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Outside of the manor, Tang Qing looked at the beautiful rainbow light in the midst of the sky and stretched his body. This kind of rainbow light was similar to a sunrise in the morning, mild and comfortable. After walking around for a while, Tang Qing felt somewhat exhausted and thus leaned against a red cloud tree and lied down on the grass to take a rest. Yawning repeatedly and just when he was about to take a short nap, he suddenly heard an ear-splitting deafening bellow. Followed by the bellow, was the sound of something running at high speed. Tang Qing suddenly opened his eyes. Taking a good look at the direction of the sound, good fellow, an elephant was currently charging towards him. It should probably be an elephant? Its entire body was in silver white and its body build was huge. Two ivory which was the length of about a meter long could be seen on the front of its mouth. Furthermore, the elephant had thick and solid four limbs which were just like four pillars with each of the limbs close to two meters long. But what made it more frightening was that this elephant actually had three eyes. On the forehead of the elephant, there was a bright red eye, similar to a blood color eye. “Careful!” A worried and nervous voice came from the sky as a white shadow came out from the manor and speeded towards Tang Qing. Tang Qing stood somewhat lazily as he raised his eyebrow and looked at the three eye elephant charging towards him indifferently with his eyes squinted. The three eye elephant which seems to be berserk shook its head as it glared and roared angrily at Tang Qing. Just when it was about to charge into Tang Qing, a pondering smiling expression appeared in the corner of Tang Qing’s mouth as he suddenly leaned forward with his body and imitated a dog’s sound. “Woof!” Strangely, the berserk three eye elephant which was charging towards Tang Qing suddenly came to a halt. The fierce eyes of the elephant unfathomably became panic and afterward, it even began to cautiously and slowly retreat backward. “Hehe, coward fellow.” Tang Qing grinned and laughed happily. Pew— A white shadow flashed and a woman suddenly appeared. White clothes surpassing snow, black hair flying upwards, perfect complexion, secluded eyes, standing barefoot and temperament surpassing the masses, it was exactly that big sister Yun Mo from Shangguan Ling’s mouth. “You are……alright right?” With her forehead congealed, traces of astonishment could be seen from her expression. “This plaything that went berserk is raised by you?” Tang Qing shook his head, indicating that he was alright. “It is my mount, a three eye white elephant. Due to it being injured a few days ago, its emotion is currently very unstable. I am truly sorry, it scared you right?” Yun Mo bowed and apologized, then berated at the three eye white elephant, “Xiao Bai, go back!” The three eye white elephant seemed to have not heard anything and was currently only staring at Tang Qing with its eyes as it retreats backward continuously. “Hmm?” When this scene fell onto Yun Mo’s eyes, it made her felt extremely puzzled. She could distinctly felt that the three eye white elephant at this very moment seemed like it received a fright, but how was this possible? She was also very clear of just how proud spirit beasts like three eye white elephant were. Within her memory of those 10+ years, no matter was it meeting with a fierce ghost or a frightening demon, the three eye white elephant had never shown even a bit of being frightened. Yet this time, how could it actually be this afraid meeting against an ordinary human? What was it frightened and afraid of? What of this youth made it felt frightened? “You……” Yun Mo stared closely at Tang Qing with her beautiful eyes. “Taking a quick glance, it is just as Ling’er said, he does not have the slightest bit of cultivation at all and his body is also very weak. How could an ordinary person who cannot be any more ordinary be able to make the three eye white elephant become that afraid?” Yun Mo could not understand even after thinking about it countless of times. She was the present era’s famous scholar who had an extensive amount of knowledge and her master was also someone who shocked the entire world. But right now, she was completely at a loss. “What did you do just now? Why is my Xiao Bai that afraid of you?” Yun Mo blinked her eyes and asked softly, “Can you tell me?” “I did not do anything and was just scaring it only.” Tang Qing yawned and rubbed his face, then shook his head, “Didn’t expect that its guts would be this small. What a waste for it to have grown that big.” Yun Mo stared at Tang Qing, desiring to see right through Tang Qing’s thoughts. After hesitating for a moment, she shook her shoulder and said with a smile, “Perhaps I guess.” Then changed the topic, “I heard from Ling’er that it was you who cured her black flame horse. Thank you really for willing to let out a helping hand. If Ling’er had done anything that offended you previously, I request Prince Tang to not place it in your heart.” “Offend? No such thing.” Although Shangguan Ling seemed to be somewhat fierce, she indeed did not offend him. “This place of mine does not have any delicacies. I plucked some fruits just a moment ago, and if Prince Tang does not mind……” “I do not mind.” Yun Mo did not finish speaking and Tang Qing immediately responded that he did not mind because he was really too hungry already, hungry to the point that his chest was sticking to his back. Within the hall room, eight plates of different kind of fruits were placed onto the white jade table. Tang Qing did not know the origin and name of those fruits, but he was too lazy to inquire about those fruits and right after he sat down, without being formal in the slightest bit at all, he just straightforwardly took a red color fruit and started eating. Sweet and tasty, melting immediately when taken into the mouth and the juices of the fruit containing spiritual energy, it should be a kind of top grade spirit fruit. The taste was not bad and Tang Qing ate pleasurably. Yun Mo wanted to take this opportunity to understand Tang Qing a bit more. But right after sitting down here, she discovered that she did not have the chance to open her mouth at all because the fellow in front of her kept on eating, one fruit after another without stopping at all, practically gorging down on all the fruits. Yun Mo was not someone that has not communicate with males before. Imperial Family, distinguished families, talented handsome males, she had communicated with countless of them before. However, it was still the first time that she had come across with this special fellow in front of her. Where was there even such thing as not having even basic etiquette when meeting with someone for the first time and just straightforwardly start eating like this? And when this fellow eats, it was really called devouring like the wind. From the start to end, not even a few breathes have passed and he had already devoured dozens of fruits. No matter what, I was also the owner of this place right? Is he not even going to ask me to eat? “Not sure where Prince Tang’s hometown is at?” Yun Mo asked softly, but that fellow seemed as if he did not hear anything at all and continued eating. Yun Mo tried to ask a few questions again, but in the end, without an exception, this fellow’s eyes seemed to only have the fruits. Yun Mo was definitely was not a woman who cared about ordinary things, but right now, she especially wanted to ask if could it really be that there were only fruits in this fellow’s eyes? A woman like herself was sitting at the opposite of this fellow and yet this fellow also doesn’t ask her about anything, and even don’t want to respond to her at all? Thinking about it, Yun Mo finally understood why Shangguan Ling said that he was a person who considers everyone else beneath him. It wasn’t even that this fellow doesn’t want to respond to you, he was practically just disregarding your existence. For the first time in her life, Yun Mo experienced how it felt to be disregard by someone. She also almost somewhat understood why Shangguan Ling wanted to beat up this fellow because even a woman who was quiet like her have a kind of urge to want to slam the table right now, so leave alone Shangguan Ling who had a fiery temper. If this fellow did not know beast taming communication technique, Shangguan Ling would have probably really been unable to stop herself from ruthlessly beating this fellow. Finally, the eight plates of fruits were all annihilated by Tang Qing. Seemingly to wish to continue, “This……young lady Yun Mo, is there any more fruits?” “You have already eaten this much and still haven’t had enough?” Yun Mo immediately had a kind of disorder feeling. “Truth to be told, I have been starving for quite a lot of days already.” “So it is like this……There is still some in the garden. You wait here for a moment, I will go and pluck some.” “You still have to go and pluck? Forget it then.” Tang Qing stood up and rubbed his stomach, seemingly to have at least be half-full, “The feeling of being hungry is really unpleasant. I will have to thank young lady Yun Mo this time.” “The garden still have fruits.” Yun Mo Stood up and said, “I will go and pluck some for you.” “There’s no need for you to trouble yourself!” “It’s not troublesome!” “There is really no need. You can go do your things first, I will go outside and find a place to take a nap.” Tang Qing yawned and waved his hand as he stood up to leave, leaving Yun Mo who had a blank and awkward face. After a while, she then realized that when Tang Qing said that there was no need for her to trouble herself, it was not words of politeness but it was that he really did not want to trouble her because he was in a rush to go take a nap and was afraid that she would disturb until him. “My god! Just what kind of person is this……” Yun Mo did not know whether to cry or laugh and was at a loss for words. “Eh, big sister Mo, I have been searching all around for you, what are you doing here?” Shangguan Ling walked out from the house at the back while wearing a white silk smooth gown. Seemingly to have just finished showering, she walked with her head leaning to one side while wiping her wet hair with a towel. “Nothing.” Looking at Tang Qing’s leaving back, Yun Mo seemed to be pondering about something and mumbled, “Is he really just a technique user who wanders around Jianghu?” “Who? Are you talking about that damned swindler outside with the surname Tang? It should be! However, he seems to know a lot of things. That yellow banner of his was written with things like, treat all kind of illness, deduce formation, and so on. Big sister Mo, why are you suddenly caring about him?” “I am just somewhat curious only.” Yun Mo slightly shook her head. She felt that Tang Qing was not in the bit like an ordinary human at all. Would an ordinary human know beast taming communication technique this kind of unorthodox technique? Would an ordinary human be able to make a three eye white elephant become afraid which just a shout? Moreover, she carefully paid attention to Taing Qing’s eyes just now and those eyes of his were really very muddy. Muddy to the point that it seemed to have experienced countless great changes, muddy to the point that it seemed to be all-embracing and muddy to the point that it seemed to be inharmonious with this world. How could a person’s eyes be this muddy? It was the first time that Yun Mo had seen eyes like Tang Qing’s. “What is there to be curious about a Jianghu technique user?” Shangguan Ling said in disapproval. “Hmm, that’s true. Perhaps I just thought too much into it.” Yun Mo smiled lightly and said, “When all is said and done, he had indeed cured your black flame horse. Why not just let him leave later.” “Big sister Mo, you want me to release this swindler who considers everyone else beneath him? This fellow’s attitude towards me is so vile! If I don’t give him a bit of lesson, wouldn’t it be too good for him? What’s more, this fellow knows of beast taming communication technique so I cannot let him go.” “Beast taming communication technique is extremely complicated. Even if he is willing to teach you, you may also not necessarily be able to learn it. There is just too many profound things involved in the technique.” “Eh? So strange!” Shangguan Ling blinked her big eyes and stared at Yun Mo with a kind of strange expression. “What are you staring at like this for?” To get stared at like this by Shangguan Ling, Yun Mo felt very not used to it. “Big sister Mo, are you in heat? In heat to the point that it doesn’t matter what you eat? Have you taken a fancy for this Jianghu technique user?” “Damned girl, you are the one that is in heat.” Yun Mo rolled her eyes ‘fiercely’ at Shangguan Ling and said teasingly, “Also not sure who is the one that has been having erotic dreams during this period of time?” “Big sister Mo! You……” Shangguan Ling immediately became at a loss for words and the shyness of a young girl appeared on the exquisite face of hers as she pointed towards Yun Mo and said, “If not for that thing that you gave to me, how would I have dreamed of that kind of dream……” “I also did not force the thing to you. It was you yourself who wanted to take it to go comprehend it, so how can you blame me.” Yun Mo smiled and tapped on Shangguan Ling’s nose, “I told you from the start that there is something odd about that thing. You know perfectly well that you will dream of that kind of dream and yet you still insist on taking it. If you are not in heat then what is it?” “Hehehe……” Not sure why, Shangguan Ling suddenly began laughing loudly. “Damned girl, what are you laughing about?” “I’m laughing at you! That thing originally belonged to big sister Mo so big sister Mo definitely also dreamed of many that kind of dream right? Hmm? Hehehe……” “I did not!” Yun Mo denied flatly. “You have! You surely have!” Shangguan Ling laughed happily. Yun Mo knew that if this continued, with Shangguan Ling’s personality, she would definitely make fun of her in all ways possible. Shrugging her shoulder to cover up her awkwardness, she said, “Fine, don’t mess around anymore. Ling’er, what have you understand about that thing? Did you have any clue?” “I do not have any clue. I recorded down the talisman writings on that thing and was not able to get any answer even after asking a lot of people.” Shangguan Ling thought for a while and said, “That’s right, big sister Mo, you said that you already discover the origin of that paragraph of talisman writings. Is it true?” “Of course!” Yun Mo smiled lightly. “Ah! This is great! We can go and open it now, humph! I want to see just what odd thing is hidden within that thing, to actually be able to let others dream of that kind of disgusting dream!” “The Prince Tang that you brought here is still outside. It seems to be inappropriate for us to leave him outside like this right?” “What is there inappropriate about it?” Shangguan Ling took a look outside and pouted her mouth at where Tang Qing was at, “That guy is sleeping anyway.” Yun Mo also took a look outside and it was just a Shangguan Ling said, Tang Qing that fellow actually lied down at the lakeside and slept leisurely. Shangguan Ling kept on urging Yun Mo and Yun Mo did not have a choice and was only able to agree helplessly, “Alright then! I will bring you to take a look at it now.”

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