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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei finds this person extremely ridiculous — who would suddenly come to strike a conversation with no end. Liu Wei impatiently twitched the corners of her lips, “Seems like this gentleman is seeking medical advice. Then you should know that different medicinal studies have different schools of thoughts and mentors. Don’t you think it’s a little rude to simply ask someone for their prescription?” The opposite party was stunned as he pondered. He finally reacted and felt apologetic, “I was acting inappropriately.” Right then, the medical student had already wrapped up the eternal herbs. Liu Wei paid and left with the herbs. However, the green-robed man unexpectedly followed her out, “Which medical shop are you from? Are you a licensed physician?” Liu Wei ignored him. But the other party did not mind and quietly followed her just like that. He followed her for half a street without any signs or plans of leaving. This made Liu Wei completely irritated. Liu Wei turned and coldly smiled towards the person, “What do you exactly want?” The man’s appearance is elegant and handsome; gentle and cultivated. Even though he obviously knew that the other party was unhappy, he was still courteous and refined, “I would like to talk to you. Why do you push others away like this?” Liu Wei’s brows twitched, “I do not like to have a casual conversation with a stranger.” “Yuwen Yao.” “Mhm?” “My name is Yuwen Yao. This way, we are no longer strangers.” The man smiled amiably with a good temper. Liu Wei wondered if she had met a mental patient. How would a stroll outdoors attract such a ridiculous person. Liu Wei sighed, “Don’t you just want to know what raw eternal herb can be used for? I will tell you. The nature of eternal herb is powerful — mainly for strengthening the body and dissolving phlegm. Although it is good, the root has a natural mild poison. Therefore, it can only be used after the poison has been forced out by drying it. But this is the practice of the northerners, the southerners do not use it that way. Gentleman must not have gone to Jiangnan before. Jiangnan has eternal herbs everywhere. Majority of them use it raw because the people in Jiangnan live in the humid environment all year round, making their bodies colder than the others. The poison of the eternal herb would neutralise the coldness in the body. Therefore, using it raw is more effective than dried ones for people suffering coldness inside. Alright, I finished explaining. Until we meet again.” The moment Liu Wei finished, she turned back and left. However, without walking two steps further, someone followed behind again, like a pooch wagging his tail, “Eternal herbs grow in the tropics which is indeed why it is afraid of coldness. But if it is used raw improperly, the poison can accumulate easily and become disastrous. This is such a big risk. Why not use it dry for safety purposes?” Liu Wei rubbed her temples, “Is this gentleman studying medicine?” “Sort of.” The man continued, “I have loved reading medical books since I was young and rather keen in the medical study of XingLin.” (TN: There is such a thing as XingLin. If I found more info in English, I will tell you guys more!) So, he is a layman. Liu Wei was totally uninterested in debating with him anymore, “Record of living things, Diary of Qingshan's Chang and Apricot literature. After you read these books, you will know the answer.” After she finished, Liu Wei looked afar and conveniently squeezed into the area with the most crowd. As expected, she managed to get rid of her stalker from behind. She let out a sigh. It was finally peaceful. But just then, someone delicately shouted from behind suddenly, “Step aside! Step aside!” Liu Wei raised her eyes and saw a brown steed. On top of it, was a red-robed lady with a veil covering half her face. She shouted towards the crowd as she rode the horse on the streets. The streets were extremely crowded. Many of them did not manage to dodge and was kicked off the street by that horse. And coincidentally, the horse is galloping in Liu Wei’s direction. “Step aside!” The lady on the horse shouted again while she raised the whip to fling with power. Liu Wei wanted to dodge but it was already too late. The speed of the horse was too astonishing and within a blink of an eye, it was already right in front of her. In that moment of desperation, she flung the big bag of eternal herbs into the air, aiming for the horse’s eyes. The horse was in pain and his pace was skewed. It neighed as it lifted its front legs and slowed down. Liu Wei took the chance to dodge aside. But, because the horse was not properly trained yet, it could not return to its momentum after its pace was messed up. Furthermore, as its eyes were in pain, it impatiently strutted around the streets recklessly — giving a huge scare to the lady on the horse. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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