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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 190 – All members move out 2/2 After arriving at the outside of Qing Ya’s makeup room, Ye Hua walked into the makeup room. “Ye Hua, what’s the matter? Don’t be anxious, I will be done soon.” Qing Ya smiled tenderly. Ye Hua said faintly, “My cigarettes have run out, I’m going to go and buy a pack of cigarettes.” “En, I will wait for you here. Be careful on your way and watch out for cars.” Qing Ya reminded. Ye Hua laughed lightly, then pinched onto Qing Ya’s nose. Watch out for cars? Even if a car were to crash into me, it wouldn’t be able to hurt me in the slightest bit. Ye Hua entered into the toilet once again, and in the next second, Ye Hua’s figure appeared above the ocean. After taking a deep breath, Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette once again and ignited it. At a certain hotel that was located at Sanya City, Death Mage and Xun Fang were currently lying on the bed and playing with their mobile game. Right when they were enthusiastically playing with their mobile game, Death Mage received his master’s order. His Honor is going to have a big movement! F**k!!! Regarding His Honor’s big movement, it is definitely going to be rivers of blood and thousands of miles filled with skeletons! What! I have to bring along this woman that is currently beside me! Are you kidding me! Time was pressing and Death Mage did not have time to think too much. Death Mage grabbed onto Xun Fang’s shoulders and let out a bunch of jiejiejie. Imperial translation: “Quickly go and change your clothes, don’t wear your nightclothes anymore, I am going to bring you to meet His Honor!” This time, Xun Fang really did not understand what Death Mage was trying to say. With her brows wrinkled, Xun Fang said, “What are you doing, you are hurting me.” Death Mage immediately began typing on his phone. Looking at that anxious look on Death Mage, even Xun Fang herself also began feeling nervous. What matter is it that is able to make this skeleton become so anxious? Death Mage showed his phone screen towards Xun Fang. “I am going to bring you to meet master, quickly go and change your clothes! Change into that attendant’s clothes!” Xun Fang was completely confused as she asked curiously, “Aren’t you the boss?” Jiejiejie… Imperial translation: “Boss? What nonsense are you speaking, quickly go and change your clothes!!!” Death Mage who was incomparably anxious forgot to type on his phone again. When Xun Fang saw the words that Death Mage typed out on his phone, Xun Fang’s mood immediately became bad. This skeleton isn’t the boss? And instead, he is the underling of someone’s underling… Then, just who is the boss of his boss! Xun Fang immediately went and found a set of attendant clothes to change into, then hurriedly ran back. Death Mage held his woman into his embrace, then stepped into the black void. Above the ocean, Ye Hua was currently smoking. Wei Chang could be seen to be the first to arrive. Wei Chang brought along Tang Wei. Tang Wei was currently wearing that black color maid outfit from before. Just that, compared to before, Tang Wei’s expression was peculiar, there was fear in her expression. “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” Wei Chang kneeled down within the air and shouted out loudly. Tang Wei was startled, and she immediately kneeled down within the air and shouted out, “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor.” Ye Hua remained silent, and the two continued kneeling down. Very quickly, Lie Gu also arrived. Lie Gu brought along Yi Ran, Wen Xia, and Bai Xiaozhen. All three of them were currently wearing black color maid outfits too. The four slowly kneeled down in unison and shouted out loudly, “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” The three women didn’t dare to even pant. Just a while ago, when they were told of the boss’s identity, their souls almost scattered away from being shocked. Soon after, Death Mage could be seen to have arrived too. Just that, Death Mage’s position was located at the most back. “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor! Subordinate pay respects to master!” Xun Fang was a bit stupefied. Looking at the people that were kneeling down within the air, Xun Fang felt a bit giddy. Death Mage immediately pulled onto Xun Fang. What are you still standing there foolishly for, quickly kneel down! Xun Fang understood what Death Mage was trying to convey to her. Xun Fang imitated how everyone was currently kneeling down and said, “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” Ye Hua let out a breath of smoke, then said calmly while with his back behind everyone, “All of you can stand up now.” The eight people behind slowly stood their bodies up, then began standing according to their statuses. Lie Gu and Wei Chang stood behind Ye Hua, behind the two of them were their girlfriends, and at the most back were Death Mage and Xun Fang. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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