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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 171 – Donghuang Li 1/2 “That would be too much of a trouble for you.” Qing Ya was very courteous too. “It’s no trouble, it’s no trouble.” “Then, we are heading to Sanji Hotel.” Jiu Ye, “……” Why! Why is even the hotel that we are staying at the same! Why is the heaven targeting me like this… I really want to stay at another hotel instead. But, master had already instructed that I have to stay at this hotel and await his order… “Big brother, Zizi don’t have the energy to walk, hug hug~” Ye Zizi rubbed onto her hazy beautiful eyes, then stretched out both of her hands. Ye Hua sighed. This Ye Zizi is truly lazy! Ye Hua was prepared to carry Ye Zizi, but unexpected to him, Qing Ya was faster than him. Ye Hua was speechless… Ye Zizi could be seen falling asleep right after hugging onto Qing Ya’s neck. Ye Zizi was famous for being lazy. When she was bored, she would sleep. And furthermore, she was the kind that could fall asleep in just one second. Ye Hua remembers that the longest amount of time that Ye Zizi had slept for was a few months. Sanji Hotel was a five-star hotel that was situated right by the ocean side. The geographical location of the hotel was extremely good and the facilities that the hotel possessed were comprehensive. Right after waking up in the morning, one would be able to face towards the ocean. That kind of feeling was able to make one feel comfortable. However, the price of staying at this hotel was not cheap. After arriving at the hotel, Ye Zizi became lively again as she began chatting non-stop with Qing Yutong. Don’t need to think too much, the two were definitely discussing about doing bad things. There were a lot of people entering and exiting Sanji Hotel. This caused Qing Ya to feel a bit confused. Although this is the traveling season, isn’t the amount of people here a bit too much? Meanwhile, Ye Hua sensed that those people were not ordinary people and was feeling rather curious. What are those people gathering at this place for? Shouldn’t they be discussing about going to the north and snatching the ancient godly item? After arriving at the hotel, Jiu Ye said his goodbye to Ye Hua and Qing Ya, then took off hurriedly. Although I really want to hug onto this thigh, the feeling that this thigh gives me is very dangerous… This thigh is much more dangerous compared to those masters of mine. However, the main point was that Jiu Ye didn’t feel reassured to hug onto Ye Hua’s thigh. This boss doesn’t do things in conventional ways, and furthermore, I am not able to see through see this boss… “It is fortunate that I booked the rooms last night.” Qing Ya said with a faint smile. At the side, Ye Zizi who was holding onto a small umbrella licked onto her lips. There are so many tasty food here, I almost can’t restrain myself anymore. Qing Yutong was also holding onto a small umbrella, trying to act cute. Qing Yutong poked onto Ye Zizi, then moved her eyebrows. Ye Zizi immediately understood Qing Yutong, and soon after, Ye Zizi moved her eyebrows too. From the looks of it, the two did not even need to speak to converse with each other, they could use their eyebrows to converse with each other. After taking the room cards, everyone went upstairs to rest. Qing Ya decided to begin taking the wedding photos tomorrow, and afterward, she would properly accompany Ye Hua to enjoy their time at Sanya, treating this trip at Sanya as their honeymoon. Right when Ye Hua was happily going on a holiday, Little Ah Li who was far away at the Voidless Realm was not that fortunate. Little Ah Li had to complete her homework in the morning, and after eating lunch, she had to practice her sword techniques in the afternoon. Right now, at the courtyard, Donghuang Li was brandishing a sword that was longer than her, and her small face was filled with sweat. However, Donghuang Li did not make any bitter complaints, her eyes were filled with resolute. I must not let mother be disappointed. When mother sees my achievements, she would definitely be happy to the point that she reveals a smile, and not have a miserable look on her face all day long. Light shouts rang out continuously in the courtyard. The surrounding maids were feeling very heart pained for Donghuang Li. Just only how big is this child? Children that are at her age are normally acting like a spoiled child by their mothers' sides. And yet, for this child, just because she is the empress’s child, she has to be so hardworking. “Little highness, take a rest.” One of the maids said heart painedly. Donghuang Li could be heard saying with her tender voice, “No need, when mother sees that Ah Li is being so diligent, she would definitely be happy.” The maid sighed lightly. The empress is extremely busy during the day, and would only come over to take a look at the little highness at night. I feel heart pained for the little highness… http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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