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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Cui Yang scanned the surroundings. Seeing that there was no one and Yue Er’s roommate, Xuan Er, did not return yet, she explained, “That time, when Noble Consort Yi wanted a marriage alliance with the Liu family, she wanted the second young lady too. Even though the servants did not gossip about that, it does not mean that we do not know why exactly the Noble Consort Yi wanted her. Isn’t the reason why the Seventh Prince and the Crown Prince battled so aggressively in court because of that heavenly seat? The prime minister has always been loyal to the Crown Prince and Noble Consort Yi obviously wanted to pull him to her side. As the proverb says, a loyal servant does not serve two masters; hence, how would the prime minister dare to marry the house’s daughter of the first wife to the Seventh Prince? In the end, the best solution is to let the first young lady marry to the Seventh Prince residence as a backup.” Cui Yang sighed and continued, “Instead, the first young lady had it good just leaving like this. The prime minister offended the Seventh Prince. Although the Liu family had gained the trust of the Crown Prince, the lady and old lady had lost their honour in the palace. When problems arise, everything becomes inconvenient. I always hear the old lady saying that all these were the fault of the first young lady. If not for her being so insensible, how would the prime minister become the target in the court all in one night and completely fall into disagreement with the Seventh Prince’s party like oil and water? Even though the Crown Prince mentioned that he would support us, that is just securing our lives. The situation of the prime minister in the court is extremely difficult, including the positions of the first young master and the second young master.” As Yue Er listened, she broke out in cold sweat, “The first young lady was so important?” “Important?” Cui Yang did not even bother to meet her eyes and hmphed, “She is not important. She just offended an important person. Who could have known that a concubine born daughter could be so rebellious! Escaping from the marriage! Fancy that she had the guts to do that! An official’s young lady who does not even step out her chambers ran off all alone. The outside world is so dangerous. Maybe she had already died somewhere. If she was unlucky, she could be lured and sold to the brothels. Who knows, maybe she had already slept and tasted by hundreds and thousands of men. She might as well marry the Seventh Prince and properly be her Side Consort.” Yue Er was unhappy when she heard that, but she did not refute it. Cui Yang took another glance at her sister and said, “From now on, don’t ever mention the first young lady anymore.” Yue Er ambiguously responded, “I just suddenly thought of it.” “Those are all history. What’s there to think about.” Yue Er no longer spoke. Even so, the figure of the graceful and elegant gentleman kept on popping up in her mind; as if there was a thorn in her heart that could not be extracted out, making her extremely uneasy. …… Yue Er could get down from her bed three days later. In the end, she still went out to the first rated restaurant to keep a watch. However, she never saw that gentleman and could only leave with no results as it was dusk soon. By the time Yue Er returned to the residence, everything was in complete chaos. The moment Elder Maid Qin saw her, she dispatched people to capture her. Yue Er stared blankly and confused, “What are you doing Elder Maid Qin?” “You this lowly wench, where and what did you do this whole while you were missing?” Yue Er was frantic. Does she know I went out to find the first young lady? She thought of her cousin's warning; about how the first young lady is already a big sinner in the Liu residence and anything to do with her would provoke the wrath of the master and the lady. Immediately, Yue Er did not dare to admit and stammered, “I… I just went out to take a walk. Elder Maid Qin, today is my rest day and I could ……” “Take a walk?” Elder Maid Qin’s wrinkled face had a wicked smile, “I see that you won’t admit it unless you are one step into the coffin. Talk! Where did you abduct the fifth young master?” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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