han immediately held onto Mei Xunshuang’s arms and leave the room, and Mei Xunshaung just kept on reminding repeatedly, “You all have to live well okay, grandma will come again later on.” Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua and her little sister very unhappily and said in a low voice, “What are you two doing! Still don’t let go of each other’s hand?!” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “It is grandma who placed my hand onto his hand, not me.” Ye Hua did not understand them. Human’s world sure is complicated, what is there that cannot be solved by using force. On the other hand, this sister-in-law of mine is interesting. Ye Hua asked indifferently, “What were you trying to tell me when you drew circles on my palm just now?” Right now, even Qing Ya was stupefied. Not only was Qing Ya stupefied, but even Qing Yutong was also stupefied too! He actually said it out! I only wanted to tease this brother-in-law of mine for a bit and let big sister know that all man cannot withstand temptation, but in the end, this man acted out differently from what I expected and immediately betrayed me. Long Aotian’s complexion turned from white to red, as he thought to himself, there will definitely be a reversal, there will definitely be a reversal later on! Luckily, Qing Yutong was quick-witted, she hurriedly explained, “Actually, what I wanted to say was that, when did you two married, and how are your preparations with the wedding rings going?” “Don’t need you to worry about it.” Qing Ya replied indifferently. “As a little sister, how can I not worry about my big sister’s big wedding? Aren’t I right, brother-in-law.” Qing Yutong was rather lively. Before today, Ye Hua had only seen the Qing Yutong that was on the TV screen, who was somewhat aloof. He didn’t expect that the Qing Yutong, in reality, was that different compared to the Qing Yutong in the TV screen. He was very disappointed. “There is indeed no need for you to worry.” Ye Hua replied indifferently. Fuck, this brother-in-law really doesn’t even bother giving me a bit of face at all! Qing Ya, on the other hand, was feeling very great. Seems like Ye Hua is standing on my side, I will count that you are a man! Qing Chengren coughed lightly and said, “Alright, don’t act anymore, since you are here already, you are counted as a guest. You can leave after the meal.” Qing Family was a prestigious family after all, the etiquette that they should have, they should have it. Visitors are guests, as long as he doesn’t do anything out of line, letting him have a meal is counted as nothing. What’s more, this man could have also been forced to come here by Qing Ya too. Qing Ya did not explain anything, seemingly having a much deeper intention. This made everyone all thought that Qing Ya had given up on resisting. However, Qing Yutong did not think like that. I understand this big sister of mine very well, she is indeed very obedient sometimes, but when she starts being obstinate, 10 Thanos also wouldn’t be able to defeat her. Since she brought a man over, she definitely has a trick hidden in her sleeve, just that she doesn’t intend to use it now. Look at everyone’s reaction, they have all ease up, especially Long Aotian. I suddenly discovered that this man is really pitiful, to get played around like that by big sister. I reckon that later on when big sister reveals out her trump card, this Long Aotian would have to be carried away by the ambulance. Big sister’s ailment of loving to act cool still hasn’t changed at all… Ye Hua did not want to say too much and waste the oxygen in the air. “Brother-in-law, what is your astrological sign?” For the purpose of testing out her big sister, Qing Yutong took the initiative to attack. Ye Hua sat on the sofa and assumed the posture of a big boss. Upon hearing Qing Yutong’s question, he replied indifferently, “Childish.” Qing Ya who was sitting across Ye Hua laughed out. This man will strike at you to the point that you feel that you have not a single good point at all. I didn’t expect that the woman that I had an eye for would actually ask such a stupid question like that, she is simply even much more stupid compared to Qing Ya. And to think that I actually was thinking about bestowing her one night with me, seems like there is no need for that already. “She is indeed quite childish.” Qing Ya didn’t forget to attack Qing Yutong. Good job Ye Hua! Qing Yutong was angered to the point that her small face became red. With a snort, she sat at one side and did not speak anymore. And Ye Hua was finally able to be in peace. Long Aotian adjusted his collar. It is time for my turn! This man will become my tool for acting cool, all novels are written like this. “How much did Qing Ya hire you for?” Long Aotian asked curiously. Qing Ya peeled a tangerine and passed half of it over to her grandpa. Qing Chengren even thought that her granddaughter had finally come around, and thus took the tangerine over and said petulantly, “It is okay to just anger Long Aotian for a bit, just don’t overdo it.” “Grandpa, I'm well aware of the situation.” Qing Ya smiled. This made Qing Chengren finally felt at ease, my granddaughter is finally sensible. And as for Ye Hua, he was very unhappy. As my woman, you actually peeled a fruit for another man to eat! It won’t do even if he is your grandpa! Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lighted it up. This action made both Qing Chengren and Qing Huaxuan frowned, this man is a bit arrogant! When Long Aotian saw Ye Hua acting cool like this, he smiled! To actually assume the sitting posture of a big boss at Qing Family’s house, and even smoke, looking at grandpa’s and father-in-law’s complexion, I reckon that they are wishing that they could kick him out of the house right now. “What did you just say?” Ye Hua asked indifferently. Long Aotian had seen before people who act cool, but he had never seen one that actually acts cool that much. This kind of big boss sitting posture, even I also don’t dare to assume that posture at Qing Family’s house. “Qing Ya paid you to come and anger me right.” Long Aotian asked once again. Countless ways of eliminating Long Aotian appeared in Ye Hua’s mind. Do you think that we are playing house together right now?! “Childish!” Ye Hua blew out a mouth of smoke and said indifferently. Qing Ya was eating tangerine and watching Ye Hua act cool. When she heard what Ye Hua said, she laughed and said, “He is indeed childish.” Ye Hua looked at Qing Ya and said coldly, “I am talking about you!” “Haha, big sister, so you are also very childish too.” After Qing Yutong finished speaking, she felt that something felt wrong. It feels like I shouldn’t have said it like that, it sounded very strange.

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