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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 159 – When a man reached middle age… 1/2 Within the Cayenne car that was at the back, Tang Wei was a bit gloomy as she looked outside of the window. “Tang Wei, did you two do it yesterday?” Bai Xiaozhen who was sitting at Tang Wei's side asked in a low voice. Sigh… It would be great if we had done it. Tang Wei shook her head, then sighed deeply soon after. Thinking back of how Uncle Wei acted last night, it is truly funny and infuriating at the same time. Yi Ran who was sitting at the front became interested too as she turned her head around and smiled, “Xiao Tang, you dressed so sexy last night, did Uncle Wei not have any reaction at all? Last night, Gugu seemed as if he had taken a stimulant drug, and Wen Xia could be said to be more tragic than usual last night.” As expected, while driving the car, Wen Xia’s face turned red, and Bai Xiaozhen feigned anger coquettishly, “Yi Ran, don’t speak anymore~” “Look at you two, tsk, tsk, tsk.” Yi Ran laughed lovably. Tang Wei took another deep sigh. Look at how happy others are, and here I am worrying about this kind of thing. Forget it, forget it, I will just let nature take its course… Two hours later, they finally got off the highway and arrived at a small town. Ye Hua could be said to have planned out a full show, he chose a remote location to pick up Ye Zizi. “Have we arrived?” Qing Ya got up from Ye Hua’s embrace, then opened the window and took a look. Ye Hua nodded his head. We have arrived at the location we agreed on, but Ye Zizi is still not here yet. She couldn’t have run to somewhere else to play pranks on others, right? “I’m feeling a bit hungry…” Qing Ya rubbed onto her flat stomach and said embarrassedly. Qing Ya was a pregnant woman after all, her situation was normal, not only does she have to eat, the baby has to eat too. “Madam, there are very little eateries here.” Wei Chang took a look and said. Qing Ya’s eyes lighted up, “Isn’t that Shaxian Eatery? Let’s go there.” “Alright, we will treat it as lunch then.” Ye Hua approved. When the two Cayenne cars appeared at the small town, they attracted the attention of the town’s people. The town’s people were all curious about just who was sitting within the cars. When they saw the people that got off the car, all of the men’s eyeballs almost popped out of their eye sockets, especially when they saw the people that came out from the car that was at the back. My nose is about to bleed, I cannot take it anymore… I cannot take it anymore… The three who were celebrities, right before they got off the car, they secretly changed their appearances. This was taught to them by Lie Gu, so that it would be convenient for them to go out and play together. After all, compared to home, it was more exciting outside. Although the women that came out from the car that was at the back made them spilled blood, the woman that came out from the car that was at the front helped them to stop their bleeding. This woman gives me a scared feeling, she is beautiful to the point that it feels unreal. But such a woman like this, her waist is actually held onto by a man, goddamn it!!! Not sure why, all of the town’s people felt that the man was the center of the group. I really don’t get it, isn’t it just that the man looks handsome? This is truly an era that depends on your looks. Ye Hua contacted Ye Zizi, and Ye Zizi expressed her apology and said that she would head to the eatery right away. Within the Shaxian Eatery shop, there was not a single customer. The boss was currently sitting beside the table, and on the table, there were a phone, dumpling skins, and mincemeat, The boss was wrapping dumplings while watching a show that was playing on the phone. Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, the boss raised his head and took a look. Immediately, he was startled as he hurriedly rubbed his hands and asked with a smile, “Bosses, what do you all want to eat?” Qing Ya looked at the menu that was on the wall and said faintly, “Give me a plate of steamed dumplings. Ye Hua, what do you want to eat?” “Stir-fry rice noodles with an additional egg.” Ye Hua said faintly. Lie Gu pursed his lips, then said, “Give me a bowl of banmian.” Wei Chang asked Tang Wei with concern, “Xiao Tang, what do you want to eat?” “Anything will do.” Tang Wei’s mood was a bit gloomy. However, it was normal for her to be gloomy, after all, she crazily hinted Wei Chang last night, and yet Wei Chang did not have any reaction at all. Thinking up to here, Tang Wei was greatly startled. Could it be that, when a man reaches middle age, he is incapable of doing it anymore! And Uncle Wei is embarrassed to tell me about that. I am too stupid, what I did was basically throwing salt on Uncle Wei’s wound. I was truly inconsiderate. I will think about a way to help Uncle Wei nourish his health. Afterward, I will go and inquire about some olden prescriptions and get some medicines for Uncle Wei to eat. While Wei Chang was still looking at the menu, Tang Wei who was behind him had already crowned him with the title of impotence… “I will get ginseng black-bone chicken soup.” Wei Chang spoke. Tang Wei had a face of ‘as expected’ on her face. Even Uncle Wei himself also knows to nourish his health. My pitiful Uncle Wei, his body is getting weak along with the raise of his age. I have to properly show care for Uncle Wei in the future, and not let Uncle Wei be hurt again. Thinking back to last night, Uncle Wei must have definitely been very gloomy… Last night, Wei Chang was indeed very gloomy. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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