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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 191 – One second to consider 1/2 Xun Fang was feeling a bit nervous. Such a strong skeleton like this is actually only able to stand at the most back! No, incorrect, the one who is standing at the most back is me!!! Then, just how strong is the man who is at the most front!!! Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud, and the cigarette bud landed exactly onto the barrier. Immediately, the cigarette bud burned out a round hole from the barrier. The nine of them entered into the barrier, and the ocean became completely silent once again. Ying Family! Ying Jingshan looked at the Heavy Dust who was at its last gasp and heavily let out a breath, “How many casualties are there?” Ying Xiang hurriedly spoke, “A total of 711 people died, and a total of 2732 were injured.” “F**k!” Ying Jingshan couldn’t help but shouted out a vulgarity. Within Ying Family, there was only a total of around ten thousand people, and within the ten thousand people, the imperial guards and maids were included too. 711 people actually died today! Our losses are disastrous! Furthermore, there are 2000+ people that were injured. As expected of an ancient ferocious beast, its strength is indeed formidable! While raising his head and looking at the boundless sky, Ying Jingshan said gravely, “Properly bury the deceased, and quickly treat the injured. The construction works also have to be carried out at the same time! Also, seal up Heavy Dust again!” “Yes!” Ying Xiang responded. Right when everyone thought that peace has returned to the island, a round shape flame actually appeared within the night sky. The round shape flame was extremely eye-catching, everyone within Ying Family raised their heads and looked towards the flame. After becoming startled for a moment, Ying Family’s relatives immediately became alert! All of them tightly held onto the ancient godly items that were within their hands. It could be seen that, a small part of the barrier within the night sky was just like a piece of glass, falling down from the sky, and soon after, nine people entered through the hole! The man that was at the front was actually dressed entirely in red, appearing rather festive. This guy didn’t just get married, right? The hole in the barrier slowly began to recover. Looking at the nine people within the sky, everyone within Ying Family was astonished. They actually broke the barrier so easily and entered into the island! How is this possible! “Who actually dares to trespass into Ying…” A warrior who wore a full-body armor shouted out. However, before he even managed to finish speaking, his entire body turned into a puddle of blood. Ying Family was stupefied. That warrior contributed heavily during the battle with Heavy Dust just now, and his strength was witnessed by all of them, thus, they didn’t expect that the warrior would be killed in just a flash! And furthermore, the person who killed the warrior was someone who was standing at the back of the group, a black-robed that was holding onto a sickle! That’s right, the person who killed the warrior was Death Mage. Death Mage’s hand was currently raised up by him. The entire Ying Family was silent, they felt that those few people were more frightening compared to Heavy Dust! Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi who were hiding on the island were currently looking at the sky. “Big brother sure knows how to act cool.” “Brother-in-law is indeed worthy of the title of act cool king~” Ying Xiang who possessed a fiery temper rushed towards Ye Hua while holding onto the ancient godly item in his hands. Just that, Ye Hua did not even take a look at Ying Xiang and was currently silently smoking onto his cigarette. “Eat this blade of mine!” The ancient godly item within Ying Xiang’s hands immediately emitted out a dazzling gold light, illuminating the entire night sky, and that long blade emitted out a tiger roar that was filled with excitement, seemingly like it was going to devour everything before it. Death Mage grasped his hand together! Bang! Ying Xiang who possessed an unordinary aura turned into blood fog on the spot, and the ancient godly item fell down towards the ground and pierced into the ground! Bang! The entire island shook. From this, it could be seen just how huge the might of an ancient godly item was. And yet… The nine people within the sky did not even bother to go and pick up the ancient godly item, seemingly like the ancient godly item was rubbish in their eyes! Death Mage who was standing at the back of the group actually killed two people in a split second! This caused everyone to become stupefied! If Death Mage was merely able to kill the warrior in a split second, it would still be fine, but for Death Mage to be able to kill Ying Family’s Ying Xiang who was armed with an ancient godly item in a split second, this caused everyone to not be able to accept it! Ying Jingshan and the various relatives did not dare to rush forth abruptly like Ying Xiang anymore. If the person who is standing at the most back is able to even kill off Ying Xiang in a split second, just how strong is the person who is standing at the most front! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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