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https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands No matter what, Zhao Li has now traversed. Since God had given her a second life, she had to cherish it, and she was prepared to solve any problems that came her way. As she thought this, Zhao Li followed the Gu brothers. From the young man's mouth, she learnt their identities and names. The tough man is named Gu Yao Ting, the first in line, while the cold man was named Gu Yao Lin, the second in line, and the teenager is the youngest one, named Gu Yao Yu. As for the one dressed in red, the man with a soft voice and an extremely beautiful face, he is called Chu Chen, a male concubine redeemed from a brothel by the previous owner. After hearing Chu Chen's identity at that time, Zhao Li couldn't help but look at Gu Yao Yu's clothes that still had patches on them, and then thought of Gu Yao Lin who is in front of her, clear and cool appearance, yet he is always talking about having no money, she is stunned but never shown on her face . She puts herself into the situation, if the family is obviously short of money and someone spends a large sum of money to buy a concubine ...... I'm afraid I'll have the desire to kill this person. Although Zhao Li was mentally prepared, when she saw the house in front of her, she found that she was still too naive. The house in front of her was just a ramshackle earth house with a thatched roof that could only provide adequate shelter from the wind and rain, and when she thought about the fact that the previous owner had even spent money on a male concubine... Zhao Li: "......" So would she really not be killed in the middle of the night by somebody? When she followed them into the house, she looked around the interior of the room and understood the abhorrent behaviour of the previous owner. The floor was dirt-yellow, unrepaired and filled with potholes, the furniture was pathetic, with a few worn-out tables and stools, and an old cupboard standing in the corner, the wood on top of which had turned black. Gu Yao Yu guided her into the room and gave her clean clothing, and told her that she should rest. Before the words were said, without waiting for her answer, Gu Yao Lin pulled him out of the door and closed it with a bang. Before the door closed, she could still hear Gu Yao Lin's cold voice. " Forget about her, we don't have money to hire a physician for her anyway ......" Zhao Li pulled at the edge of her mouth and smiled helplessly, and turned to look at the room she was in. The room was not too small, but too worn out and empty. Apart from a wooden bed, there was only a crooked table not far from the bed and two worn out stools that looked very unstable. It is a miserable sight to even describe as a home. She sat down on the bed and ran her palms over the fabric underneath, so thin that she could feel the cold hardness of the wooden boards underneath, but couldn't help but sigh, " It's really poor." The main point despite being so poor is that the original Zhao Li was still able to redeem a concubine, so she must have taken all of the family' savings. After changing into clean clothes, she fumbled around again and dug out three copper coins from the corner of the wall and a mirror with a missing corner from under a thin pillow, which allowed her to see the appearance of her body. However, it was better not to look at it at all. In the mirror, she was dark and thin, not only dirty but also old-fashioned, her hair was a mess with a yellowish odour of undernourishment, and she was in a terrible condition. But this made Zhao Li wonder what it was that made the original owner marry the Gu brothers. As she thought this, her left hand was already on her right wrist. Before she was reincarnated, she was a medical professor and had some knowledge of how to nourish her body. Now that she had the chance to be reborn, she would cherish it. The first thing is to know what is happening to her body so that she knows where to start and how to take care of it. https://xiainovel.com/novel/i-have-many-husbands

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