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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 197 – Your Honor, a big matter has occurred! 1/2 The boss of the hoodlums signaled to the hoodlums, let’s outflank them! This was the advantage of a local tyrant, having knowledge of the layout of the city. While carrying onto Donghuang Li, the two brothers ran into the small alley. However, when they had just arrived in the middle of the alley, their front path had already been blocked by the hoodlums. Big Brother Green stretched out his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “Where are the curved roads! You better open a curve road out for me!” “Big brother, I also didn’t know that it would be like this. In the countryside, there are indeed a lot of curved roads within the alleys. I didn’t expect that the alleys within the cities would just be one straight line.” Little Brother Red was feeling very wronged. What can I do if there are no curved roads within the alley? Donghuang Li said in a low voice, “Uncles, let’s surrender, Ah Li has a way to save us from this situation.” Surrender? That is not possible, and it also won’t be possible in this entire life of mine. Big Brother Green took a look at the side. There is actually a bar here? To open a bar at a place like this, is this bar not afraid of going bankrupt? Even more, the name of this bar is called Leisure Bar, what an awful name. Big Brother Green said gravely, “Let’s go and hide inside the bar first and leave the rest of the conversation for later on!” “Good idea!” Without thinking too much, the two immediately entered into the bar. Upon seeing that, the hoodlums immediately ran over. However, they did not rush into the bar. “Big brother, what do we do?” “What else can we do, let’s leave!” Without long, the hoodlums left. In actuality, within Long’an City, all of the bars wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke this bar. It was not that no one tried to provoke this bar before, it was that, no one was able to afford to provoke this bar… Because this bar was called… Leisure Bar! Green and red brothers crawled down at the side of the door and looked confusedly at the outside. Why did they suddenly leave? “Uncles, those people have left…” Donghuang Li was also confused too. Just what is going on, this is so baffling. Suddenly, a sound rang out from behind them. “I’m sorry, we are already closed for business.” Wei Chang said courteously, seemingly just like a gentleman. Green and red brothers stood their bodies up and turned around, then said embarrassedly, “Alright, alright, we will leave right away.” Donghuang Li could be seen turning around too and saying with her tender voice, “Sorry for the inconvenience…” When Wei Chang saw Donghuang Li’s small face, Wei Chang’s pitch-black eyes immediately congealed. Why does this child look so much like His Honor! Furthermore, a subtle aura is actually being emitted out from her body, and the aura… “Wait!” Wei Chang’s expression changed greatly and his expression seemed very menacing right now. The sudden shout from Wei Chang caused Tang Wei who was cleaning up the bar at the back to become startled and immediately ran over and asked, “Uncle Wei, what happened?” Wei Chang slowly walked towards Donghuang Li. Green and red brothers immediately stood in front of Donghuang Li and had a look on them that looked like they were going to fight it out with their all against Wei Chang. After managing to run away from the wolves, we actually entered into a tiger den next. However, Wei Chang’s emotions were very stirred up right now, and even Tang Wei wasn’t able to hold Wei Chang back. Bang! Green and red brothers suddenly flew out, then landed onto the wall and fainted. “Uncle Green, Uncle Red!” Donghuang Li shouted out anxiously and wanted to run over to them and check onto their injuries. However, her body was being bound by an incorporeal power. Donghuang Li could be seen glowering at Wei Chang and saying with her tender voice, “Bad uncle, let go of me! You are a bad guy!” “Uncle Wei…” Tang Wei shouted out worriedly. Wei Chang did not pay attention to them. While staring dead-on at Donghuang Li, various kinds of possibilities appeared within his mind. “Let go of me!!!” Donghuang Li suddenly shouted out furiously, and a red light immediately flickered within her eyes. A formidable aura exploded out from Donghuang Li’s body and Donghuang Li actually managed to struggle free from Wei Chang’s bind. Right after, Donghuang Li struck her fist towards Wei Chang. Currently, Wei Chang was extremely excited. The same aura that His Honor possesses is actually mixed within the aura that this girl possesses! Just who is this girl! Furthermore, a little girl is actually able to struggle free from my bind, this is too unbelievable! Wei Chang extended out his index finger, and Donghuang Li’s little fist struck onto Wei Chang’s index finger. A frantic airwave swept out from all directions. Wei Chang hurriedly eliminated the airwave, if not, he was going to have to clean up the bar again. Donghuang Li who struck out with her little fist seemed to have overexerted herself as she slowly closed her eyes and passed out. Upon seeing that, Wei Chang stretched out his hands and carried onto the little girl. “Uncle Wei, she?” Tang Wei asked curiously. “Xiao Tang, Uncle Wei won’t be sending you back home today, a big matter has occurred!” Wei Chang held onto Donghuang Li’s small hand and sensed the aura within Donghuang Li’s body. That’s right! This is His Honor’s aura! And the aura is actually this pure! Tang Wei wrinkled her brows and said worriedly, “Uncle Wei, I will stay here and accompany you then.” Wei Chang nodded his head, then immediately went and contact His Honor. I’m afraid that His Honor’s vacation is going to have to come to an end in advance! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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