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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 117 – New style of Fight the Landlord 2/2 “Gluttonous Monster, where did you place the knife at?” “Oh, there is a fruit knife under the bar counter.” Lie Gu found the fruit knife and placed it onto the table, “Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want us to help you?” Xiong Yong gasped heavily, how is this possible, I can’t win them in a fight, and if I were to retaliate, I will die. However, if I chop off one of my arms, I will at the least still have another chance to win. Since I have already started betting, I have no choice but to continue betting. “Help me instead.” Xiong Yong took out a pill and prepared himself for staunching the bleeding later on. Lie Gu picked up the fruit knife and fancily spun the fruit knife. A silvery light flickered, and Xiong Yong’s left arm fell onto the ground, and blood began to spurt out crazily. Xiong Yong was also indeed a man, he did not utter a single sound after his left arm was severed. With his right hand, he struck onto his acupuncture points in succession, then ate the pill. After that, he took out a small bottle and sprinkled the fine powder that was within the small bottle onto his wound. Wei Chang thought that it was some kind of godly medicine, but it turns out to be Yunnan Baiyao. After finish doing all those, Xiong Yong’s pale face gradually gain back some colors. Fear appeared in the eyes of the 20+ spectators, these two people totally don’t have the intention of letting the guy off at all, and instead, they are intending on killing the guy by severing off his limbs one by one. What’s worse is that, the guy actually believed that the two are going to let him off! In the next round, it was Lie Gu’s turn to shuffle the cards. Because Xiong Yong could only hold onto the cards with one hand, he was a bit slow. However, Wei Chang and Lie Gu expressed that they understand. Don’t rush, take your time. Xiong Yong was the landlord once again, and furthermore, his cards were extremely good too. Having king bomb, and also double king bombs, an existence more formidable than king bomb! Furthermore, it was double black king bombs. Even if Lie Gu and Wei Chang have double king bombs in their hands, it would also be just double red king bombs, and double black king bombs wins against double red king bombs! The atmosphere of the hall was extremely weird, it was enough to make one tremble with fear! Xiong Yong felt that he was definitely going to win this round, there are two bombs in my hand, and also a pair of threes. “King bomb!” Xiong Yong shouted out gravely, appearing imposing and out of the ordinary! Lie Gu threw out a pair of twos, “Double red king bombs!” “Double black king bombs!” Xiong Yong’s expression was malevolent, this feels so good, now you two have nothing else to say right!!! Wei Chang and Lie Gu did not say anything, seems like they had recognized this kind of playstyle. This caused Xiong Yong to let out a breath of relief. If I rush to the hospital now, I can still attach back my arm. “Pair of threes.” Wei Chang threw out a pair of threes. The bar turned silent. What kind of f**king Fight the Landlord is this?!?! Lie Gu let out a breath of relief, “It’s fortunate that you have a pair of threes, I only have a single three left.” Blood began spilling out from Xiong Yong’s wound, and his expression turned pale once again, “Why can a pair of threes eat a pair of twos!” “If a pair of threes doesn’t eat a pair of twos, what does it eat then?” Lie Gu revealed out an expression like he was looking at an idiot. F**king hell, Xiong Yong was actually unable to dispute against that answer. A silvery light flickered, and a leg fell onto the floor. Xiong Yong repeated the sequence of actions that he did just now. However, this time, colors did not return back to his face, and his face was still pale. Even more, even his lips were pale right now. There was a puddle of blood accumulated under the table, causing a faint smell of blood to spread throughout the air, which in turn caused the atmosphere to feel stifling. “I will shuffle the cards this time!” Xiong Yong said gravely. Wei Chang magnanimously allowed Xiong Yong to shuffle the cards. Xiong Yong began shuffling the cards. Although Xiong Yong was slow, Wei Chang and Lie Gu did not rush him at all. What a pitiful person, to not even know how to play the new style of Fight the Landlord, this guy is really out of touch with the trends. Thinking back to those days where His Honor would play Fight the Landlord when he was bored, His Honor felt that Fight the Landlord was too monotonous, and one has to know how to be flexible. And in the end, Wei Chang and Lie Gu lost continuously to Ye Hua. Wei Chang almost lost all of his savings to Ye Hua, while Lie Gu almost got stewed by Ye Hua. After that, the two swore that they would never play Fight the Landlord with Ye Hua anymore. For this round, Xiong Yong was the landlord again. If it was possible, Xiong Yong did not want to be the landlord. However, when he saw that he has the king bomb, double king bombs, and also a pair of threes, Xiong Yong’s confidence returned back to him. “King bomb!” Wei Chang and Lie Gu shook their heads, and Xiong Yong was overjoyed. “Double red king bombs!” “Double black king bombs!” Right now, Xiong Yong only had a pair of threes left in his hand. Xiong Yong shouted out, “A pair of threes!” Lie Gu unhurriedly took out two cards, “Pair of fours.” Pfft… Xiong Yong spurt out a mouth of blood, dyeing the poker cards red. With his eyes opened wide, Xiong Yong collapsed onto the floor and twitched for a bit. After that, Xiong Yong stopped moving. Lie Gu took out his comb and combed onto his hair, “A guy actually died from playing Fight the Landlord.” Wei Chang sighed, “He said that he knows how to play this game.” Everyone was collapsing right now…

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