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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 308 – Sage Doctor Song Huang Later on, when we arrived at the villa, and Ah Li were to call me mommy, my mother would most probably become stupefied. The airplane smoothly and steadily landed at Zijin City’s international airport. Qing Ya carried Donghuang Li who was currently fast asleep, while Qing Yutong was in charge of pulling the suitcases. All for the sake of eating meat, Qing Yutong was working hard. After hailing a cab, they straightforwardly headed back to their home. The two’s parents most likely did not expect that their daughters would return back home so fast. And Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were obviously intending on giving their parents a surprise. When they arrived at the front door of their house, it was already 7 pm, exactly the time for dinner. Qing Ya was still carrying onto Donghuang Li who was still fast asleep, while Qing Yutong had already removed her makeup when she was in the cab, so as to prevent her parents from nagging at her… Ding… ding… The person who opened the door was Uncle Fu. “The two misses?! Sorry, I got too exhilarated. The two of you finally returned home!” Uncle Fu was very exhilarated. This is the first time in a long while since I have last seen the two misses coming back home together, the last time that I have seen the two misses come back home together was when they were still attending school. “Uncle Fu.” “Uncle Fu.” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong greeted cordially. “The two misses, please quickly come on in, master and the madams are currently having their dinner.” Uncle Fu took over the suitcases from Qing Yutong, and Qing Ya and Qing Yutong walked into the house. Donghuang Li was still fast asleep. It was normal for a child to like to sleep. The two sisters walked to the dining room, and their family could be seen to be present at the dining room. Upon seeing Qing Ya and Qing Yutong walked into the dining room, everyone was surprised. Zi Han and Wang Muqin were very happy. It was just earlier this noon that I gave Ya'er a call and told her to come back home, and right after the phone call, she actually immediately flew back home on the same day. Ya'er has truly become a lot more sensible than she was in the past. Looking at Qing Huaxuan, who was Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s father, there was happiness in his gaze, but he still had a cold look on his face, seemingly to not be able to put his face down. Grandpa, Qing Chengren, let out a benevolent smile, while grandma, Mei Xunshuang, looked confusedly at her two granddaughters. From the looks of it, Mei Xunshuang’s dementia has become even more serious. Right now, she couldn’t even recognize Qing Ya and Qing Yutong anymore. However, this time, Qing Ya possessed the capability to treat her grandma’s dementia. “Ya’er, Yutong, the two of you still haven’t eaten dinner, right? Come over and take a seat, mom will go and get a bowl of rice for each of you.” Zi Han was even crying tears of joy. The last time where Ya’er left home, she left home in a pique of fit. It has been so long since then, and Ya’er has now finally returned home. Just that, whose child is it that Ya’er is carrying onto? “Qing Ya, whose child is it that you are carrying onto?” Qing Chengren asked. Qing Ya said tenderly, “This is my friend’s child, I will be taking care of her for a few days, count it as a warmup for when I finally finish giving birth to my child.” Qing Ya’s words immediately reminded everyone that there was still a child within Qing Ya’s stomach. Qing Yutong silently praised her big sister for being formidable. As expected of big sister, after awakening her blood vessels, her temperament has changed too. Qing Chengren seemed to have come to accept the fact that Qing Ya was pregnant with a child, and he could be seen saying gravely, “Qing Ya, since it is your friend’s child, you have to properly look after the child then, don’t be careless and allow any accident to happen.” “Grandpa, I got it.” Zi Han hurriedly placed some vegetables into her daughter’s bowl, “Enough chatting already. Qing Ya, do eat more.” “Mom, you should eat more too.” “Hmmm~” Donghuang Li suddenly let out a sweet yawn. After rubbing her hazy big eyes, Donghuang Li asked, “Mommy Qing, where are we?” Mommy? Everyone was confused, and Qing Yutong felt that Little Ah Li was simply here to troll her big sister. “Ah Li, we have arrived home.” Donghuang Li went into a daze for a moment, “Aunt Qing, so we have arrived, Ah Li dreamt of mommy just now.” Qing Ya smiled and thought to herself, “This Little Ah Li sure is smart.” Donghuang Li could be seen taking a look at everyone that was present at the dining room, then got off from Qing Ya’s embrace, stood up straight at Qing Ya’s side, and shouted out, “Grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunts, hello everyone, I am called Donghuang Li, this is the first time that Ah Li has met everyone, please do treat Ah Li kindly. Ah Li still does not have any income yet, thus, Ah Li didn’t have money to buy gifts. Therefore, don’t blame Ah Li for not bringing gifts. Wait till Ah Li grows up and has money, Ah Li will definitely not come over and visit you all while empty-handed.” Donghuang Li felt that she didn’t throw her daddy’s face. Daddy is not here, therefore, it is only natural that I will be representing daddy. Everyone went into a daze. This little child sure is well-mannered. If they were to find out that Donghuang Li was Ye Hua’s daughter, they would definitely not believe it. After all, the father was extremely cocky, always acting like he was the number one in the world, and yet, the daughter was actually this well-mannered and adorable? How was this even possible? “Qing Ya, whose child is this? This child sure is clever.” Wang Muqing was very fond of Donghuang Li, and she could be seen walking over to Donghuang Li and carried Donghuang Li up from the floor. Qing Ya said, “This child belongs to a close female friend of mine.” Donghuang Li precisely likes hearing adults praise her. “Ah Li promised mommy that Ah Li would take good care of Aunt Qing.” Donghuang Li began showing off just how sensible she was. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong laughed. And Zi Han could be seen walking over to Donghuang Li and said with a smile on her face, “Ah Li sure is sensible.” Chen Huaxuan said faintly, “Alright, all of you, go back to your seats and start finishing dinner, the food is getting cold already.” At the dinner table, Donghuang Li helped pick up and place foods into everyone’s bowl, causing everyone, including Qing Huaxuan who rarely smiles to smile happily. This little girl sure is sensible. Seeing that everyone has pretty much been made happy by her, Donghuang Li said in a low voice to Qing Ya, “Mommy Qing, you can be at ease, Ah Li will protect you, this is the mission that daddy gave to Ah Li.” Qing Ya smiled very sweetly as she said in a low voice, “As expected, Ah Li is the best.” “That is only natural.” Qing Huaxuan placed his chopsticks down and said faintly, “Qing Ya, Yutong, now that you two have returned home, don’t go back to the south anymore, south has recently become a very dangerous place to live in.” Zi Han followed along and said, “That’s right, I heard that many people have died in the south.” “Dad, mom, big sister and I intend on going back after resting for a week. After all, we still have a lot of work to do over at the south.” Qing Yutong was naturally going to speak up for her big sister. If I don’t go back to the south in a week, brother-in-law won’t bring me to act cool anymore. In actuality, what Qing Yutong worried about the most was that, if they don’t return back in a week, her brother-in-law would come over here to drag them back. “Whose child is this? Is this Ya’er’s child?” Mei Xunshuang suddenly cried out in surprise, causing everyone to become startled. Seeing that his partner’s dementia had become even more serious, pain appeared in Qing Chengren’s gaze. “Has granny’s dementia gotten worse?” Qing Ya asked gravely. I wonder if I am able to cure granny’s dementia with my powers or not. Qing Huaxuan let out a breath, then said faintly, “Qing Ya, don’t worry about your granny’s dementia, your grandpa has already invited Sage Doctor to come over and treat your granny’s dementia.” Sage Doctor? Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were both confused. Qing Chengren smiled, “Qing Ya, Yutong, the two of you probably still do not know that, in the north, there is a Sage Doctor! This Sage Doctor’s tracks are hard to track, and his medical expertise is seemingly like that of an immortal. It is very hard to invite this Sage Doctor even if one has money. This time, for Sage Doctor to be willing to come over and treat your granny’s dementia, it could be counted as our Qing Family being fortunate.” Qing Yutong placed the drumstick that she was holding in her hand down in her bowl, then asked curiously, “Grandpa, how were you able to invite such a formidable person over to treat granny’s dementia?” “Well, I contacted an old comrade-in-arms of mine, and after great difficulty, I managed to find out Sage Doctor’s whereabouts.” Qing Ya was a bit worried. I hope that grandpa didn’t end up inviting over a swindler. “Grandpa, what is this Sage Doctor’s name?” “Song Huang.” Both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong have never heard of such a person. However, Donghuang Li, on the other hand, she had once almost killed Song Huang. Back then when Xun Yi and the others went to snatch over Xiao Yi’s Xuan Yuan Sword, Song Huang was present at the scene. And during then, when Ye Hua was controlling Xuan Yuan Sword and killing people that were at the scene, there was a moment where Donghuang Li suddenly shook onto Ye Hua’s hand, causing Xuan Yuan Sword to fly around in disorder. When Xuan Yuan Sword flew around in disorder, some people died, while some people lost their manhood. Therefore, Ah Li could be said to have indirectly killed quite a number of people. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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