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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort "Binghuo! Binghuo, Stop!” But the only response that the horse, Bing Huo, gave was a shake in the air and shook its owner off its back. “Ah —!” she shrieked as she fell onto the ground. A loud thud followed by a snap was heard. Liu Wei immediately knew that she either fractured her arms or legs. Breaking a bone in the arms or legs after a fall off the horse is a small matter; Breaking the neck is a matter of life or death. “It hurts……” The lady tried to sit up from the ground as she looked at the crowd surrounding her. Her face was red in anger, “You all, don’t look! Don’t look!” Some people in the crowd recognised who this person is and immediately cried in surprise, “Princess Yuehai……” The moment he said that the civilians crowding around paled. No one in the capital does not know about the bossy Princess Yuehai who is notoriously known for being unreasonable because she has the empress backing her. This princess is born in the wildlands; She is the only daughter of the deceased King of Hui in Hui prefecture. After the passing of the King of Hui and his consort, the empress took pity on her for having no one to depend on. And since staying in the Hui prefecture would only make her grieve, the empress brought her into the palace. However, this big ancestor took advantage of the empress’s doting love and is ignorant of her boundaries. Such a fine lady, yet she does not stay in the palace to cultivate herself or practice embroidery. Instead, she loiters around the streets calling for companions as she bragged her status. She is even more unreasonable and uncouth as compared to the profligate sons of wealthy families walking on the streets. She is a figure which everyone in the capital is afraid of. In that instant, everyone gazed at the particularly outstanding white-robed man who was standing in front of the crowd. So, this is the man who threw his things at the princess’s favourite horse without fear for his life? Seems like this person is finished. Unaware that she is “finished”, Liu Wei was still reflecting on the disastrous incident. She looked at the young lady who was rolling in pain and began to be soft-hearted. Although the lady committed a crime with the horse and was rather rude, she is still a young lady after all. With a body stature aged sixteen to seventeen shrieking in pain, she could not just watch and do nothing. Liu Wei walked forward. Just as she was planning to speak, a burst of footsteps came from afar. “Young lady……” someone called. It was only until those people came nearer that Liu Wei saw who they were. They are most likely the lady’s bodyguards. But they are dressed in golden armours with armoured horses. With that style of dressing, people would have thought they were on the way to the battlefield. “Young lady. Young lady, what happened to you?” Those people rushed over, but they did not dare to support the injured princess because they did not know where she was injured. Hence, they only anxiously stood aside. “What do I raise you all, a bunch of useless idiots, for!” Princess Yuehai clenched her teeth and pointed at Liu Wei, “Capture him!” The guards immediately found the main culprit. Two guards came forward to get violent with Liu Wei with a menacing aura. Liu Wei moved aside and dodged the two men’s attack. But she was boiling up. She already anticipated that the young masters and ladies in the capital could be unreasonable. But she never thought they could not distinguish between right or wrong. She was obviously the victim alright? If she did not throw that bag of herbs to avoid the big horse, she would have been trampled and become a second-degree handicap right now! The guards did not expect that this person had kungfu. Immediately, another two men came forward. The five people began to fight on the streets in which Liu Wei had four opponents. Even though it was not strenuous, she knew that she cannot hold on for long like this. As expected, another two men came forward after observing that she was not weak. Immediately, it became one versus six. The Kungfu of the last two men, who came forward, was the best among them; the moment they entered the match, it was hard for Liu Wei to manage. But the reason was none other than because the two people were so ruthless — to go as far as to give deadly blows! https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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