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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 205 – Let’s be brothers again in our next life 2/2 Green and red brothers squeezed out a killing intent from their bodies and straightforwardly rushed into the bar. A minute later, green and red brothers stood behind everyone while with a blush on their faces. I wish that I can dig into a hole and hide right now, I’m so embarrassed. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong covered onto their mouths and laughed lightly, while Donghuang Li laughed to the point that she couldn’t take it anymore. Ye Hua also revealed out a slight smile on his face, which was a very rare sight. Ye Zizi shook her head helplessly, are you two here to make people laugh? Green and red brothers want to express that they were indeed here to make people laugh… However, although they were here to make people laugh, they were startled by the scene in front of them. Those two men are actually floating within the air, and their hands seem to be tied behind their bodies. Also, looking at their expressions, they seem to be in a lot of pain. Is this really not a magician show? “Call your boss to come out.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Of course, the one who dealt with the two men was not Ye Hua and was Ye Zizi! Those insects were still not worthy for Ye Hua to have to personally deal with them. The two young men who were tied up within the air were in a lot of pain, and they seemed to not even have the strength to speak. Qing Ya slowly turned her face away from the two men, she couldn’t bear to look at the scene. “Uncle is so formidable. However, they don’t seem to be able to speak while they are tied up within the air, right?” Donghuang Li said innocently. Ye Zizi immediately placed one of the two men down onto the floor, and as expected, that man hurriedly went to make a phone call to call over backup. “Don’t get cocky just because you are an ability power user. Let me tell you all! Our boss also knows people that can use ability powers, you all are dead for sure!” Ye Zizi moved her small hand, and the man that was shouting out cockily was tied up within the air again. “Ye Hua, just give them a slight punishment would do, don’t take it too far and cause them to die.” Qing Ya said in a low voice. Ye Hua said faintly, “Qing Ya, not only am I going to teach Ah Li, but I am also going to teach you too! Being too soft-hearted will not only bring harm to yourself, but also to people around you!” Qing Ya wrinkled her willow brows. However, she did not dispute with Ye Hua, after all, they were currently outside right now. “Qing Ya, if those two brothers weren’t there to protect Ah Li, do you think that Ah Li would still be able to be here right now? If not for the two brothers being there to protect Ah Li, who knows where Ah Li would have already been sold to right now! You are pitying them now, but if the situation was different, who would pity Ah Li!” Hearing Ye Hua’s reprimand, Qing Ya wasn’t able to retort at all, because what Ye Hua just said was true. “Uncle, don’t bully Aunt Qing, it is all Ah Li’s fault.” Donghuang Li hurriedly persuaded. Aunt Qing looks so pitiful, how could uncle bully Aunt Qing like this? Ye Hua rubbed onto Donghuang Li’s head, “Ah Li, taking pity on your enemies is the equivalent of being cruel to yourself. You can amuse and mess with your enemies, but you definitely must not take pity on them! Do you understand?” Donghuang Li nodded her head. Donghuang Li didn’t really understand what Ye Hua meant, but she felt that what Ye Hua just said sounded awesome. Ye Hua was very gratified. My child is easy to teach right now, and as for Qing Ya, I will have to take things slowly. I definitely have to change this bad habit of hers. “Big brother, what are you doing?” Little Brother Red was astonished. I actually saw my big brother writing down notes on a notebook, my god! Big Brother Green said gravely, “I must note down the boss’s words of wisdom. In the future, we are going to be following after the boss, thus, we have to learn some… what is it called again?” “High-end and impressive reasonings?” “That’s right, what you just said.” Big Brother Green lowered his head and wrote those words down on his notebook. Little Brother Red smiled, “Big brother, I will just copy what you wrote down after we returned back.” “You are able to recognize those oracle bone inscriptions of mine?” It could be seen that, the words on Big Brother Green’s notebook were like a group of dragons dancing wildly, normal people would really not be able to recognize those words. Little Brother Red smiled, “Big brother, I have been copying your homework for that many years, those oracle bone inscriptions of yours have long been learned by me.” “Formidable, I didn’t expect that you actually managed to secretly learn another one of big brother’s special skills again.” “That’s right, I frequently got zero marks along with you, and went from being the top of the class to the second of the class, when counting from the back.” Big Brother Green asked curiously, “Then, who is the top of the class, when counting from the back?” “Big brother, how would I dare to snatch your number one away from you!” “Good brother, big brother truly didn’t misjudge you.” About half an hour later, a man and a woman brought along 10+ people and entered into the bar. The man and woman were precisely Kun Chong and Qing Lian from last night. When they saw Donghuang Li, who was currently within Ye Hua’s embrace, they immediately knew the reason why Ye Hua and the others came to their bar to make a scene. However, that man who is carrying onto the child looks a bit familiar… Qing Lian felt that she has seen Ye Hua from somewhere before. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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