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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Inside the restaurant. Rong Leng frequently has his meals in this first-rate restaurant. Hence, the kitchen knows very well of his tastes. Instead, Liu Wei and Liu Xiao Li had been travelling and rushing day and night. They had long forgotten the taste of having a proper meal. Therefore, when they finally sat down to have a proper meal, they realized that those dry foods they had been eating were extremely tasteless. After they finished their meal, the three of them left. But when they came out of the restaurant, they saw a few armoured soldiers standing guard outside the horse carriage. The moment the soldiers saw them, they immediately greeted, “General!” Liu Wei cast a glance at Rong Leng and then led her son into the carriage. After Rong Leng saw the carriage’s curtains close, he asked them, “What is it that cannot be settled tomorrow?” The leader of the troop softened his voice, “Reporting to the general, the small team from the second camp third vanguard had been ambushed while scouting at the borders of Liao prefecture. Only two managed to escape but they were heavily injured. No signs of recovering after treating for ten days. At present, I am afraid that they cannot hold on any longer.” Rong Leng’s eyes turned cold, “Let’s go!” However, he did not go up the horse. Instead, he returned to the carriage and raised the curtains, “We have something to do.” Liu Wei carried her son and pointed at the tip of her nose, “Me?” The man nodded. Liu Wei, “……” Working immediately after eating, are you Zhou the exploiter? When they reached the military camp, the soldiers were confused. The lord general is taking the people in the carriage to the camp too? This is the military camp. Only government officials can enter, and it is extremely heavily guarded. Even if ordinary people who take an extra look outside would be arrested as a conspirator. Now, the lord general unexpectedly wants to bring a weak-looking stranger man and a four to five-year-old child inside? You are muddled, my lord! Someone wanted to directly criticize and remind the lord general that such action is not according to the rule. However, Rong Leng had already got down from the horse and raised the carriage’s curtains. He carried the small child out and asked the men behind, “Where are they?” The leader of the soldiers pointed to the backyard, “In the bedroom.” Thus, because of the interruption and the urgency of the matter, those people who wanted to speak bluntly could only swallow back those words. As it was already late night, the room of ten people had already filled with people. Seeing Rong Leng entered, the soldiers who were on their bed quickly jumped down, without even wearing their shoes, stood in a row and loudly greeted, “Lord!” Well-disciplined. Their voice was clear and neat. Liu Xiao Li who was nestling in Rong Leng’s chest felt extremely fresh at such a sight. Rong Leng waved. He looked towards the middle of the big sleeping area and immediately saw two pale figures hanging on to their last breaths. He put Xiao Li to the ground and walked forward. The two men were covered with bandages until they were unrecognizable. When the two men saw the lord general, they were so agitated that they wanted to get up but they could not. Rong Leng pressed them down, “Lay down.” The two of them laid back down. They discontinuously explained with their hoarse throat, “My lord, there are…… armed rebellion troops…… at the borders of Liao prefecture…… Not a wild army…… it is…… regular standing army…… Unable to…… estimate the numbers……, at least…… tens of thousands……” Someone is hiding tens of thousands of rebellion troops at Liao prefecture? Or maybe, training them? Rong Leng narrowed his eyes. His lips tightened to become a line. He patted the men hands and nodded, “You all did well.” “My lord……” One of the men had reddened eyes as tears flowed uncontrollably, “The rest of them, they all……” “I know. I will order for men to bring back their bodies. Their bodies will not be left in foreign lands without proper burials.” The atmosphere in the room was immediately filled with sorrow. Liu Wei knew that in a situation like this she should not open her mouth, but she still had to say, “Whatever you needed to say, can’t you say it after they are cured?” Liu Wei walked forward as she said. Rong Leng’s self-restraint was good, but not for the surrounding soldiers. Not any random person can order their lord general around! Some of them had indignance on their faces. Rong Leng saw and raised his hands, “This is Sir Liu. Examine the injured first.” “Lord general, the imperial physician had already examined Ah Qiu and Ah Li. He said……it is already too late.” Someone said; his tone was not good. Rong Leng did not say anything. He only looked at Liu Wei. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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