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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 223 – Long-range control 2/2 Right when Hai Daisi was feeling exulted, the Xuan Yuan Sword that was being held in his right hand actually spun 360 degrees. Ah!!! Hai Daisi’s entire right hand was chopped off by the Xuan Yuan Sword. The sudden turn of events caused everyone to become shocked. Xiao Yi has already fainted, so just who is the one that is controlling the Xuan Yuan Sword? Is the Xuan Yuan Sword controlling itself? No, how would that be possible! The severed arm was falling down towards the ground. Ye Hua slightly moved his index finger, and the Xuan Yuan Sword began moving around at high speed. Afterimages of the Xuan Yuan Sword even appeared because of how fast the Xuan Yuan Sword was moving. Immediately, the entire arm was sliced into fine powder by the Xuan Yuan Sword. Everyone gasped. With the arm sliced into fine powder, this Hai Daisi won’t be able to even attach back his arm! “Quickly run!” Song Huang shouted out loudly. This is a trap! Fu Xiu’s speed was extremely fast, and in a flash, he was already gone. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “This guy runs rather fast.” Ye Hua slashed with his index finger, and the Xuan Yuan Sword turned into a gold light and chased directly after Fu Xiu who was currently located a few kilometers away. Fu Xiu who was running away turned his head around to take a look, and immediately, his eyeballs almost popped out from his eye sockets. That Xuan Yuan Sword actually chased up to me, and it is almost about to reach me! Even more, that Xuan Yuan Sword is moving its body around, seemingly like it is mocking me! “How is this possible!” Fu Xiu was in disbelief. Even the experts within the Aristocratic Families also don’t possess a speed such as mine, and yet, this ancient godly item, Xuan Yuan Sword, actually possesses such speed? No! This Xuan Yuan Sword is definitely being controlled by someone! Xuan Yuan Sword’s speed could be seen to be faster than Fu Xiu’s speed as it rushed to the front of Fu Xiu, then made a drift within the air! Pfft! Right through the stomach! Fu Xiu looked dazedly at the Xuan Yuan Sword that pierced right through his stomach, and even up till now, Fu Xiu still felt that he was dreaming! Originally, I thought that, with my speed, and adding on with Song Huang’s protection, I would definitely be able to obtain the Xuan Yuan Sword. Right now, I have indeed obtained the Xuan Yuan Sword, just that, the Xuan Yuan Sword has pierced right through my stomach. Just like this, the Xuan Yuan Sword dragged onto Fu Xiu's body and returned back to the scene. Everyone at the scene thought that the Xuan Yuan Sword ran and didn’t expect that the Xuan Yuan Sword actually went to bring Fu Xiu back! Song Huang’s face was filled with shock. I am completely aware of Fu Xiu’s speed. When it comes to speed, there are only a few who are faster than Fu Xiu! And yet, such a person like this was actually brought back here by the Xuan Yuan Sword! If even Fu Xiu wasn’t able to run away, I and the people that are here can forget about trying to run away! Right now, everyone did not dare to make a move. Ling Tian who was protecting Xiao Yi was fighting fiercely with Tang Wushuang. However, when they saw what was happening, the two stopped their fight. Xuan Yuan Sword could be seen tossing Fu Xiu into the air. Ye Hua’s index finger moved around lightly, and at the same time, Xuan Yuan Sword slashed out a bunch of gold lights. Fu Xiu who was in the air was slashed into pieces, and soon after, the pieces of Fu Xiu's body landed onto the ground. The scene was enough to make one’s heart turn cold from fright. Tang Wushuang felt that he didn’t have time to think too much right now. If I don’t run now, the one that would become dead next will be me! While with his eyes closed, Ye Hua said coldly, “Want to run?! Not a single one of you are going to be able to run away today!” Just like Fu Xiu, Tang Wushuang was stabbed through the stomach and brought back to the scene. However, Tang Wushuang wasn’t killed off and was instead thrown onto the ground. Ling Tian swallowed his saliva. Just a while ago, I have tried out this Tang Wushuang’s strength, and this Tang Wushuang was much formidable than he was in the past. However, this Tang Wushuang was still pierced by the Xuan Yuan Sword. Could it be, Xiao Yi? Is he actually pretending to be injured and is currently controlling the Xuan Yuan Sword to kill people! “Act Cool King Xiao, don’t pretend anymore, I know that it is you!” Ling Tian shook onto Xiao Yi, however, there was no response from Xiao Yi. Everyone at the scene understood one thing. Whoever that runs, dies! Even Song Huang had landed onto the ground and was looking cautiously at the Xuan Yuan Sword! Whistle! Xuan Yuan Sword disappeared once again, and when it appeared again, it brought along 30+ people with it, and all of them had a severed arm! Song Huang wrinkled his brows. Those people are the higher-ups within the north’s powers. Seems like they were hiding at the side and observing the situation, or perhaps, they were also waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch the Xuan Yuan Sword. But, unfortunately for those people, it seems like their luck has run out! Right now, the Xuan Yuan Sword was just like a big brother overlooking everyone at the scene. And along with the swaying of Ye Hua’s index finger, the Xuan Yuan Sword began swaying around back and forth in the air. “Sage Doctor, what should we do now, this sword is very bizarre!” One of the people within the 30+ people asked. Song Huang shook his head and did not say anything. Right now, the Xuan Yuan Sword is basically the kidnapper, and we are the hostages. Our lives and deaths are currently all within the Xuan Yuan Sword’s moment of thought. If anyone of us were to run, the result would be a stab through the stomach. Although that Tang Wushuang is still not dead yet, he is not far away from being dead. “Alliance Master Hai, are you fine?” Guang Tianlu asked weakly. Hai Daisi had already stopped his own bleeding, but his complexion was very pale, “I’m fine, what about you?” “The aura that the Xuan Yuan Sword emitted out just now destroyed my dragon king, and because of that, I suffered some internal injuries.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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