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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 3 – A different stereotypical plot Just this outfit alone, if changed into rmb, it would be more or less be close to 100 million rmb. This woman was practically a huge sum of money walking on the street. Seems like this woman’s guts was quite big. Just this point alone was admired quite a bit by Ye Hua. He remembered that the woman he met 3 years ago, her outfit was worth more than 100 million rmb. That’s right, that woman had a ring that she wore on her index finger and this woman is not wearing one currently. If this woman wore a ring too, her outfit would also surpass 100 million rmb. Seems like I can taste something fresh tonight. “Let her in.” Ye Hua shouted lightly. The security guard took a few steps backward, and the woman snorted and walked towards the bar counter. This woman‘s appearance absolutely complied with Ye Hua’s standards. Eyes that were clear as water, skin that was white to the point that it seems transparent, just like that expensive white diamond, and the curve of her body was considerably perfect. The woman’s temperament was cold and beautiful at the same time. Ye Hua couldn’t help but compare this woman with the woman he met 3 years ago. Their difference was not really big, but if he had to find a flaw in the 2 women, it would be that the other one had already been touched by him, and this one was still clean. However, seeing this woman’s outfit, it was most likely that she had attended a banquet or something. Her cheeks were still a little scarlet, most likely due to her having drunk a bit of wine. Qing Ya looked at the man that was at the bar counter and slightly wrinkled her brows. So there is really a perfect looking boss in this bar, and I thought that those group of people that I met just now were just boasting. Qing Ya gracefully sat down on the tall chair, placed the bag that was within her hand at one side and coldly looked at the strange man that was in front of her. Qing Ya discovered that from the man first saw her up till now, his facial expression did not change at all. This is a little unimaginable, however, I have seen before too many of this kind of man, they are but only trying to play hard to get. 2 people who had the same attribute looked at each other, seemingly trying to compare who was colder. This kind of situation was truly rarely seen. “Xiao Wei, don’t look already, concentrate on working.” “I finally understand where I was lacking at…” Tang Wei seemed to feel very inferior, compared with this woman, I am just like an ugly duckling. Finally, Qing Ya couldn’t help but speak first, “Do you have wine?” Ye Hua lightly pushed out the wine that he made and said faintly, “Please.” Qing Ya moved her gaze to the wine glass and was attracted by the bright red strand that was within the drink. Originally, she thought that it was a small disgusting worm, but upon taking a closer look, the bright red strand was actually liquid. “This wine is called death. When you drink it, you will be able to feel the taste of death.” Ye Hua said lightly. Qing Ya sneered. What death? It is only a gimmick to make the drink seems mysterious. “Death? I do indeed have this thought!” “This glass of wine will be able to satisfy your needs then.” Qing Ya stretched out her tender arm, picked up the wine glass and immediately drank it in one gulp. Immediately, everything stopped, and her body became lighter and lighter. Qing Ya saw that she herself was sitting on the chair, and opposite her stood the strange boss. Gradually, she passed through the roof and ascended to midair, overlooking the entire city. Incorrect, I was drinking the wine, how did I come here! Abruptly, Qing Ya opened her eyes and looked towards Ye Hua. “Death is not scary, what is scary is the solitary after death.” Ye Hua said lightly as he took out a cigarette and lighted it. “You spiked the drink!” Ye Hua took a puff and said lightly, “If I really spiked the drink, you would have already been brought to the bed by me. Be at ease, this glass of wine does not even have alcohol in it.” Qing Ya was feeling very suspicious of Ye Hua. However, I indeed do not feel giddy. “You are a strange person.” Qing Ya said with a low voice. However, Ye Hua’s tone was the same as her, “You are a woman who wants to die.” “What makes you say that?” “Walking in a dark small alley while wearing like this, aren’t you courting death?” Qing Ya remained silent. After a while, she said, “Give me a glass of strong alcoholic drink.” “Drinking will not solve your problems, you can only vent it out by pouring everything out to someone else.” Qing Ya shouted, “Why should I tell you about my problems?” “Because you are already prepared to do it.” Qing Ya’s heart jolted, she indeed wanted to talk about her problems as it was painful to keep everything in her heart, however, she just couldn’t stand the look of this man who seemed as if he knew everything. “Boss, we are leaving first.” Wei Chang said respectfully at one side. Ye Hua fluttered his hand, and very quickly, all the workers left. The boss was definitely going to be dissolute this night, the males all envied the boss, while the females all envied this woman for being able to catch the boss’s attention. “There is no one here now.” Ye Hua said lightly, then lighted up another stick of cigarette, preparing to listen to Qing Ya’s story. Qing Ya took a deep breath, then said coldly, “I indeed want to die, I was forced by my family to marry.” “According to your conditions, the male’s family financial situation should be pretty good.” Ye Hua speculated. This was the plot of every same stereotypical story. Qing Ya suddenly sneered, “And I thought that you would be able to guess everything, so you only amount to that much.” “Oh?” Ye Hua suddenly became interested, he didn’t expect that it wasn’t the same stereotypical plot. “The guy is an ordinary person. He took a wedding contract and met with my grandfather. My grandfather arranged a plan for me today. Originally, I really thought that it was a business banquet, but who would have thought that it was a blind date that my grandfather purposely arranged. The guy’s grandfather saved my grandfather’s life once on the battlefield. At that time, I was still in my mother’s womb and was already betrothed out by my grandfather.” “Even more, he asked me to arrange a job for that guy! But that guy doesn’t even know how to do anything at all!” Qing Ya did not know why she spoke everything out. Perhaps, it was as Ye Hua had said, finding a stranger to confide everything to would be able to release a bit of one’s stress. After listening, Ye Hua couldn’t help but laughed, “Didn’t expect that the plot would be a loser counterattacking a ‘Ms Perfect’, it is truly fresh.” “But I am not willing!” Qing Ya clenched her fist, her fingernails pushing into her tender flesh. Ye Hua said calmly, “So what if you are not willing, do you dare to go against your grandfather?” Qing Ya’s eyes revealed out a complicated expression, do I dare? I obviously don’t dare. “Give me a glass of wine.” Ye Hua did not take the wine and said indifferently, “You want to get drunk and then get slept by me? Using this as the pretext to take revenge on your family?” “Scram!” Qing Ya shouted. “There is no need to have a guilty conscience, to walk alone in a dark small alley, don’t tell me that you didn’t expect for the worst thing to happen? You definitely expected it!” “Even more, you want to be assaulted, so that you can conclude your life. Actually, you won't feel anything when you are slept by someone while drunk. Only by being sober, would you be able to experience the wonderfulness of it. Don’t tell me that you want to get through your first time while being in a daze?” The average person wouldn’t talk to Qing Ya about this kind of things, it was too frank already, and there was a huge chance that they would be rejected afterward. Qing Ya suddenly laughed, “From the moment I entered this bar, you already had your eyes on me right?” “That’s right, a woman like you is very attractive after all.” Ye Hua said frankly, being secretive was not his personality. “This method of yours is pretty good, how many women does that count for after including me? “I want to correct you, I am a picky man, I don’t touch just any woman, you should feel honored. As for your question, you are the second woman.” Qing Ya immediately let out a sweet sounding laughter, this man was really quite narcissistic, however, having this kind of look, he does indeed have the capital to be narcissistic. “A night is worth a thousand gold, you don’t want to waste it right.” Ye Hua said indifferently, issuing out his formal invitation to Qing Ya.

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