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Ordinary Guy In Apocalypse: Chapter 2 – Best way to live is to wait for death Opened the television, and there was a program being broadcast. It was an entertainment program. Lin Fan has watched this program before, the program was very entertaining and funny, the program’s plots were very amusing, and were always able to make others split their sides with laughter. Suddenly, the channel changed to the news channel. “Hello, city residents, we currently have a piece of important news to report on, zombies have appeared in Yellow City, and the zombies’ bites are extremely infectious, if you were to discover that your companion had been bitten, please immediately tie up your companion. If you discovered any zombies, please hide from them, and the best would be to hide at home and wait for…” On the television screen, a short-hair beautiful anchorwoman who was wearing a women’s suit shrieked as she was pushed onto the ground by a colleague whose mouth was covered with blood. The broadcast shook for a moment, followed by the sounds of shriek and gnawing. Yellow City Television Station has fallen into the zombies’ terror. Lin Fan changed to another channel. This channel was the government channel. If this channel’s situation was the same as the news channel, it meant that the situation was really very grave. On the screen, there was not a single person in sight. Suddenly, a figure walked over and appeared on the screen “I know this anchorman, he is very famous. He is supposed to be very handsome, how did he end up in this kind of state.” The anchorman’s entire body was dyed in blood as he swayed his body. His complexion was deathly pale, and his ash-gray eyeballs were moving around. When he placed his face near the camera lens, it could be seen how bloody the inside of his mouth was. Coming to the balcony, Lin Fan looked downstairs. The sounds of cars beeping and cars crashing resonated throughout the city. People who were running away from zombies, and zombies who were frantically chasing after people. Miserable shrieks, zombies’ roars. Within this city where panic was happening, everyone has gone crazy. Two people, a man and a woman, seemingly to be a couple, they were running while holding each other’s hands, and behind them were zombies that were chasing after them. As the zombies got closer to them, the man pushed the woman onto the ground, then began running away by himself without even turning his head around to take a look at the woman. The woman got up from the ground with great difficulty, but she didn’t run or move at all as she looked toward the man who had already run far away. Seemingly to be in despair and feeling that there was no point in trying to run away from the zombies anymore, she calmly closed her eyes. Soon after, the woman was pounced on and knocked to the ground by the zombies, in turn gaining time for the man to run away from the zombies. “When faced with imminent danger, every man for himself. No… that woman has indeed gained time for the man to run away from the zombies.” When Lin Fan wanted to see whether that man managed to run to a safe spot, a car suddenly drove toward the man and hit directly onto that man’s body. The man’s body spun in the air, then landed within a group of zombies. Those zombies weren’t moving forward while staggering, instead, their speed was very fast, and when they ran, they were no different from when an ordinary person was running. Therefore, it was a very difficult thing to run away from those zombies. Lin Fan stood on the balcony and watched silently. He was extremely calm toward everything that was happening on the streets. When did he begin feeling this kind of calmness? Perhaps, it was after he watched his body get eaten with his own eyes. Another incident was happening. Within the group of people that were running away from the zombies, a woman and a man, the man was running while carrying his child, and when he saw that the zombies were about to catch up to them, he handed over the child to the woman, then waved his arm as he shouted out to the woman to run with the child. Right after, the man ran toward the zombies without any second thought and tried to hold back the zombies for as long as he could. However, there were too many zombies, and without too long, the man was submerged in a pool of zombies. This incident formed a distinct contrast when compared to the previous incident. A person was protecting people who were important to him. A person was pushing someone who was important to him to the zombies. In order to gain time to run away, a person pushed a stranger to the ground. A smart person hid within a car and locked the car doors, the zombies crawled on the windscreen and banged their hands and heads frantically on the windscreen. The zombies didn’t stop even after their heads became badly mangled, all the way until they finally managed to shatter the windscreen and got into the car. A person hid under a car, and a zombie crawled on the ground and dragged the person out, then began gnawing on the person’s body. “Is this still the same city within my memories?” Lin Fan mumbled to himself. Returning back to the apartment, Lin Fan sat in front of his computer, went on a search engine website, and began searching for the latest news. After the zombie outbreak, the electricity and internet were still working, but who knows how long the electricity and internet will be able to last? Opening a forum. There were a lot of forum posts. Lin Fan clicked on the post with the highest number of replies. “F**k! I’m done for, in order to earn money, I worked like my life depends on it, and with great difficulty, I finally managed to buy a house that is located at the center of an international finance city, but I have only lived in this house for three days, and a zombie outbreak suddenly happened. Forget about what I’m rambling on, but can someone tell me, how am I going to be able to f**king escape from here?” There were a lot of replies. “Rich brother.” “Brother, you can just prepare to wait for your death to come. You should be clear on just how many people there are in our country, and what’s worse is that you are living in that kind of densely populated city, where will you be able to even escape to in that city? I’m afraid that a swarm of zombies is most probably waiting for you below your house.” “I’m in the same situation, I live in a big city too. I merely took a nap, and the moment I opened my eyes after being woken up by the noises that were coming from outside, everything has already gone to hell.” “I live in a county town, and even though it is a tiny county town, there is a population of over a million here. In any case, I’m done for too.” “What you all are saying is nothing at all, my father is currently outside my room, frantically knocking on my door. What do I do? I’m only thirteen years old, and I’m thin like a monkey! My father is fat like a ball, how am I going to be able to resist against him?!” The post was filled with helplessness and panic. The people who were still on the internet at such a time like this, most of them still haven’t collected their thoughts and realized just how grave the situation was. At this moment, a post attracted Lin Fan’s attention. [The only way to survive among the zombies] Clicked on the post. “All of you can just wait for your death to come. I am a man and I like dressing up in women’s clothes, however, I would often be met with other people’s peculiar looks. I have already changed into women’s clothes and am prepared to join the zombies. Since I’m unable to defeat them, I will join them. If you all were to see a male zombie who is dressed in women’s clothes, that zombie would be me. At that time, please take the initiative to deliver yourself to my mouth.” “Post creator, I will put on heavy makeup and dress myself up beautifully, even if I were to end up becoming a zombie, I am going to become a beautiful zombie.” “I’m afraid of pain, I’m intending to use a knife to cut my arm, then contaminate my wound with zombie blood. That should be enough to turn into a zombie, right?” Lin Fan laughed, he didn’t expect that those people would have such outstanding ideas, it was truly interesting. Zombies? He was not afraid at all, with the cleaver by his side, he was capable of protecting himself. The outside was very chaotic, people were running around everywhere, cars were crashing everywhere, a lot of people didn’t end up dying at the hands of the zombies, and instead, they ended up dying from getting hit by cars. Lin Fan continued scrolling through the forum. And the contents of the posts were all mostly similar to one another. Opening a game, begin matchmaking, but after waiting for a while, there still wasn’t a game found. This is a pity, seems like I can only play with bots to kill time. After a long while, Lin Fan got tired, playing with bots was very boring. Lin Fan sat on his bed, then looked at the little bear doll that was placed on the bedside cabinet. It had already been many years, and the little bear doll seemed a bit worn out. Lin Fan lay down on the bed, then took the little bear doll and hugged the little bear doll in his embrace. Right after, he closed his eyes. This little bear doll was very important to him, much more important than anything else. Hugging onto the little bear doll helps make him feel much more at ease. After a while, he took out a notebook from the drawer, then opened the notebook. Page after page, there was content written on every page. The last written page was written in the year 2020. Ever since then, Lin Fan had never written in the notebook. This year was the year 2028. Lin Fan picked up a pen and began writing something in the notebook. After looking at what he had written in the notebook while with a smile on his face, he closed the notebook and placed the notebook back into the drawer. Afterward, he lay back down on the bed with his body spread widely on the bed. With a bright smile on his face, he lifted the little bear doll up high, then let go of the little bear doll. When the little bear doll landed on his face, he let out a chuckle. “I have to live well through every day…”

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