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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 118 – Little Ah Li is online 2/2 “However, Ah Li would only be able to see mother once every day during the night. During the day, mother does not have time to take care of Ah Li. Mother wouldn’t let Ah Li go out to play too. Ah Li really wants to go out and take a look at the world outside. Aunts, is the world outside fun?” Qing Yutong immediately began to boast, speaking of various fun things and delicious food, enticing the Little Ah Li. And when Ah Li listened to Qing Yutong’s descriptions, her desire for wanting to go out and take a look at the world outside grew even more. Qing Ya glared at her sister, “Ah Li, don’t listen to her, you have to listen to your mother do you understand?” “En, Ah Li understands. That’s right, where did uncle went to today?” Qing Ya laughed, “Little Ah Li is too formidable already, uncle doesn’t dare to play with Ah Li anymore.” Ye Hua immediately wrinkled his brows and gazed at Qing Ya. I dare you to say it again, I will make sure I beat your butt till it swells. “Ah, so that is the case. Ah Li can be not that formidable and let uncle have the chance to perform then.” Ye Hua of course heard what Ah Li said. Do I even need a little child to let me? What a joke. “Ah Li, uncle still don’t dare to play with Ah Li.” Qing Ya laughed lightly. Ye Hua snorted, “Who said that I don’t dare!” “Aunt, is uncle coming to play with us?” Ah Li asked curiously. “En, uncle is coming, we can play together as four.” “That’s great, Ah Li likes to play with uncle.” Ye Hua’s expression sunk, I do not like to play with a brat like you. Next, Little Ah Li began bringing Ye Hua to eat chicken again. The people upstairs were playing ardently, while the situation at the downstairs was hell. The smell of blood within the air was particularly strong, and the white color dice was dyed red by blood. Within the surroundings, there were various severed arms and legs, the spectacle was simply too horrible to endure. Right now, two men who only had one arm left on their bodies were currently holding onto their last breath. Such a frightening scene was enough to make one’s mental collapse completely. The 20+ people were not afraid of death, but after seeing this kind of death, they finally knew what a fate worse than death was. Amongst the 20+ people, there were a few women who were driven crazy by this frightening spectacle. While drinking beer and playing the game, Wei Chang and Lie Gu waited for those peoples’ backup to arrive. Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu did not pity those 20+ people in the least bit at all. To dare to come and try to probe out His Honor’s territory, it would be counted lucky if any of you can die with no missing body parts. Suddenly, the sounds of cars coming to a stop rang outside of the bar, followed by the sounds of hurried footsteps. Everyone rejoiced, their backups were finally here to save them! “Cloud Sect’s elder, Xing Kai, has arrived!” “South Alliance’s elder, Gao Shuang, has arrived!” “Dry Zen Sect’s elder, You Yinguang, has arrived!” “Raising Thunder Sect’s elder, Wen Rui, has arrived!” “Traceless Pavilion’s elder, Tu Rong, has arrived!” The disciples of the various powers could be seen walking in first and shouting out their elder’s name. Their aura was imposing, and their voice was resonant. However, when they saw the spectacle within the bar, their chest began contracting in and out. Puke… Even the elders that followed by and entered into the bar also wrinkled their brows. The people of this bar are simply too savage, they have no humanity at all, their methods are simply ruthless to the point that it is making my hair stand on its end!!! Furthermore, these two are totally not placing us in their eyes at all. A small bar like this actually dares to be so arrogant?! However, after thinking about the matter that happened last night, the elders’ anger came to a froze. The reason that I sent people over to the bar was to try and probe out the bar. Looking at the situation right now, the black gowned person from last night is most likely one of the two there. Even Xiao Yi could only win a pyrrhic victory against the black gown person, therefore, the five of us added together also wouldn’t be a match for the black gown person. If the sect master came, he would be able to fight against the black gown person. However, the sect master has something more important to deal with right now, where would he even have the time to take care of such a small matter like this. It seems like, for now, all I can do is to request for peace. I will think about the rest after I brought my people away from this bar.

Translator: Wigglegui



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