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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 204 – An opponent who possesses IQ 2/2 Ye Hua took in a deep breath, then walked out of the hotpot store. Looking at the small alley that is opposite the road, if I were to stand on the third floor of this hotpot store, I should be able to see until my own room, which is located on Leisure Bar’s second floor. Looking around my surroundings, asides from this store being a food store, the rest are all clothing stores. “Ye Hua.” Qing Ya called out tenderly. Ye Zizi changed her usual mischievous behavior and said solemnly, “Big brother, we are being monitored!” Qing Ya looked at Ye Zizi in surprise. Why do I feel that Ye Zizi is even more experienced than me? When the green and red brothers heard what Ye Zizi said, they almost pissed their pants. What does she mean by that? Being monitored? I am a wanted criminal… Could it be that… they are also wanted criminals? F**k, we have entered into a bandit den… “Ah Li, we will go and eat MacDonald, all right?” Ye Hua said towards Donghuang Li who was within his embrace and did not say anything towards what Ye Zizi said. Donghuang Li nodded her head. As expected, no matter where I go, I would bring harm to people… Everyone arrived at MacDonald and began ordering various kinds of foods. At the MacDonald, Ye Zizi returned back to her abnormal state. This caused Qing Ya to have a slight headache. Green and red brothers were finally able to enjoy the taste of fried chicken legs. Hmmm, so delicious~ While playing around with Donghuang Li, Ye Hua contacted Wei Chang. “Your Honor!” “Wei Chang, do you still remember just when that Song Prince Mansion Hotpot Store was opened?” “Eh… It should be not long after Your Honor opened the bar. About two months after Your Honor opened the bar, I think. Your Honor, for you to ask that, is there something wrong?” “We have been monitored for quite a long time already.” “Ah!” Wei Chang exclaimed in surprise. Wei Chang said gravely, “Your Honor, let subordinate handle this matter!” “No need, I like this kind of surprises. If everything were to go all according to plan, it would be boring. I want to see just what other surprises the other party will be able to give to me!” “Subordinate over-worried.” After cutting off the connection with Wei Chang, Ye Hua silently thought to himself, “I have finally come across a decent opponent. To have started monitoring over me since four years ago, and the people that they used were all humans… Not bad! If Ah Li didn’t show up, I reckon that they would have still continued monitoring over me!” Suddenly, Ye Hua thought of a possibility as to why those people suddenly withdrew. Could it be that, they knew of my relationship with Ah Li? They knew that I was going to come over to take revenge on them, therefore, they decided to withdraw last night? Cunning humans, I will use my brain and play around with you all this time round and make you all admit defeat willingly! Also, the vigilance of these two brothers is not bad. Since they were able to protect Ah Li well during their entire journey to the bar, I will allow them to continue looking after Ah Li’s safety issues. After all, it is indeed not good if my child does not have a few guards around her. However, their attires… “Qing Ya, give them a bit of money to let them buy clothes with.” Ye Hua said lightly. Their clothes are all worn out, if others were to know that they are my people, wouldn’t I get laughed at for having no money! Qing Ya nodded her head. The clothes that these two are wearing right now are indeed a bit… At this moment, Big Brother Green wiped his mouth, then said nervously, “Boss, I have a matter to tell you.” Ye Hua drank a mouth of sprite, then said faintly, “Speak.” Big Brother Green hurriedly said, “Last night when my brother and I brought along Ah Li to look for you all, we went to a bar, and that bar’s boss actually wanted to capture Ah Li. From what I saw, I reckon that the bar’s boss is a child trafficker. Fortunately, we managed to run away from the bar. However, while we were running, the bar’s boss sent people to chase after us. And it was also because of that that we somehow entered into your bar.” “That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that woman was extremely bad, and that man too.” Little Brother Red added. Donghuang Li placed down the chicken bone that was in her hand and said with her tender voice, “If not for uncle green and red, Ah Li would have been captured and sold away last night…” “Those people are truly detestable!” Qing Ya said indignantly. I hate child traffickers the most. Just how many children were trafficked by them and thus became homeless! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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