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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 174 – History’s most savage, no doubt 1/2 Jiu Ye wanted to cry but had no tears. Qing Yutong was very confused. Just what is this Jiu Ye doing? Sneakily disguising as a waiter, and looking at his expression, he seemed as if he had just eaten feces. “How about we play dice?” Qing Yutong suggested. “Whatever the beautiful woman says.” Ying Kangshi said with a faint smile on his face. Upon thinking that I will be able to grab onto those ponytails later, I feel extremely great. Qing Yutong smiled lightly, “Just that, it is boring if there are too little people.” Liu Bi who was at the side smiled, “Count me in too then.” “How about we count him in too?” Qing Yutong pointed towards Jiu Ye with her delicate finger. Jiu Ye was crumbling… I really want to cry… However, the person who wanted to cry more was the other waiter. You all actually picked an old fellow instead of picking a fellow who is young… Could it be that, the preferences that women have towards men have changed nowadays? How would it be possible for Jiu Ye to accept Qing Yutong’s request? Jiu Ye said hurriedly, “Sorry, I still have to work.” Liu Bi straightforwardly threw a bundle of money onto the table and said, “I am familiar with this bar’s boss.” Jiu Ye was afraid that if he continued rejecting, it would cause his plot to become exposed, “Alright then.” However, there are at least 60 bottles here, just which two bottles are the ones that had been spiked with poison by me? F**k! This woman is practically a devil, nothing good would come about when I come across her! “Whoever that loses will have to drink an entire bottle in one shot okay?” Qing Yutong said lovably. Ying Kangshi gave a thumbs-up, “Beautiful woman, you are straightforward, an entire bottle it will be then!” Ye Zizi could be seen opening a bottle and giving a toast by drinking the entire bottle. Burp~ Looking at the look on Ye Zizi as she burped, she was simply about to make everyone go crazy over her adorableness. Ying Kangshi was at the point where he couldn’t wait anymore. Little loli is my beloved~ The five began playing dice, and because they were drinking bottle by bottle, half of the bottles disappeared in no time. Jiu Ye himself drank around 10 bottles. I’m not sure if I had drunk the bottles that had poison in them, but I feel sick right now. It is all their fault, why did they come all the way over here to drink alcohol? If they didn’t come, the two bottles of beer that I brought over just now would have definitely been drunk by this target of mine. Although there won’t be any problem after drinking the beer that I brought over, but once the sorcery is performed, the person that drank the beer would die immediately on the spot. If my masters were to perform the sorcery now, someone here is definitely going to die! Just which are the two bottles that I brought over! Because Jiu Ye was worried about the two bottles of beer that had been poisoned, he didn’t have the mood to play the game. And because Jiu Ye didn’t have the mood to play the game, the odds of him losing the game was higher, and thus, naturally, he ended up drinking more bottles compared to the others. Without long, all of the bottles that were on the table were emptied by them. Just who were the ones that had drunk the two bottles of poisoned beer, Jiu Ye himself also didn’t know. However, Jiu Ye knew that the odds that he had drunk one of the bottles was very big… “These beers are boring, bring up the baijiu!” Qing Yutong snorted. Ying Kangshi was eager to make the two become drunk, thus, he got the baiju that had the highest alcohol percentage. Of course, they didn’t drink one bottle by another bottle this time, and instead drank one cup by another cup. Asides from Jiu Ye, amongst the people that were sitting in the booth, there was an old monster and a person that possesses a system. Of course, there were also two cultivators. The pitiful Jiu Ye was most likely going to cry and faint at one corner if he were to know that. Why are these immortals calling over a mortal like me to join them for? http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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