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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 205 – Let’s be brothers again in our next life 1/2 While I wasn’t by my child’s side, something like this actually happened! And furthermore, such a thing like that even happened one after another! Do they really think that I have no temper at all! Ye Hua said gravely, “We will head over to that bar later on!” Qing Ya was filled with worries, she was afraid that Ye Hua would act drastically. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were very excited. I can finally watch brother-in-law act cool again. As long as brother-in-law personally set out to deal with things, the scene would definitely be a sight to see! On the other hand, the green and red brothers were feeling very worried. Do we really have to head to the bar with them? Looking at them, I’m afraid that only my brother and I possess the ability to fight. Seems like my brother and I are going to have to fight again. Donghuang Li felt very warm in her heart, and this kind of warmth was something that she had never felt before. I’m starting to become fonder of uncle, and my fondness of uncle is about to exceed my fondness for mother~ It must be said that, this was the advantage of bloodline. No matter how long the two have not met with each other, as long as they come close to each other, that particular warm feeling would appear. Thus, although the two currently still haven’t formally acknowledged each other’s identity, their relationship right now was practically the same as they had already formally acknowledged each other’s identity. “Lead the way!” Ye Hua said coldly while carrying onto Donghuang Li. Big Brother Green was feeling a little awkward as he said in a low voice, “Boss, it is my first time coming to a big city, thus, I’m not familiar with the big city. However, I know that the bar’s name is called Hundred Crossings Bar!” “Navigation!” Ye Hua said gravely. Why do I feel that I have taken in two idiots? I have to personally teach them everything. Little Brother Red immediately took out his phone, then began walking at the front with his big brother and lead everyone to the bar. Such a group like this caused the passersby to exclaim in astonishment. There is a child, beautiful women, a little loli, and non-mainstreams… Could this be this year’s trendiest group arrangement? A group like this would definitely be able to become famous after they performed their first public performance. Without long, Ye Hua’s group arrived at the entrance of Hundred Crossings Bar. It was currently still 2 pm, and the entrance of the bar was tightly closed. However, there were two men smoking by the entrance. “Boss, that guy over there who wears a jacket is the one who brought us into the bar last night.” Big Brother Green hurriedly walked forward and said. With the boss supporting us, what is there to be afraid of. However, I have to prepare to protect Little Ah Li. Also, it’s rather inconvenient to fight against those people while having three women in our group. Although I, Big Brother Green, am out of the ordinary when it comes to fighting, I am unable to resist against the opponent’s human wave attack. “Big brother, if a fight really happens later on, you protect Ah Li, and I will protect the lady boss.” Little Brother Red’s expression was very serious, unprecedentedly serious, seemingly like he had come across the hardest moment in his life. Big Brother Green let out a heavy sigh, “Alright, if big brother were to unfortunately die today, remember to take good care of my mother.” “Big brother, be at ease. If little brother were to unfortunately die today, I request big brother to take good care of my father.” Green and red brothers could be seen tightly holding onto each other’s hands. “We will still be good brothers in our next life!” “Good brothers!” “Uncle green, uncle red, what are you two doing, quickly come in~” “……” Green and red brothers turned their heads around and looked. When did they all enter into the bar? Where did the two men go? I have just finished adjusting my mood, and my aura was bursting out unprecedentedly, but they actually already entered into the bar! “Big brother! Those two men must have definitely captured the boss!” “Quick! Rush into the bar and save the boss!” “Alright!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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