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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 261 – Empress is very obedient However, after thinking about it, it is a good thing that those people admitted to doing what we did. Since that’s the case, I will just throw everything that we did onto those people’s backs and let those people shoulder everything that we did. With this, those people are practically doing me a favor. Haha, this is a bit interesting. “Baizhi, what do your Voidless Realm plan on doing?” Qing Ya asked curiously. Donghuang Baizhi shook her head, “Things like this are all up to the aristocratic families and families to decide on what to do, and only if the aristocratic families and families do not have a way to deal with the matter, then would the three big powers step in and deal with the matter.” “However, this matter is mainly a matter concerning the south, thus, the pressure that is on the south will be much heavier compared to the north. And even if there are people from the north that are intending on going to Dry Zen Sect’s territory, those people are all going there for the purpose of seeking revenge.” Donghuang Baizhi added. Qing Ya was still a bit worried, “To be able to exterminate a sect in just a night, those people who did it must surely be very formidable.” “En, the strength of those people is at the least of the same level as an aristocratic family.” Donghuang Baizhi agreed with what Qing Ya just said. However, the two of them still thought too lightly of those people, the strength of those people had already surpassed the strengths of the three big powers. Those people only used less than five minutes to completely exterminate Dry Zen Sect. “Don’t chat while sitting down, come and chat while lying on the bed.” Ye Hua said faintly. Although it is still not possible for them to both sleep together with me at night, it should be fine for them to lie down by my sides during the day, right? Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi shyly rolled their eyes at Ye Hua, then lightly lied down at Ye Hua’s sides. My wish has finally been fulfilled by half! Right now, I have to work harder so that my wish can be fulfilled completely. “I heard that when families want to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families, they have to receive your approval first?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head, “That’s right, for a family to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families, they have to first meet the requirement of possessing an ancient godly item, and afterward, they would have to go through the aristocratic families’ inspection, then lastly, my Voidless Realm will make an evaluation on their strength and financial ability.” “I didn’t expect that the authority that Baizhi possesses would be this big.” Ye Hua laughed lightly. Donghuang Baizhi’s small face turned red. No matter how big my authority is, in the end, I still end up being bullied by you. “Then, recently, is there any family that is about to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families?” Ye Hua was currently trying to get information out from his wife, Ye Hua was truly formidable. “Originally, the family that had been decided to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families was Xiao Family, however, because Bai Family obtained an ancient godly item, the two families currently have to compete with each other to see just which of them will be the one that is able to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families.” Donghuang Baizhi didn’t really place the matter in her heart, after all, aristocratic families were basically just families that possessed an ancient godly item, and a family that possessed just one ancient godly item was of no threat to Voidless Realm. Furthermore, even though Voidless Realm suffered great losses in the battle against Ying Family, the Voidless Realm right now was still not something that an aristocratic family could be compared to at all. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi was waiting to see just which of those aristocratic families were going to prepare to go against her Voidless Realm, then proceed and destroy all of those aristocratic families that chose to go against her Voidless Realm. Do not think that Donghuang Baizhi was an amiable empress, she only acts amiable in front of Ye Hua, and when she was in front of others, her attitude was completely different. “What do you think about those two families?” Ye Hua asked. Towards her husband’s question, Donghuang Baizhi naturally wouldn’t hide anything at all, “Looking at the data, Bai Family has a slight advantage over Xiao Family. Bai Cixin can be counted as a woman who possesses strong capabilities, and adding on with the help of her husband, Wang Dabao, Bai Cixin’s already strong capabilities are raised to another level. Furthermore, because Bai Family has quite a number of financial groups attached to them, the amount of money that we would be able to get from Bai Family would be quite an amount.” “Do the aristocratic families have to hand in money over to your Voidless Realm?” Qing Ya asked curiously. “En, the aristocratic families are required to pay a tribute every year. Therefore, the income that a family possesses is also one of the aspects that we assess. This time, Xiao Family’s financial evaluation was lower than Bai Family’s financial evaluation. After all, recently, many rich people left Xiao Family's side and joined Bai Family’s side.” While leaning onto Ye Hua’s shoulder, Donghuang Baizhi mumbled. Qing Ya held onto her forehead and said, “Seems like I am not the one who possesses the most money…” “Qing Ya, you are counted as the strongest woman right now, even I am not a match for you.” What Donghuang Baizhi just said was true. After Qing Ya awakened her bloodline, an earth-shattering change happened to her, and her strength had become incomparably strong Ye Hua agreed with what Baizhi said, “Baizhi, you have to teach Qing Ya on how to use her power. Right now, Qing Ya practically possesses a huge amount of power, but she does not know how to use it.” “En, I got it.” Donghuang Baizhi answered. “Baizhi, I feel that Xiao Family is not bad, how about letting Xiao Family be the family to qualify to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families?” Ye Hua said. Donghuang Baizhi went into a daze for a moment, then soon after, said tenderly, “I will listen to you~” Sigh, I am not used to this woman being so obedient. “Eh… Baizhi, you should just decide base on the established rules, I wasn’t being serious with what I said.” Ye Hua laughed lightly. Regarding this Xiao Family, I should get Wei Chang to order them to not fight for the spot to rise into the ranks of aristocratic families and just give the spot to Bai Family. Everything is all under my control, this kind of feeling is very great. “Ye Hua and that Xiao Yi had a conflict with each other in the past, and that Xiao Yi even tried to not pay up after losing money to Ye Hua. However, in the end, that Xiao Yi paid up the money that he lost to Ye Hua.” Qing Ya laughed laughably. Thinking back to that time, it was rather exciting. Donghuang Baizhi said helplessly, “Seems like I have missed a lot of good shows.” “From now on, you won’t miss anything.” Ye Hua said tenderly, and this caused Donghuang Baizhi to smile blissfully. “Daddy, daddy, Ah Li finished watching Snow White.” Ah Li could be seen running over, then took off her shoes, jumped onto the bed, and hugged onto her father. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Then, daddy will give Ah Li a test. What did Snow White tell us?” Qing Ya smiled helplessly as she shook her head. Ye Hua has begun those fallacious reasonings of his again. Donghuang Li tilted her head and pondered for a bit, then said happily, “Ah Li knows, Snow White tells us that Snow White does not like the seven dwarves, and only likes the prince.” “Haha.” Ye Hua laughed heartily. Qing Ya hugged onto Donghuang Li and said, “Don’t listen to your daddy.” “But, Ah Li also do not like the seven dwarves.” This caused Ye Hua to laugh even more heartily, and even Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t help but smile helplessly. Donghuang Li could be seen lying on her father’s body, and while listening to her father’s heartbeat, she said sweetly, “However, not only do Ah Li not like the seven dwarves, Ah Li does not like the prince too, Ah Li only likes daddy.” As expected of my daughter, she sure knows how to make me happy and like her even more. Donghuang Baizhi was very jealous. Why do you not like mommy? You are too biased. “Ah Li likes mommy too~” Donghuang Li added, and this caused Donghuang Baizhi's heart to feel balanced again. Qing Ya caressed onto her small stomach. A few more months and my baby will come into this world, I feel a bit nervous just thinking about it. At Bai Family, which was located in Zijin City. Bai Cixin was currently tasting top-grade tieguangyin tea with Wang Dabao. Suddenly, an envelope flew over at high speed. Wang Dabao stretched out his hand and caught onto the envelope, then handed the envelope over to his wife while with a smile on his face. Bai Cixin placed the teacup that she was holding onto the table, then opened the envelope and looked at the note that had the latest news written on it. After finish looking at the note, Bai Cixin burned the note. “Wife, what is it?” Seeing that his wife’s expression was grave, Wang Dabao asked curiously. Bai Cixin let out a breath, then said faintly, “Yesterday, Ying Family and Voidless Realm fought with each other.” “Ah? You are saying that two of the three big powers fought with each other?” Wang Dabao cried out in astonishment. This is a big matter! Bai Cixin nodded her head. “What’s the result of the battle?” Wang Dabao asked hurriedly. “Unclear.” It was already not easy for Bai Cixin to be able to receive such a piece of information, so let alone receiving details of the battle. “These two big powers definitely suffered great losses from the battle with each other. I wonder if those aristocratic families from the north have made any moves.” Bai Cixin said faintly, “I presume that the north’s aristocratic families most probably all currently have their eyes on the unknown power that suddenly appeared within the south. After all, that unknown power exterminated a sect in just one night. Just that alone is proof that the strength of that unknown power is not to be belittled.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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