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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 262 – This novel is too good “Are those aristocratic families really not tempted at all? Right now, Voidless Realm’s strength is definitely greatly weakened, and if those aristocratic families were to all go against Voidless Realm, they would definitely be able to take down Voidless Realm.” “Dabao, you are underestimating the strength of a big power, thousands of years of accumulation is not a joke, and the aristocratic families are all afraid of Voidless Realm’s accumulation. After all, a scrawny camel is still bigger than a horse.” “Aiyo, as expected, my wife is truly intelligent.” Wang Dabao began bootlicking his wife once again. Bai Cixin laughed lightly, “The appearance of this unknown power may perhaps be a good thing. We will just stay at the side and watch quietly.” “Wife, are you not worried about the matter of our family rising into the ranks of the aristocratic families?” “Dabao, our family will definitely be able to rise into the ranks of the aristocratic families. After all, our family wins in every aspect against Xiao Family.” Bai Cixin appeared to be very confident. Xiao Family’s strength decreased significantly, and with a bunch of rich merchants leaving Xiao Family’s side, Xiao Family is no longer able to reach the aristocratic families’ requirements. Therefore, Xiao Family is no longer a threat to my Bai Family. After hearing what his wife said, Wang Dabao felt extremely at ease about the matter of their family rising into the ranks of the aristocratic families. Suddenly, Wang Dabao hugged onto Bai Cixin, “We should celebrate in advance.” “How have your practice in sucking out river snails come along?” “Wife, you can be at ease, right now, I do not even need to use my hands. I guarantee that you will be greatly satisfied.” “This is more like it.” Bai Family was celebrating in advance, while at Tang Family, the atmosphere at Tang Family wasn’t as good as the atmosphere at Bai Family. Right now, Tang Wushuang was lying on a big bed, and his eyes were lifeless. At Tang Wushuang’s sides were all of his wives, they were all here to accompany him. However, right now, Tang Wushuang could only look at them and was unable to touch them at all, because his manhood had been severed. Tang Wushuang’s manhood being severed was not only a great blow towards Xiao Family, but it was also a great blow towards Tang Wushuang himself. Tang Wushuang’s wives were all incomparably worried, because as of this moment, none of them have had a child with their man, and yet, their man’s manhood had been severed. This was practically no different from taking their lives away from them. Quan Anrong who was at the side consoled, “Wushuang, with how advanced science and technology are nowadays, we will definitely be able to find some other ways to be able to have babies.” “En, en, Wushuang, cheer up.” Mu Jieya also hurriedly consoled. However, not only did their consoles not make Tang Wushuang felt better, it made him felt even angrier, because, in Tang Wushuang’s eyes, their consoles were as if they were reminding him that he could no longer have sexual intercourse! “Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi! I am going to kill you!” Tang Wushuang who was on the bed suddenly began going crazy, and his expression also became twisted. However, the moment Tang Wushuang moved, Tang Wushuang pulled onto his wounds, which caused him to feel painful to the point that he rolled his eyes backward. How would the delicate wives be able to restrain their husband? None of them have any way to deal with their husband. “All of you, go outside first.” Gui Chengren who was wearing flip-flops slowly walked into the room. The few women nodded their heads, then quietly left the bedroom. “Master! You have to help your disciple seek revenge! I’m in this state all because of that Xiao Yi!” Tang Wushuang crawled on the bed and both of his hands were grabbing tightly onto the corner of Gui Chengren’s shirt. Gui Chengren silently took out an Alps candy and ate it. Hmm, this candy tastes pretty good. “I have told you in the past to not underestimate your opponents, especially opponents who possess good brains. To have ended up in this state that you are in right now, you have only yourself to blame!” Gui Chengren sat on the chair that was at the side, then used his phone to read a novel. Tang Wushuang tightly clenched his fists, and after a long while, Tang Wushuang said, “Master, as long as you help me to kill Xiao Yi, Wushuang will do whatever that you ask of Wushuang.” “Revenge only feels great when you do it by yourself. For a small character like that Xiao Yi, I am not interested in dealing with him myself.” “Master!” Tang Wushuang pleaded pitifully. “However, I do have a martial technique that is very suitable for you. With the constitution that you possess right now, cultivating this martial technique will be half the work and twice the effect.” Gui Chengren said faintly. Hope flickered within Tang Wushuang’s eyes, and without thinking too much, Tang Wushuang said, “I will learn it!” “This martial technique is very special, it is more or less the same as the Sunflower Manual. If one wants to learn this martial technique, they will have to first castrate themselves!” Gui Chengren paused for a moment, then continued speaking, “You have already achieved this precondition. However, this martial technique is much more vicious than Sunflower Manual, this martial technique’s name is “xx”.” (Name of martial technique is not written in the raws, probably due to China's censorship of the words) Tang Wushuang was a bit startled, however, upon recalling of Xiao Yi, Tang Wushuang’s mind immediately became not able to think properly, “Master, I will learn it!” “Are you sure? After cultivating this martial technique, your constitution and temperament will change completely, your chest will become big, and your voice will become delicate. You will truly become a woman, and even more, a womb will gradually form in your body, and you would be able to even bear children! However, you will also become many times stronger than you are right now, and even if Xiao Yi possesses the Xuan Yuan Sword, he still wouldn’t be a match for you.” Become a woman! Struggle appeared within Tang Wushuang’s eyes. Right now, I am not a man, yet not a monster! Since that’s the case, so what if I become a woman! As long as I’m able to kill Xiao Yi and exterminate the entirety of Xiao Family, I will be satisfied! “Master, I am sure!” “Good, as expected of my disciple, you possess courage! However, do you need to discuss this matter with your women first?” “There is no need to discuss about this matter with them! I can decide on my own!” “Not bad, you now know to make decisions on your own, I am very gratified. You should rest first for today, I will come again tomorrow to teach you the technique!” “Thank you, master!” Gui Chengren walked out of the room and arrived at a secret room. The secret room was completely dark, and there was only a computer in the room that was emitting out a faint light. In front of the computer seemed to be a person. The person’s legs were completely chopped off of his body, and his body was soaked within a medicinal jar. The scene looked extremely frightening! Gui Chengren walked over and took a look, “No wonder the novel didn’t update with new chapters, this guy actually committed suicide by biting off his tongue.” “What a pity. Looks like I am going to have to find someone to take over this novel again, this novel is just too good.” Xiao Manor. Today, Xiao Manor was filled with vitality. Within the manor, servants were traveling back and forth around the manor, seemingly like a banquet was currently being held at Xiao Manor. That’s right, Xiao Family was holding a family banquet today to celebrate Xiao Family's rebirth after living through the calamity. Right now, Xiao Yi’s injuries have healed completely, and even Xiao Yi himself felt that it was unimaginable. It is unimaginable that my injuries have already healed completely, but no matter what, this is a good thing! Looking at his wives, Xiao Yi revealed out a smile. It would be great if Xinyi were here too. However, it’s alright, I will definitely find a way to revive Xinyi! Xiao Yi picked up the wine glass and said with a slight smile, “Come, cheers!” While with a tender smile on their faces, the few wives stood up, and Xiao Yi’s son, Xiao Yun, held onto a glass of fruit juice. “Brother Xiao, you have just recovered from your injuries not too long ago, don’t drink too much.” While with a big stomach, Yu Qi reminded with a gentle tone. Shu Nan smiled lightly, “Sister Yu Qi, you can be at ease, Brother Xiao’s injuries have already healed completely.” Under the cheerful atmosphere, everyone except Xiao Yi’s son drank a glass of wine. Afterward, everyone began chatting about topics that were relaxing, and it seemed as if they had gone back to how it was in the past, and even Xiao Yi himself also felt rather relaxed. However, Shu Nan, on the other hand, felt very uneasy. “Shu Nan, what’s the matter?” Xiao Yi asked tenderly. Shu Nan said in a low voice, “Brother Xiao, I feel that this matter is still not finished yet.” “What’s the matter?” Xiao Yi’s expression became slightly grave as he asked in a low voice. “I feel that the black figured person had a motive in his mind when he healed you.” Shu Nan said gravely. Xiao Yi nodded his head. I know that too, but, just what is that black figured person’s motive? Right after Shu Nan finished speaking, a black whirlpool appeared in the main hall. All of the women became startled and hurriedly moved away from the whirlpool, while Shu Qi hurriedly protected in front of Xiao Yun. Death Mage could be seen unhurriedly walking out from the black whirlpool. This time, Death Mage did not bring along Xun Fang, after all, Death Mage was only here to inform Xiao Family of His Honor’s new order. However, within Xiao Family’s eyes, this black robed skeleton was their enemy, an enemy who pushed Nangong Xinyi to her death. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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