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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 122 – Elder, why are you trying to court death? 2/2 Within the leisure bar, there was only South Alliance’s elder, Gao Shuang, left. South Alliance’s disciples looked at their elder and thought to themselves, one of them chose to play rock paper scissors, and the other chose to drink a bottle of beer in one breath. Elder, there is no harm in imitating them. Gao Shuang snorted, there is no need for me to imitate others. “How do you want to compete?” Wei Chang was very unhappy, cunning humans! Gao Shuang said in disdain, “The previous two’s requests were too shameless, I disdain associating myself with them!” The South Alliance's disciples admired their elder even more now. Elder Gao is gallant, to be able to remain calm when faced against danger, Elder Gao can be said to be our role model! “Recently, this one has been studying Fight the Landlord for a bit, how about we three have a round together?” Gao Shuang said with a confident look on his face. Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu were startled at first, and soon after, they revealed out a tender smile on their faces. Wei Chang even personally arranged the chairs and table, while Lie Gu opened a bottle of red wine to attend to Gao Shuang. Gao Shuang didn’t expect that there would even be such a treatment like this, this leisure bar isn’t as frightening as I expected huh? South Alliance’s disciples were crying now, Elder Gao, why are you trying to court death? It would be fine to just play a round of rock scissor paper… but instead, you chose to play Fight the Landlord with them… Their way of playing Fight the Landlord is completely unplayable… Half an hour later. Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu held onto a mop and mopped onto the floor. Lie Gu sighed, “As expected of an elder, to be able to hold out for so long.” “If he doesn’t possess that bit of strength, how would he dare address himself as an elder?” Wei Chang wiped onto the blood that was on the table and said with a smile. “This Fight the Landlord is interesting, I will play it with my women when I return back home, I will leave the rest here to you.” After finish speaking, Lie Gu ran off. Wei Chang laughed bitterly, then continued on with wiping the table. “Uncle Wei…” A tender voice rang out and Tang Wei could be seen slowly walking out from the room that was at the back. Wei Chang went into a daze for a while, then looked at the woman that was in front of him and asked, “Do you feel afraid of Uncle Wei?” Tang Wei lightly embraced onto Wei Chang’s tiger waist and rested her head onto Wei Chang’s chest. A trace of black flight flashed within her eyes as she said, “I’m not afraid.” Wei Chang laughed, “After Uncle Wei finished cleaning up, Uncle Wei will send you back home.” “Uncle Wei, did you forget that my house’s lightbulb spoiled?” Tang Wei said shyly. “Oh, that’s right. Don't worry, Uncle Wei will help you change a new lightbulb.” “……” With a smile on his face, Wei Chang rubbed onto Tang Wei’s head and said, “Go and dig out those four people from the wall and throw them out of the bar.” “Oh…” Tang Wei was currently feeling gloomy, seems like Jiangnan’s four marshals were about to get bullied by Tang Wei’s small fists again. Ye Hua who was upstairs did not know what happened downstairs. On the other hand, Qing Yutong knew what happened downstairs and was currently observing her brother-in-law. Brother-in-law is really becoming more and more mysterious. After eating chickens for an entire night, Ye Hua expressed that he was unhappy, because all of the chickens that he ate during the night had nothing to do with him. This little thing said that she wouldn’t snatch my limelight, in the end, she is just a little liar, she snatched all of the limelight away from me. “Uncle, sorry, Ah Li snatched away your limelight again.” "En." Ye Hua seemed to have become used it to it as he responded with a groan, then placed the earphones down, “Let’s go to sleep.” “Let me play one more round.” Qing Ya mumbled, but to her surprise, Ye Hua straightforwardly carried her up from her seat. Qing Yutong said melancholily, “Can you two not show off your affection with each other like this in front of me.” “Ye Hua, what are you doing, let me down.” With her face slightly red, Qing Ya used her little fist and punched very lightly onto Ye Hua. Was it possible that Ye Hua would place her down? No, it was definitely not possible. “Ah Li, remember to sleep early too, if not your mother is going to beat your butt when she finds out you are still playing at this timing.” Qing Yutong said lovably. “Mother is probably still busy discussing about some matters, Ah Li can still play one more round.” “Alright, let’s play one last round then.” “En~ Last round and Ah Li is going to go sleep.” Ye Hua expressed that this was going to be an endless ‘last round’. “Go shower.” After placing Qing Ya down, Ye Hua said faintly. Qing Ya snorted and sat on the bedside, “Not going to.” “Your entire body smell like cigarette.” “Isn’t it all because of the cigarettes that you smoked!” “Do you want me to help you shower!” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and said gravely. Qing Ya pouted her mouth and took a glare at Ye Hua, then walked into the bathroom. After Qing Ya finished showering, Ye Hua went to take a shower. And after Ye Hua was done, he lied down onto the bed with Qing Ya. To speak the truth, every single day, Ye Hua had been looking forward to when night comes, and especially to when they were lied down onto the bed to sleep. Only when on the bed, then would this woman become obedient.

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