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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 276 – Gap After hearing that, Ye Hua sighed. Thinking to back then when I first arrived on this planet, I wished I could immediately go back and kill all of those humans. Fortunately, back then, because Wei Chang and Lie Gu were gravely injured, I decided to stay on this planet and wait for them to recover first. And while waiting for them to recover, I decided to study the humans and improve myself. As time went by, five years had already passed since I first arrived on this planet. It was fortunate that I decided to stay on this planet, if not, I wouldn’t have met Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi, and I also wouldn’t have been able to have such an adorable daughter. “I am not here to persuade you to mend your ways.” Ye Hua said calmly. To speak the truth, this counterfeit could serve as a good subordinate. However, for him to have dared to impersonate me, death is the only fate for him! Red lights flickered in Counterfeit Ye Hua’s empty eye sockets, “Your tone is very cocky, just like those humans! Want to impersonate me? You are still lacking by a bit!” “Jiejiejie…” Ye Hua laughed. This laughter of Ye Hua’s was enough to make one’s hair stand on its end. “You are but version 0.0 of me, and right now, I am already at version 3.0. Our strengths and brains are not on the same level!” Without saying anything, Counterfeit Ye Hua stretched out his bone hand, and a black color flame appeared on his bone palm. Flame of the abyss. Right now, Ye Hua was already done with being surprised. This flame of the abyss was obtained by me after going through countless hardships. Thinking to back then, using this flame, I razed countless cities to the ground. However, right now, flame of the abyss is but one of the countless flames that I possess. Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette, then placed his index finger below the cigarette. Right after, flame of the abyss appeared on the tip of Ye Hua’s index finger and lighted up the cigarette. After igniting the cigarette, Ye Hua said, “Want to play with fire with me? You are still not skillful enough!” Counterfeit Ye Hua snorted, and the flame of the abyss that was on his palm flew towards Ye Hua. Meanwhile, Ye Hua continued remaining still and silently smoked onto his cigarette. “If you don’t dodge, you are going to die for sure!” Counterfeit Ye Hua warned. Ye Hua took a puff of the cigarette, then said faintly, “As a Supreme Overlord, if I have to dodge against such an insignificant thing like this, wouldn’t I basically be throwing my face away?” “Moreover, this world does not need two His Honors.” Bang! When flame of the abyss touched Ye Hua’s body, the flame enveloped Ye Hua, then soared through the sky. The sky seemed as if it was going to get split apart by the flame. The might of the flame was truly terrifying! The temperature around Ye Hua raised rapidly, and everything that was on the ground began melting away at high speed, and then evaporate! In no time, the entire manor was razed to the ground, and the destruction was even spreading to the manor’s surroundings. “My flame of the abyss is not something that a counterfeit like you would be able to withstand!” Counterfeit Ye Hua’s face was calm, seemingly like he had just killed an ant. “Hahaha!” Ye Hua’s laughter rang out from the black flame, and this caused Counterfeit Ye Hua to instinctively become alert. This is unexpected, my flame of the abyss actually didn’t burn him to death! “A counterfeit is still a counterfeit after all is said and done. Even this flame of the abyss is but an inferior version of the real flame of the abyss.” Ye Hua laughed at himself for having guessed wrong. Ye Hua waved his hand, and the black flame that was soaring through the sky gathered on the tip of his bone finger. Blow~ Ye Hua blew on the flame, and the flame was easily extinguished by Ye Hua’s blow. “Impossible! How did you do it!” Counterfeit Ye Hua’s tone changed slightly, he was very surprised and couldn’t believe what had happened in front of him. While smoking his cigarette, Ye Hua said calmly, “If you are able to reach my level, you wouldn’t be surprised about this. Even my Ah Li’s flame is stronger than this flame of yours.” “Impossible! Human, I have had enough with your tricks, die!” After finished speaking, Counterfeit Ye Hua began chanting spells, and countless spells began flying toward Ye Hua. “Death wither!” “Soul turmoil!” “Siphon life!” “Despair of darkness!” Various kinds of high-level spells flew toward Ye Hua, and faced against those spells, Ye Hua didn’t use any defensive spells. Instead, Ye Hua resisted those spells with just his skeleton body alone. However, Ye Hua did use a barrier on his cigarette to prevent his cigarette from being destroyed. Cigarettes are very expensive, and furthermore, those two women have begun with their plan to make me quit smoking, saying that I have to quit smoking if I want to have another baby with them. Look at Ah Li, isn’t she completely fine? Various kinds of death spells lingered around Ye Hua’s body. Ye Hua took a deep puff of the cigarette, then blew out a mouth of smoke. Immediately, all of the spells were wiped out by the smoke. Upon seeing that, Counterfeit Ye Hua couldn’t help but took a step backward. “I have long stopped using those spells. Recently, I much prefer to use brute strength.” Ye Hua said faintly, and a two meters long blade could be seen suddenly appearing in his hand. Under the moonlight, the slender body of the blade emitted out a silvery light, and even more, eerily cold air was also being emitted out from the blade. Counterfeit Ye Hua pointed at Ye Hua’s blade and mumbled, “Why is my night’s fallen moon in your hands!” “Why is it in my hands? Do you really not have the slightest clue at all?” Ye Hua lightly waved his hand. Over a hundred weapons appeared within the sky, and all of them were emitting out dazzling lights. Any one of those weapons was able to cause a great war to happen, and yet, in Ye Hua’s hands, those weapons were left at a corner to collect dust. Counterfeit Ye Hua looked dazedly at the sight in front of him, “All those weapons are mine! You stole my weapons! Shameless human!” Ye Hua kept away those weapons, and with his left hand holding onto the blade, and his right hand holding onto the cigarette, Ye Hua said, “Perhaps, you should think about why you have the memory of possessing those weapons, and yet do not possess those weapons.” “No! Impossible! Where did all my weapons go to!” Counterfeit Ye Hua held onto his head with his hands, and he seemed to be searching his memory. Ye Hua said faintly, “The person that created you is able to give you the memory that you have right now, but there are a lot of things that that person is not able to give you.” “How could I have possibly been created by someone! You are lying!” Counterfeit Ye Hua’s anger seemed to have been ignited, and an astonishing amount of spiritual energy surged out from his body. “Come on out! Giant Abyss Demon!” The ground began shaking, seemingly like a level 9 earthquake was happening. Suddenly, the ground split apart and a huge gap was formed! And soon after, five huge fingers appeared from the huge gap and grabbed onto the ground. A giant that was 50 meters tall appeared from the huge gap! The giant’s entire body was red like lava, and the moment it appeared, the temperature around its surroundings raised extremely high, and everything began burning. Looking from far away, this place looked just like a huge fireball, and the huge fireball was still expanding. Roar! Giant Abyss Demon roared at Ye Hua, and the loudness of the roar actually caused an airwave to form. The airwave spread out in all directions, and the intensity of the fire became even more intense. A forest fire was definitely going to be unavoidable. Ye Hua tossed the cigarette butt to the side, then slashed at the giant with the night’s fallen moon that was in his left hand. A silvery light that was thin as a thread flew towards Giant Abyss Demon’s head. After passing through Giant Abyss Demon’s head, the silvery light continued flying towards the horizon, then gradually disappeared. “Giant Abyss Demon possesses incredibly strong defense! Even if you have night’s fallen moon, you still won’t be able to harm it in the slightest bit!” Counterfeit Ye Hua was very confident. In response to what Counterfeit Ye Hua said, Giant Abyss Demon let out another roar at Ye Hua. Plop! Giant Abyss Demon’s head that moved slightly suddenly slid off from its body and fell onto the ground. The cut on the Giant Abyss Demon’s neck was incomparably clean. Soon after, Giant Abyss Demon’s body collapsed onto the ground and set off a bunch of sparks. “That depends on who uses it.” Ye Hua said faintly. While with his mouth opened wide, Counterfeit Ye Hua looked dazedly at the Giant Abyss Demon that had collapsed onto the ground. This person is a thousand times stronger than those Overlords! “Alright, I have had enough fun, it’s time to go back and accompany my child.” Ye Hua didn’t want to continue wasting time here, he was no longer interested in this counterfeit. “Wait.” Suddenly, Counterfeit Ye Hua called out to Ye Hua. “Are you going to beg for mercy?” Ye Hua asked gravely. If the counterfeit was really going to beg for mercy, Ye Hua was going to be very disappointed. As a Supreme Overlord, when have I ever beg for mercy? Even more, I have never thought of running away at all no matter what situation I was faced with. “Can you spare my subordinates?” Right now, Counterfeit Ye Hua was very clear about the difference in each other’s strengths. I didn’t expect that I would end up getting killed for a second time! Ye Hua transformed back into his corporeal body, and when he heard what the counterfeit said, a very astonished look appeared on his face. Right now, Ye Hua felt like there was something grabbing onto his heart. Back then, right before I died, I seemed to have said what this counterfeit just said to those Overlords. xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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