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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 198 – Who is she! 2/2 Suddenly, a sound rang out from the doorway. “Wei Chang, they are?” Qing Ya walked into the bar while holding onto Ye Zizi's hand. Behind the two was Qing Yutong who was carrying onto the suitcases. Ye Zizi kept away the smile on her face and looked confusedly at Donghuang Li who was currently sitting on the table and eating food. When Ye Zizi saw Donghuang Li, she felt the same as what Wei Chang felt when Wei Chang saw Donghuang Li. “Lady boss, she…” In a moment, Wei Chang did not know how to explain. Donghuang Li who was gorging herself with the food placed down the food that was on her hand and smiled towards everyone, “I am called Donghuang Li.” “Ah Li!” Qing Ya cried out in surprise. “Ah Li~” Qing Yutong straightforwardly flung the suitcases to the side and ran over to Donghuang Li. The corner of Ye Zizi’s mouth twitched slightly. My opponent is actually only this big! “You… you are Aunt Qing?” Looking at the excited look on Qing Yutong’s face, and hearing that voice that sounded precisely the same as the voice that she had continuously heard through her headphone, Donghuang Li mumbled and asked. Qing Yutong pointed to herself, “That’s right, I am Aunt Qing.” Green and red brothers silently stood at the side. The three that entered into the bar are so pretty, and amongst the three, there is even a loli… They seem to be very rich, and their aura is very ample. Donghuang Li’s small face could be seen collapsing as she cried out and hugged onto Qing Yutong, “Ah Li finally found you, boohoo…” “Ah Li, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Qing Yutong hurriedly consoled Donghuang Li. While consoling Donghuang Li, Qing Yutong looked towards the green and red brothers that were standing at the side. Just a look at their outfits and I know that they aren’t good people, they must have definitely kidnapped Little Ah Li. Qing Ya also walked over and said tenderly, “Ah Li, cheer up, don’t cry.” “En, Ah Li won’t cry, Ah Li has to be happy. Aunt Qing, you two are indeed very pretty, and you two look the same too.” Ah Li’s words were very pleasant to hear, no women would dislike hearing others praising them. However, upon hearing that, Qing Ya took a glare at her sister. Are you still not going to change that face of yours back to your own face! “And you are Aunt Ye! You are only a bit taller than Ah Li…” Donghuang Li pointed to Ye Zizi and cried out in surprise. The corner of Ye Zizi’s mouth twitched, “Don’t call me aunt, I am only a bit taller than you!” A small little thing calling another small little thing aunt, say, wasn’t it hurtful? “Big brother, their relationships are so complicated.” Little Brother Red said in a low voice. “En, there are so many aunts.” Donghuang Li took a look around, then asked curiously, “Eh, where is uncle?” Qing Ya pinched onto Donghuang Li’s small cheek and said tenderly, “Uncle is still at outside buying things, he will be back very soon.” Why do I suddenly feel that Ah Li looks a bit like… like who again? At this moment, Ye Hua walked into the bar, and in his hand were the Chinese crepes that he bought, “Your breakfast is here.” Just that, right after Ye Hua finished speaking, his entire body came to a froze, seemingly like his acupuncture point was tapped by someone. With his body frozen, Ye Hua looked dazedly at Donghuang Li who was currently within Qing Yutong’s embrace. Meanwhile, Donghuang Li was also dazedly looking at Ye Hua. Qing Ya took a look at her left, then took a look at her right. No wonder I felt that Ah Li looked a lot like someone just now, Ah Li looks a lot like Ye Hua. Qing Yutong also had the same thought as Qing Ya. Don’t see that Ah Li was still small right now, but that prideful aura that was in the middle of Ah Li’s forehead was very similar to Ye Hua. Not only does that prideful aura that is in the middle of Ah Li’s forehead looks similar to brother-in-law, even Ah Li’s eyes, nose, and mouth, they all look very similar to brother-in-law. Isn’t this too miraculous?! It couldn’t be that, Ah Li is brother-in-law’s illegitimate child, right?! Qing Yutong immediately arrived at the truth. On the other hand, Qing Ya did not think towards the direction of Ah Li being Ye Hua’s illegitimate child. And in actuality, it was that she didn’t dare to think towards that direction. Right now, Ye Hua’s breathing was a bit urgent. This little girl actually possesses my aura, how is this possible! And the main point is that, the pureness of her lineage is actually that pure! How is this possible! Just who is she!!! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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