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The next day was Saturday, but the chief Sagizawa went to work as usual. The job of the chief is 24 hours a day off. That is why the public office is close to the jurisdiction, and each time an incident occurs, a dedicated terminal rings and receives a report each time. Even after midnight, he sometimes goes to the scene of the incident, and even on public holidays, he patrols the detention area once a day. Kento on the public holiday decided to clean the inside of the public building in response to Sagizawa's order. It used to have its own cleaning staff, but now it's gone. Since it was forbidden to enter the bedroom and study room from Sagisawa, we cleaned the common room living room and dining room. The kitchen was barely used and the stove and floor remained clean. When I was wiping the sideboard made of a single walnut plate in the living room, I noticed something worrisome. Is it a family photo? There was a silver-framed photo stand hidden behind the speaker of the audio player. In a small frame, a woman in a dress and a girl wearing a sailor suit, who look exactly like Sagisawa, are smiling. Standing in front of a red-brick gate, cherry blossom petals were flying above it. If it's an entrance ceremony, maybe it's in the first year of middle school. From the uniform of the red ribbon, I knew it was a girls' school uniform on the hill of Yamate-cho. Probably his mother and sister. I couldn't find Sagisawa's picture and his father's picture anywhere. It was a very happy piece, but I thought that I should not touch on this for some reason. There is also a way to put it, but I intuitively found that this is Sagisawa's weakness. ――Ah, even if that's the case... let's stop stepping on. Everyone lives hard while holding the part that no one wants to step on. Each person has a past. Don't disturb it carelessly. Not that, I wanted to help Sagisawa with a different approach. For example, letting Sagisawa smile in this life. Being able to calm down even for a moment. ――I want to make Sagizawa laugh. It seemed easy and difficult, but Kento was well aware of its efficacy. People do not laugh because they are happy, but they do because they laugh. Kento, who had finished cleaning, thought about how Sagisawa would smile. Shall I make dinner? Looking at the shiny kitchen, I wanted you to eat homemade warm rice. Kento went around the supermarket near the public building and finished shopping. "Put your luggage on the dining table and take a break." When I took out the mineral water from the refrigerator and drank it, it made a strange noise. Strangely looking back, there was something on the table. For a moment, I thought it was a puppy. It was a white, black, black-eyed cat that was plump and about the size of a small dog. "What are you doing?" Is it a stray cat in the neighbourhood? Although Kento is making voice, he does not make a slight movement. When I asked for a glimpse of this with a flirtatious face, I jumped down with Pyon holding the sashimi of Sayori in my mouth. "Ah... sashimi thief! I'll arrest you!" I was surprised to chase after me. I thought it was a stray cat, but I wear a collar. I also had a small bell. The cat was very mobile, unlike its appearance, and disappeared in no time. It doesn't come out even if I call it "Oi". "Well... what is that?" Kento took a big sigh when he saw the sashimi pack. I urged Sagizawa, who came home after work, to the dining table. Preparation for dinner is already in place. On the table are fried chicken breasts in Isobe, boiled eggplant and celery instant pickles. Mushroom rice cooked in a clay pot and pork soup will be served later. "What did you cook for dinner?" "The chief seems to eat out a lot. Oh, please. I'll prepare soup soon." "You... don't wear an apron!" When Sagisawa took off his suit jacket, he sat on the back of his chair and sat down. In a state of admiration, he rolls his Y-shirt around his arm. "It looks delicious" "I like Japanese food." Sagizawa is looking at each dish on the platter. Was good. His facial expression hasn't changed much, but he's very happy to see his eyes shine. After a while, something appeared at Sagisawa's feet. "Oh, thief cat!" "Thief cat?" Sagisawa made a suspicious look while holding the cat up. "That's right. Because that thief cat ate Sayari's sashimi, I lost one dish today. "Oh, ok. Angela-chan was hungry. I didn't show up for a while because I was wary of this guy. Poorly, I was afraid. "Angela-chan? Angela-chan was the cat that looked like that evil panda?" Sagizawa is cheerful to the cat with a cute and irresistible expression. The cat with X-X forefoot was staring at Kento from Sagisawa's lap. The arrangement of spotted spots is devastatingly bad, and it looks like a curse. "I've never seen a cat with such an ugly face." It is the villainy face of the three criminals. Kento casually glared at Sagisawa. "What did you say right now?" "Yeah, that's why he's a clumsy cat." "If you talk about Angela's bad words any more, you'll get out of here." "I'm sorry..." Make the word muddy, place rice in a clay pot and put it in front of Sagizawa. The scent of mushrooms and the steam of white water made me feel happy. It is glossy and bright in colour and looks delicious. Put the warmed pork soup in the bowl. "Is Angela-chan a female?" "A good boy" I don't understand the translation. If so, Kiyoshi Yoshinobu or Goemon Ishikawa will do. Get angry. "Please have it." "Thank you. Thank you." Sagisawa hands together. The cat that descended from that knee screamed. "I'll give you a good meal later" I told the cat, but the big thief in the world passed across Kento's foot and passed by. KEN also sat down opposite Sagisawa, put his hands together and started eating. The chicken breast was a sale item, but the muscles were carefully taken so it was soft and easy to eat. The scent of green seaweed is also good and it is exquisite to me. "Tempura is delicious" "Do you like Isobe deep-fried?" "I don't know, but it's crispy and delicious." "It's good to fry chikuwa or shishamo as well as a chicken fillet. I'll try it next time." "Um. How can you cook so much?" "Did you say that?" "I haven't heard anything." Sagizawa stretched his chopsticks to celery. You can hear a pleasant sound. "We have a large family. Besides my father and mother, I have four sisters, Alpha's sister and Omega's sister, and there are six brothers in total." "Amazing..." "I'm the second oldest son from the top, but I had two younger sisters after me, and my parents just wanted one more man, so I made the fifth one, but the last one was born. Twin sisters, and then the house is panicking..." When Kento said so, Sagisawa smiled slightly. "I'm on good terms." "That's all. My parents are still close to each other... well, I'm in trouble if I have twins again. I'm sure it's good that I'm good friends because I'm all a woman except my father, but I'm talking about unity When it is done, it's already terrifying. It's a word machine gun sweep. If it's against you, it will be erased in a moment. Although my twin sisters are obedient and cute" "Okay. I can imagine something. Is that right... is it?" Sagizawa nodded as impressed but felt slight loneliness in his expression. "I'm really good at cooking because of my need. My sister was in charge of laundry and ironing, I was cooking and my two sisters were cleaning and washing. Now I live separately in a waiting dormitory, It's noisy when I go home to cook rice.'' "What do your parents do?" "My mother is a part-time nurse and my father is a staff member at the government office. Both work in Kannai. I'm still busy because I can't live without working. My sisters below are still high school students." "Kannai...Yokohama City Hall. Right next to you." "Yes. That's why I grew up in this area since young." "I see. That's why I like Yokohama so much." "maybe" I think Kento really likes this city, where he spent his time surrounded by his parents, siblings, and friends. That is because there are many happy memories in the air and scenery of the city. "You're really good parents. I'm jealous. Is this a replacement?" Sagizawa handed over a bowl of rice. Apparently he liked the cooked rice with mushrooms. "I was worried because you said you didn't like strange things." "No, this is delicious. The saltiness of the rice matches the sweetness of the fat of the pork soup. It's very delicious. Don't let the rice go. There was a clay pot on the stove, did you cook it?" "That's right. It's true that it is the chief of the government office. I had a set of shabu-shabu pots, sushi troughs, shavings and buckwheat noodles. I bought the seasonings from scratch." "It was bad" Sagisawa received the bowl. "Please tell me what the chief likes. I can only cook home-cooked food, but I cook anything." "I see... think about it." I often ate Sagisawa. The man's appetite encouraged healthy people to improve their chopsticks. At the same time, a conversation is also bouncy. “Oh, yes. The chief likes music and books. I was surprised to find so many LP records. I saw the analogue thing for the first time. There were hardcover books and many books in the living room. did" "Oh" "What kind of book do you read? I don't read mystery." "I like Russian literature" "Russian literature..." "Yes, it's Russian literature." ".........Ivan's idiot or something?" “Ivan's fool is a children's literature based on folk tales. Well, you know only that?” "Uh..." Damn, the hurdle is too high to continue talking. Sagisawa murmured, "I'm just an idiot you say." Kento was completely relieved when his face, which made him smile, looked happy. Sagisawa kept his back straight while eating, but he seemed more relaxed than usual. It was a little, but he laughed out loud. The eyes in the back of the glasses were soft, and it seemed that he was enjoying a conversation that he didn't love. Still, the man didn't show his heart easily. Kento decided to ask Sagisawa about his family and quit. It seems unnatural that I talked about myself so much and didn't ask about the other person at all, but if you want to talk, Sagizawa will probably talk to you. When I saw Sagizawa, who kept his majesty as the chief of the office even when he was off, I felt revered and felt a little sad. ――――I wish I could show you the bare part. I wondered why I thought that I decided not to ask. Kento wondered at his feelings.


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