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http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 174 – History’s most savage, no doubt 2/2 Ye Zizi was feeling a bit bored, she felt that, compared to drinking, it was more exciting to stab each other. While feeling bored, Ye Zizi played around with Ying Kangshi’s zippo lighter. Jiu Ye couldn’t withstand it anymore and was the first to collapse. Meanwhile, the others were pretty much like they were drinking plain water. After becoming drunk, a gratified smile appeared on Jiu Ye’s face. He must have definitely dreamt that he had accomplished his mission. “Beautiful woman, you lost again.” Ying Kangshi laughed. However, it is rather strange, this woman had already drunk quite a lot, so why isn’t she drunk yet? Qing Yutong snorted. After taking a look at Ye Zizi who was currently playing around with a lighter, Qing Yutong said, “Handsome guy, your luck is pretty good.” Qing Yutong could be seen standing up and pouring baijiu onto her cup. After finish pouring for herself, she poured for Ying Kangshi too. However, right after Qing Yutong finished pouring for Ying Kangshi, Qing Yutong’s balance seemed to be a bit unstable as she flung out her delicate hand, and immediately, the cup of baijiu spilled onto Ying Kangshi’s pants. Ye Zizi was startled as she flung out the lighter that was within her hand. And it just so happens that, the lighter landed onto Ying Kangshi’s pants, “Big Sister Qing, are you drunk?” “Fire! Fire! Fire!” Ying Kangshi was a bit stupefied. If anyone was able to not be stupefied when their pants were on fire, that person could be counted as ruthless! Immediately, Ying Kangshi began patting crazily onto his pants. Ye Zizi turned pale with fright, “Don’t be flustered, I will come and save you!” Ye Zizi could be seen picking up the bottle of baijiu that was on the table and pouring it onto Ying Kangshi’s pants. Pfff! The fire became a little stronger. Liu Bi quickly came over and was about to help to extinguish the fire. However, right when Liu Bi was about to extinguish the fire, Liu Bi was pushed away by Qing Yutong, and Qing Yutong could be heard shouting, “Let me help!” The 10 cm long high-heeled shoes straightforwardly stabbed towards the fire. “No!!! Ah!!!” Ying Kangshi let out a painful yell. However, Ying Kangshi’s voice was drowned out by the music, and adding on that the booth was situated at the corner of the bar, who would even be able to see what was happening at the booth? “Zizi, quickly come over and help out.” Qing Yutong stamped continuously onto the fire with all her might. Meanwhile, after being pushed by Qing Yutong, Liu Bi landed onto the sofa and was not able to move his body, all he could do was watch as his prince get humiliated. Ye Zizi’s figure was relatively short, thus she stood on the sofa. While standing on the sofa, Ye Zizi stamped her foot towards the fire. Ying Kangshi who had fainted after being stamped onto by Qing Yutong woke up from the feeling of pain that was coming from his crotch area. Just nice, right after Ying Kangshi woke up, he saw that Ye Zizi’s foot was stamping downwards towards his crotch area. Upon seeing that, despair appeared within Ying Kangshi’s gaze. “No…” Ying Kangshi felt that there seemed to be something missing within his pants, the inside of his pants felt empty… “Don’t speak, Zizi is here to save your life.” After finish speaking, Ye Zizi's foot landed onto the fire. Immediately, Ying Kangshi fainted once again. Just how much hatred do you have with my crotch? Furthermore, what you are doing right now is not saving my life, what you are doing right now is taking my life away! The process of the two trying to save Ying Kangshi’s life was still continuing on. After stamping for about five minutes, the fire finally extinguished. Qing Yutong wiped onto the sweat that was on her forehead, “It is fortunate that the fire did not burn until him.” Ye Zizi let out a breath, “He is too careless, if not for the two of us being here, he would have been burned to death.” Liu Bi felt that he was finally able to control his body again, and immediately, he launched towards his prince, “Prince! Prince! Wake up!” “Quickly go and bring him to a hospital. We can only help him up to this point. Zizi, let’s go.” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong pulled onto Ye Zizi and left. After walking out of the bar, the two moved their eyebrows at each other, then gave each other a high five. Afterward, they jollily went back to their room to sleep. Humph~ To dare to take liberties of me, I will step onto your eggs till they burst! Within the bar, Liu Bi looked at his prince’s crotch. The crotch area of the prince’s pants is dyed red by blood. I reckoned that the inside of the prince's pants is already mangled. No, it won’t do! It won’t do! I have to quickly bring the prince back and let him receive medical treatment! Liu Bi carried Ying Kangshi on his back and left the bar in high-speed. Jiu Ye who had collapsed from becoming drunk suddenly opened his eyes. If I didn’t pretend that I was drunk, who knows how much more I would have to drink. However, I saw how those two assaulted the guy when I squinted my eyes just now. Upon recalling what happened just now, Jiu Ye couldn’t help but touched onto his crotch. Those two are too savage! A lively person was practically crippled by the two… Upon thinking of that 10 cm high-heel stabbing onto the crotch area… That kind of feeling… I reckon that only that target of mine would be able to experience it. However, now is not the time to be thinking about this, I have to report back to my masters and tell them not to perform the sorcery… After changing his clothes, Jiu Ye immediately returned to his room and sent a message to one of his masters, “Master, the poison… seems to have been… drank by me…” After waiting for a long while, Jiu Ye’s master finally replied. “……” Jiu Ye was stupefied. I don’t understand just what these six dots actually means. However, no matter what, I still have to report about what happened just now. “Master, although the target did not die, the target’s eggs exploded.” Jiu Ye’s master evidently did not understand what Jiu Ye meant and was still thinking about what Jiu Ye meant by that the target’s eggs exploded. After a long while, Jiu Ye’s master replied, “What do you mean by that?” Jiu Ye felt that he was going to have to reevaluate this master of his. To not even be able to understand what I just said… It couldn’t be that this master is still a virgin, right? “The target has most likely turned into a eunuch now.” After Jiu Ye finish replying, he began waiting for his master's reply again. I'm not hoping for much, it will do as long as master doesn’t scold me and gives me the antidote for the poison. “Xiao Jiu, good job!” Looking at the reply, Jiu Ye was very dumbfounded. Just what is the situation right now? “You can tell me what you want! Whatever that you want, I will give it to you!” Jiu Ye was stunned. This was most likely what it means to receive good fortune because of a disaster! Soon after, Jiu Ye contacted the other master of his, and unexpected to him, this master had the same reaction as the previous master. This is awesome. From the looks of it, compared to the guy dying, you all prefer the guy to become a eunuch. All of you are sick in the mind! I want to get off this car! http://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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