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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 171 – Donghuang Li 2/2 Donghuang Li repeatedly practiced the sword technique that her mother taught her, and her sweat had already soaked through her clothing. Who knows how long had passed, then did Donghuang Li finally kept the long sword away and looked towards her mother’s sleeping chamber. Mother is obviously right before my eyes, and yet I am not able to go over to her. “Little highness, take a rest.” A maid brought a cup of tea over and said with concern. “Ah Li miss mother.” Donghuang Li did not take over the cup as she said dazedly. The maid was a bit flustered as she immediately kneeled down in front of Donghuang Li, “Little highness, the empress had given the order that little highness cannot leave this courtyard house by herself without permission.” How would Donghuang Li not know about that? Donghuang Li lightly let out a breath. “Big Sister Ping, it is all Ah Li’s fault that you all have to stay here together with Ah Li. Perhaps, Ah Li shouldn’t have been born into this world.” Donghuang Li slowly squatted down her body and hugged onto her legs with her hands. From birth up till now, Donghuang Li has never left this small courtyard house before. Aside from the eight elders, no one knows that the empress has a daughter. Even the maids that were serving upon Donghuang Li were not allowed to leave the courtyard house too! Of course, the empress’s imperial guards that were guarding outside the house were the same as the maids too. Those maids watched Donghuang Li grew up day by day. And because of that, they felt even more heart pained for Donghuang Li. The empress is too heartless. However, Donghuang Baizhi had her own difficulties too. Because Ah Li was born into this world without being conferred legitimately, if words of Donghuang Li’s identity were to spread out, the consequences that would follow after would be inconceivable. Even more, it would implicate everyone within the Voidless Realm. In this world, which mother would want to close their daughter in a cage? “Little highness…” The maid lightly hugged onto Donghuang Li, giving any meager console she could give to Donghuang Li. “Let’s go back inside the house.” Donghuang Li took another look at her mother’s sleeping chamber, then dragged her small figure and entered into the house. The three maids immediately went to prepare the hot water and food. Eating dinner alone, watching the stars while sitting alone in front of the window, Donghuang Li was used to it all. Originally, I still at least have a computer that allowed me to come into contact with the outside world. But right now, even the computer is gone too. All I can do now is to continue dazing off and wait for mother to come over… I will be able to sleep right after hugging onto mother, and afterward, I would maybe have a good dream, a good dream where mother brings Ah Li to go and sit on a pirate ship, to go and eat ice cream, and also to go and eat McDonald. Just thinking about it is making me feel rather happy. Donghuang Li waited and waited, and who knows how long Donghuang Li had waited for. Donghuang Li turned her head around and looked towards the bedroom door. Mother is still not here yet… Standing up, Donghuang Li walked towards the bedroom door and slowly opened the bedroom door. It was quiet outside. Donghuang Li wrinkled her small brows and walked towards the house door with small quick steps. From the door gap, Donghuang Li saw that there were people standing outside the door. Donghuang Li was feeling a little downcast as she turned around and walked towards her bedroom. It would be great if I could pass through this wall. Not sure just what mother is doing right now. Suddenly! Donghuang Li’s small figure disappeared from the house, and when she appeared again, she was already outside of the house. Donghuang Li was frightened by herself. Looking at the guards that were 10+ meters away from her, Donghuang Li immediately ran to a corner while covering onto her small mouth. Wasn’t I inside the house just a while ago? How did I suddenly appear outside of the house? Also, my head feels very giddy, I’m even seeing double image right now… After a long while, then did Donghuang Li finally recovered. Originally, Donghuang Li was thinking of returning back to the house, but after seeing her mother’s sleeping chamber, Donghuang Li wished to hug onto her mother first before going to sleep. Since Donghuang Li had decided, she began walking towards her mother’s sleeping chamber. This was the first time that Donghuang Li was walking around outside of the house. Everything outside was able to pique Donghuang Li’s curiosity, and unconsciously, Donghuang Li began feeling very happy. Very quickly, Donghuang Li arrived at the outside of her mother’s sleeping chamber. Donghuang Li mumbled to herself, “There are so many guards…” “It would be great if I could enter into the sleeping chamber just like how I came out of the house just now.” Biu. Donghuang Li immediately appeared within the sleeping chamber. However, Donghuang Li was holding onto her head with her hands and looked like she was about to faint. But upon seeing that she had appeared within the sleeping chamber, Donghuang Li became very excited. The lights of the palace hall are still lighted up, mother should be still dealing with her work. It is already so late, and yet mother is still working. I feel that I should go and pour a cup of water for mother to drink and remind mother to rest early. Not sure where Donghuang Li got a cup from, after pouring a bit of water into the cup, Donghuang Li happily walked towards the palace hall. http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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