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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 311 – Yuanlinglong “Sage Doctor, thank you for your hard work, please come downstairs and have some desserts.” Qing Huaxuan walked out of the bedroom and said respectfully. Qing Chengren didn’t come out of the bedroom, he continued on staying in the bedroom and accompanied his partner. Song Huang was very courteous, with a slight smile, he said courteously, “I will be troubling Family Head Qing then.” If such a situation were placed in the past, would Song Huang ever act so courteously? The answer was evidently no. If it were in the past, Song Huang’s cockiness would have long already soared through the sky. Qing Huaxuan took a look at Sage Doctor’s gaze, then afterward, he looked towards his daughter, Yutong. Immediately, he became exulted. Wang Muqing also seemed to have discovered that something was going on. Could it be that, this Sage Doctor has taken a fancy for my daughter? If that is the case, that is truly great news! This Sage Doctor is a well-known person within the north, and there are a lot of lives that are waiting for him to go and save them. If he were to marry Yutong, it would be incredibly great! Zi Han was a bit envious. My daughter… why is she so bent on following a person who runs a bar, and even more, became pregnant with that person’s child… The moment I start thinking about this matter, my head immediately starts to hurt. “Yutong, go and bring some pastries over.” Wang Muqing hurriedly told her daughter to go and bring over some pastries. Meanwhile, Wang Muqing thought to herself, “Yutong, you have to properly show yourself off in front of this Sage Doctor, if this Sage Doctor falls for you, you would practically be transforming from a bird to a phoenix.” “However, I must say, these two sisters seemed to have become much prettier than they used to be in the past. This is truly strange, did the two of them went for plastic surgery together?” “En.” Qing Yutong still did not know what was going on in her mother’s mind. After helplessly responding to her mother, Qing Yutong walked downstairs. Everyone else went to the living room and sat on the sofas. Same as before, Ah Li sat on Qing Ya’s lap. “Young Lady Yutong still hasn’t been engaged, right?” Song Huang asked curiously. Everyone was startled. As expected of a Sage Doctor, this Song Huang was a bit straightforward. Qing Ya was also startled by Song Huang. However, Qing Ya also felt a bit displeased. After all, there was some problem with Song Huang’s attitude. The way Song Huang acted, it was as if he was saying, “if she isn’t engaged, how about giving her to me”. If Ye Hua were here, it was guaranteed that Ye Hua would have given Song Huang a slap on the face. To dare to act cool in front of me, the Supreme Overlord, are you tired of living?! Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth. There is no way that Aunt Qing will become your wife. Humph, a toad that wants to eat swan meat. Ah Li’s comparison was extremely fitting. As Qing Yutong’s mother, Wang Muqing said, “Up till now, my Yutong still hasn’t even dated a boyfriend before, she is very pure.” Qing Yutong was indeed very pure, she was pure to the point that she teamed up with Ye Zizi and turned Ying Family upside down. Because of them, two brothers even fell out with each other, and in the end, one brother died, while the other brother became a eunuch. Song Huang really ought to be worried for himself, to actually dare to have ideas about Ye Hua’s sister-in-law. Song Huang understood what Wang Muqing said. So she still hasn’t been touched by a man yet, this is good. “In this day and age, such a pure girl like Yutong is truly hard to find. Last year, I had even watched the movie that Yutong acted in, and I must say, Yutong’s acting was pretty good.” Song Huang had indeed watched the movie that Yutong had acted in, just that, when he first met Yutong just now, he didn’t immediately recognize that the Yutong before him was the same Yutong who acted in the movie that he watched. After all, compared to the past, the current Yutong was much prettier by a huge margin. Just a while ago, after attentively observing Yutong, then did Song Huang finally realized that Yutong was the big celebrity who had acted in the movie that he had watched last year. Qing Huaxuan smiled, “This daughter of mine is mischievous and loves to mess around, acting is just a side hobby of hers.” “Family Head Qing, I must say, I personally think that Yutong is a pretty good girl.” Song Huang praised straightforwardly, and this caused Wang Muqing to become very happy. From the looks of it, there is no problem on Sage Doctor’s side. Right now, as long as my daughter is willing to take this Sage Doctor as her husband, our Qing Family will be able to have a son-in-law who is a Sage Doctor. Right at this moment, Qing Yutong walked over with a plate of desserts. There was no peculiarity on Qing Yutong’s expression, and there was even a slight smile on Qing Yutong’s face. If Ye Zizi were here, she would immediately know that Qing Yutong was thinking of doing bad things. Originally, Sage Doctor was merely here to treat a patient’s illness, but right now, it ended up as if he were here for a blind date. “Yutong, peel an apple for Sage Doctor.” While speaking to her daughter, Wang Muqing made a meaningful glance at her daughter. Speak properly with this Sage Doctor, Qing Family will have to depend on you from now on. Your big sister has already fallen from grace, we can’t hope for anything from her anymore. Qing Yutong snorted coldly in her own mind, “I will only help peel things for brother-in-law, I won’t ever peel things for other men.” “Here, eating an apple with its skin on tastes better than eating it without its skin.” Qing Yutong handed an apple over to Song Huang. Song Huang didn’t say anything as he took over the apple from Qing Yutong. After taking a bite from the apple, Song Huang said, “Not bad, eating an apple with its skin on does indeed tastes pretty good.” Qing Huaxuan and Wang Muqing both took a glare at their daughter. You better not learn from your big sister, this chance is hard to come by, you better properly seize hold of this chance! Qing Ya remained silent while with a smile on her face. Seems like this sister of mine is starting to act mischievous once again. “What were you all chatting about?” Qing Yutong took the initiative to chat, and she acted very cheerfully and outspokenly. Wang Muqing said tenderly, “We were chatting about you being so big already, and yet still doesn’t have a boyfriend.” “Sigh, what to do, my expectations are high.” Qing Yutong sighed. In this world, asides from brother-in-law, there doesn’t seem to be any man who is worthy enough to be my boyfriend. Song Huang asked curiously, “Yutong, just how high are your expectations then? What do you expect from your boyfriend?” Am I very close with you? Can you stop acting like we are close and stop addressing me as Yutong? Qing Yutong’s parents immediately looked towards Qing Yutong, and looking at their expressions, they were pretty much saying, “you better don’t mess around”. “I know~” Donghuang Li who was sitting on Qing Ya’s lap suddenly raised her hand and shouted out. Looking at the child who was sitting on Qing Ya’s lap, Song Huang felt that the child was very adorable, “Little friend, go on and tell us then.” Originally, Qing Huaxuan wanted to stop Ah Li from speaking. After all, what would a child even know? However, because Song Huang had already spoken, Qing Huaxuan didn’t stop Ah Li from speaking. Donghuang Li blinked her big eyes and said, “Aunt Qing likes playing video games, therefore, Aunt Qing expects her boyfriend to be someone who is good at playing video games and is able to bring her to eat chicken dinners.” Pfft. Qing Ya couldn’t help but laugh. Qing Yutong laughed too. However, the others’ expressions were a bit stiff. “The one who knows me well is Ah Li~ Muacks~” Qing Yutong said with a smile, and she even blew a kiss to Ah Li after finishing her sentence. Donghuang Li was not willing to be outdone, and she could be seen blowing a kiss back to Qing Yutong. Song Huang laughed lightly. A big celebrity like her actually likes playing video games? This is a bit interesting. Wang Muqing suggested, “I heard that there are a few good movies that are in theaters right now, you all should find a chance to go and watch the movies together.” “I might as well stay home and play video games.” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth. Going to the theater to watch movies is only interesting when going together with brother-in-law and big sister. That way, not only would I be able to watch movies, but I would also be able to watch the two of them quarrel with each other. Song Huang was also not very interested in watching movies, “There is going to be a once in a year auction tonight at Yuanlinglong. The auction is most likely going to be very interesting, and because I so happened to have been invited to the auction, I am intending to go to the auction. Yutong, if you are interested in the auction, I can bring you along to the auction.” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong have never heard of Yuanlinglong before, but Qing Huaxuan has heard of it before. This Yuanlinglong is formidable, even I myself am not qualified enough to enter into Yuanlinglong. I heard that this Yuanlinglong is a venue that is opened by a super powerful person, and the things that are auctioned off at this venue are all uncommon items. Most importantly, the people who are able to enter into Yuanlinglong are all people who possess big backgrounds. If I am able to attend the auction that is being held at Yuanlinglong tonight, I would be able to broaden my connections! If my daughter doesn’t want to go to the auction, I, on the other hand, would like to go to the auction! In actuality, this Yuanlinglong was a venue that was opened by a north aristocratic family, and the aristocratic family was Ye Family. Back then during the fight over Nine Demons Pagoda, Tang Wushuang even called over Ye Family’s Ye Xiao to come over and help him. Unfortunately, before the fight over Nine Demons Pagoda even began, Ye Xiao left and went back to his Ye Family. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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