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If so, how could Zhao Li, who was already uneducated and unskilled, know? The disgust in Gu Yao Ting's heart increased and he was even more certain of his suspicions, believing that Zhao Li was now talking nonsense just to pretend that he had repented. "That's great." The corners of Gu Yao Ting's mouth rose slightly as he bent down to take the boletus mushrooms from Zhao Li's hand and put them into the basket she was carrying. During this time their fingertips inevitably touched, and Gu Yao Ting's fingertips brushed the back of Zhao Li's hand. "A little rough, but warm..." This thought flashed through Zhao Li's mind for a moment, but it quickly faded away and she was excited to pick the boletus mushrooms around her, with Gu Yao Ting at her side also helping out. There were a lot of boletus mushrooms growing in this area, and by the time Zhao Li had finished picking them, his back basket was full. "After all, it wasn't a waste of time!" Zhao Li wiped off his sweat and made sure that the basket was securely carried and that the contents would not fall out before reaching out to Gu Yao Ting, "Give it to me." Gu Yao Ting froze, "What?" "Give me the torch." The wavering firelight illuminated Zhao Li's expression very clearly, allowing one to clearly see the gentle smile on her face, Gu Yao Ting stared at this smile and actually felt a little strange. Zhao Li never used to show such an expression. Zhao Li's rambling voice rang in his ears. " The woods are already dangerous after nightfall, I am stronger than you and more sensitive to danger so I can go ahead with the torch and react in advance if I sense something is wrong, you can just walk behind me." "I'll protect you." "......" Gu Yao Ting handed the torch to Zhao Li and followed behind her, looking at her with the herb basket on her back, his eyes dark and obscure. Protection? He only felt ridiculous. It was too late to say that, too late for anyone to trust anymore. The boletus mushroom picking had been delayed for some time, and it had only been late afternoon when they had decided to find a place to rest, but now it was completely nightfall. Zhao Li walked ahead with a torch, and behind her Gu Yao Ting showed her the way, their figures lengthening and swaying in the firelight, sometimes close together, sometimes far away. "Here we are." Zhao Li stopped in her tracks and looked in the direction Gu Yao Ting pointed, and when she saw the faint hole, her eyes lit up. At last, they had arrived at the shelter. As the two of them drew closer, Zhao Li stood at the entrance of the cave and looked inwards, noticing that the cave was huge. A naturally formed patio was open at the top, and the cold moonlight, unobstructed by the trees, spilled down silently, illuminating the entire cave. Directly beneath the pit was a naturally formed mountain spring, the water flowing slowly, bathed in moonlight and sparkling with light, making one marvel at nature's magic work to create such beauty. "Wife master, there seems to be another cave entrance there, look at it to be safer." Gu Yao Ting's steady voice rang in Zhao Li's ears, and she looked over, and as expected, there was actually a dark hole hidden in the cave. "That's true." Zhao Li was happy, if they slept in the dark cave at night, it should be safer. She was already a bit thirsty after walking so far, and she had almost drunk all the water she had brought with her, now there was a mountain spring pool to replenish it. "Shall we go over and have a look?" Gu Yao Ting suggested. "There's no hurry." She waved her hand, took off her back basket and put it aside, ready to fetch water from the bamboo tube. Gu Yao Ting, who was watching, was secretly anxious, but did not dare to rush her, fearing that Zhao Li might find something as a result. When Zhao Li handed him the bamboo container, the smile on his face was a little forced, but it was only because he could not see it clearly in the night that Zhao Li did not notice. It was only after a long time that Gu Yao Ting waited for Zhao Li to walk towards the dark cave. Only when he had taken a few steps, he saw Zhao Li stop in his tracks, and his heart tightened especially when he heard Zhao Li's words. "Do you smell anything?" Zhao Li sniffed the tip of her nose and frowned, she always felt that she smelled a fishy smell and her heart was inexplicably alert. "...... I'm afraid there are more bugs in the cave, so the smell is a bit odd." Gu Yao Ting said dryly. Zhao Li looked at Gu Yao Ting, his tone serious: "I always feel that it's not quite right, you know other habitats-" "Roar-!!!" The loud roar that rang out from behind her directly drowned out her unfinished sentence. Zhao Li turned her head sharply, and her almond eyes met the beastly eyes of the huge creature that came out of the dark cave with a refined and vicious coldness.

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