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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Yue Er’s buttocks were already painful since she had ten solid birches landed on her butt. And now, she was left with only half a life. Immediately, she felt worse with grievances in her heart after her cousin's ruthless actions. “Sister, I didn't do it on purpose. The restaurant was too crowded, so I was knocked off balance and smashed the jar. I did not want it either.” “Then why did you just leave after you were knocked? Who knocked you? Where was the waiter and shopkeeper of the restaurant? Couldn’t you just make a fuss and have them to compensate for the wine? Why did you have to come back empty-handed?” Cui Yang reprimanded but still continued to apply medication for her cousin. Those mutilated buttocks made her heart tremble, and her actions became more careful unconsciously. While Yue Er was enduring the excruciating pain, she was thinking about the graceful gentleman she saw earlier that day. She pondered for a bit and suddenly asked, “Sister, do you still remember the first young lady?” Cui Yang’s finger stopped. Her brows knitted, “Why are you talking about her all of the sudden?” Yue Er slightly slanted her body and looked at her, “Sister, you have been at the old lady’s side for so long. Do you know if our first young lady has any older or younger brother?” “The first young lady obviously has brothers. The first, second and third young masters are her older brothers. Fourth and fifth young masters are her younger brothers. Instead, why are you asking these all the sudden? It has already been so many years and you still can’t forget about the first young lady?” “I……” Yue Er evasively replied. Cui Yang unconsciously warned, “I told you before, you may have been the first young lady’s personal servant last time. But the first young lady did not care about you. She abandoned you and ran away. This means that your master and servant relationship has reached the end. Don’t even mention if she is alive, even if one day she does come back, can she still even be our house’s young lady? When she escaped the wedding at that time, our master, lady, even the old lady had lost so much dignity. The emperor was furious because of that. Even the palace Noble Consort Yi hated the Liu family to the core. All these have already made the first young lady a sinner in the Liu family. If you are still thinking about this traitor, then you should not go serve in the old lady’s house. Just stay in the outer courtyard for the rest of your life.” Then again, how is it possible that Yue Er did not understand these? But she still mumbled, “But during then, a few days before the wedding, the first young lady was not well. She kept on asking, ‘what year is it now? What is the name of the official name of the emperor?’ She was a little crazy. I think the reason she fled from the wedding is connected to her illness.” “Then what?” Cui Yang unhappily hmphed, “She still left in the end. If I were to say, how bad could it be to marry the seventh prince? She is just a concubine born daughter and she could marry the prince as a side consort. The seventh prince is after all Noble Consort Yi’s biological son. Other than the empress, those with power are just Noble Consort Yi and Noble Consort Yun. Instead, she doesn't know how to cherish. Even the second young lady that time had a cold war with the lady because of this matter.” “How could that be the same?” Yue Er could not help but to speak out for her old master, “The second young lady wants to marry the Seventh Prince as main consort. The first young lady was to marry to be a side consort. Where do you see two daughters of a family marrying the same husband? If I were to say something that time, the lady just did not want to see the life of the second young lady ruined on the seventh prince. That’s why she sent the first young lady over. She clearly wants to make the first young lady the scapegoat.” “Piak!” Cui Yang ruthlessly hit Yue Er’s back. Yue Er was hit suddenly, and pain shot up immediately, “Sister! What are you doing!” “Disciplining you. I am making sure you know what you can and cannot say.” Cui Yi reprimanded. Then she continued to apply the medication, “You even dared to twist the lady’s words, I think you must not want to live already.” Yue Er bit the pillows and blanket, extremely wronged, “I just spoke the truth.” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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