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Qianling thirty-third year, Spring. On the outskirts of one of the lakesides, a strong blood stench slowly spread across the air. The lake which was supposed to be clear was gradually dyed in blood red, following with a putrid stench of blood. There, floating in the middle of the bloody lake, were human organs. As the organs were eroded by the rushing currents of the lake, they were starting to discolour, which looked disgusting and ugly! On the path afar, two shadows, one big and small, were slowly approaching from the shroud of mist. As they walked closer, it became clear that the bigger shadow belongs to a man. He looked handsome and elegant, with perfect rows of white teeth. His steps were light and delicate. On his shoulders stood a black bird. The beak of the bird looks sharp and shiny. Despite being unsure of its breed, it is filled with exceptional vigour. On the side of the man, he was holding a little boy who looks four-five years old. The boy looks as pale as jade with a pair of pitched black eyes, glistening like stars in the sky. They walked to the lakeside and stopped when they reached to see the situation at the lake. “Mom, we were too late again,” Liu XiaoLi puffed his cheeks and murmured unhappily. The man, with his pale hands, hit on the little boy’s head gently and squinted his eyes “What did you call me?” Liu XiaoLi covered his head and looked pitifully, he replied unwillingly, “Dad……” The man finally gave a satisfied look. He nudged the back of the boy and ordered, “Go and look for the corpse.” The boy agreed and ran into the bushes with his tiny legs. After much effort, he finally found the target. “Mom, oh… no, dad…… the body is here.” The man walked over with a composed face and shot a glance to his son warningly. Liu XiaoLi pulled back his neck and took a step back feeling wrongful. Till now, he does not understand why must he call his mom, “dad” when she is his mom! Ignoring the boy’s pitiful glances, Liu Wei peered over to observe the corpse. Indeed, there was a bloody female corpse, who had her stomach cut open, lying motionless with her eyes opened full of grievances. Liu Wei knelt, stared at the corpse for a while and confirmed, “It is the same as the previous eight corpses.” Liu XiaoLi opened his deep black eyes widely and asked, “Is it the same culprit? That culprit has a profound mentality. He has been murdering people while walking from the QuJiang residence to FuPing country using the same methodology. Does he not afraid that he may leave evidence, mom?” “He is creating his killing style,” Liu Wei explained plainly. She stood up and held her son’s hand and continued, “The psychotic murderer has his definition of perfection. He feels that murdering his victims this way is the most beautiful!” Liu XiaoLi disagreed, “But I think it’s alright, not that beautiful.” Liu Wei agrees, “Indeed, it is not beautiful. This murderer doesn’t seem cultured. His artistic taste in aesthetic is ordinary, and he doesn’t have any creativity in methodology. If just cutting open the abdomen is beautiful, then all butchers are artists!” Liu XiaoLi understood what artist meant since his mother told him before. So, he nodded his head and asked, “Dad, so what do we do now? Do we report to the officials first, or continue to follow up this case?” Liu Wei licked her lips, “Eat breakfast first.” “Eat what?” Liu Wei thought, “Pig blood Porridge?” Liu XiaoLi frowned his brows, “Dad, XiaoLi just saw the corpse. I don’t want to eat pig blood porridge.” Liu Wei repeated, “Pig intestine porridge?” Liu XiaoLi puffed up his cheeks, “But XiaoLi also saw a person’s intestines so I don’t want to eat pig intestine porridge either.” Liu Wei looked at her son “You are too picky with food. You won’t grow taller like this.” “Dad, you are doing this on purpose…” Liu XiaoLi replied bitterly,

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Editor: Appk

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