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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 222 – Sage doctor 2/2 The ancient godly beast that was at the side let out a huge roar, and the might of the godly beast struck towards the two at full force! The scales that were on the ancient godly beast actually detached from its body, and like a bunch of bees that have gone berserk, the scales flew towards the two. Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu’s expression tensed up as they immediately began using techniques to defend against the scales that were flying towards them. However, were the scales of the ancient godly beast fake goods? Evidently, they were not, and the black scales disintegrated the defenses of the two in mere seconds. As expected of Cloud Sect’s trump card, it was not something to belittle! Guang Tianlu had no choice but to control the ice bone dragon king to attack the ancient godly beast. Immediately, the pressure on Xun Yi became much lighter. “Hai Daisi! Go to hell!” Xun Yi used the Xuan Yuan Sword within her hand to break through the ice formation, then rushed towards Hai Daisi. Hai Daisi was just simply a long-range ability user and he does not possess formidable close-range combat skills like Death Mage. Therefore, Hai Daisi could only choose to dodge. Xun Yi began pursuing after Hai Daisi, while Hai Daisi began running away from Xun Yi. Xun Yi seemed just like a shrew as she continuously swung the Xuan Yuan Sword at Hai Daisi, while Hai Daisi seemed just like a husband that was being mistreated, dodging the sword that was being swung at him in every way he could. Xun Yi who was pursuing after Hai Daisi suddenly tightly wrinkled her brows. I sense danger! All of a sudden, a silver needle that was flickering with cold light flew towards Xun Yi and pierced into the back of Xun Yi’s hand. Immediately, Xun Yi’s hand turned numb, and she let go of the Xuan Yuan Sword. A shadow flew by, and the Xuan Yuan Sword that was falling towards the ground immediately disappeared! The three stopped attacking each other and looked towards the two people that appeared in the sky. The back of Xun Yi’s hand began turning purple at a speed that was visible to the eyes. Not daring to be careless, Xun Yi quickly ate a medicinal pill, then sat down cross-legged and began refining the medicinal pill. Guang Tianlu shouted out gravely, “Sage Doctor Song Huang! Fu Xiu!” Fu Xiu could be seen holding onto the Xuan Yuan Sword. From the looks of it, that shadow from just a while ago was him, and the person that was standing beside Fu Xiu was Sage Doctor Song Huang. Song Huang was known for killing people with his left hand, and saving people with his right hand, and his title of sage doctor was also well-known by many, especially the people that were from the north. The differences between Song Huang and Long Aotian were that one appeared early and did not met with Ye Hua, while the other appeared late and had met with Ye Hua. Song Huang was the one who shot out the needle from a while ago, and Song Huang would never lick onto a needle that had been smeared with poison. On the other hand, Fu Xiu was the family head of an ordinary family. Fu Xiu’s strength was so-so, but his speed was extremely fast! Fu Xiu’s speed was fast to the point that he could somewhat travel through time. With a smile on his face, Fu Xiu could be seen cupping his hands towards Song Huang who was beside him and said, “Thank you, sage doctor, for helping me.” “Family Head Fu, you are being too courteous. Back then, you helped me, thus, it is only right that I repay you the favor today.” Song Huang said with a slight smile on his face, appearing very amiable. However, only Xun Yi knew just how vicious this Song Huang was. Song Huang took a look at the Xuan Yuan Sword, and he didn’t have any thought of possessing it. Song Huang preferred living a carefree and unconstrained life. “Family Head Fu, since you have obtained what you wanted, I should take my leave now.” “Thanks a lot!” Right when Song Huang was about to leave, his brows suddenly became wrinkled. Fu Xiu’s brows became wrinkled too as he looked at the Xuan Yuan Sword that was within his hand. The Xuan Yuan Sword within my hand is actually trembling slightly, what is going on! After taking a look at that Xiao Yi, he doesn’t seem like he currently possesses the strength to control the Xuan Yuan Sword. So, just what is going on! Everyone knew Fu Xiu to some extent. As long as something was taken away by Fu Xiu, it would be very hard to get it back from him. After all, Fu Xiu’s speed was too fast, and no one could do anything about it, unless, there was someone who was even faster than Fu Xiu. Furthermore, this time, with Sage Doctor Song Huang here to protect Fu Xiu, it was even harder for anyone here to snatch back the Xuan Yuan Sword from Fu Xiu. Xun Yi, Hai Daisi, and Guang Tianlu were practically about to go mad from anger. The north’s Aristocratic Families are untrustworthy! However, after snatching away the Xuan Yuan Sword from us, the two are not hurrying to leave, and their expressions right now seem very strange. “Fu Xiu! There is something wrong with this Xuan Yuan Sword, throw it away!” Song Huang shouted out hurriedly. Fu Xiu didn’t think too much as he immediately threw away the Xuan Yuan Sword that was in his hand. When Guang Tianlu saw that the Xuan Yuan Sword was thrown into the air, he immediately controlled his ice bone dragon king to bite onto it! “Xuan Yuan Sword belongs to my Guang Family!” Guang Tianlu’s face was filled with joy, and he seemed as if he was about to go insane from joy. However, everyone did not look at Guang Tianlu, and instead, they were looking at the Xuan Yuan Sword that was currently being bitten onto by the ice bone dragon king. The Xuan Yuan Sword could be seen trembling very strongly, seemingly like it was being pulled onto by a formidable power! Bang! Suddenly! The ice bone dragon king exploded and turned into ice powder and scattered within the air. Meanwhile, Xuan Yuan Sword stopped trembling and was quietly floating within the air! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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