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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 33 – Fiery sister-in-law 2/2 The three of them sat onto the Audi A8 and Qing Yutong chattered continuously and asked various kinds of questions, making Ye Hua feel very irritated. That punch of mine just now was not bad, I controlled my strength extremely well, and only used 0.01% of my strength to achieve to the effect of aweing everyone, and at the same time not resulting in any death, comfortable! In the future, I will just use this amount of strength. “Brother-in-law! How did you do it, teach me please!” Qing Ya who was driving the car said, “Your brother-in-law likes to act cool, especially in front of a beautiful woman.” Ye Hua took a glare at Qing Ya, then looked at Qing Yutong and said, “Not free.” “Brother-in-law~” Qing Yutong let out an extremely coquettish voice. Qing Ya immediately felt unhappy when she heard Qing Yutong’s coquettish voice, you are basically seducing your brother-in-law right now! “Speak properly!” Qing Ya reprimanded coldly. Qing Yutong tsked, “Crazy protective wife…” Qing Yutong faced towards the window and sulked angrily, the two of them are basically cooperating together to bully me. Looking at the midnight snack stall outside, Qing Yutong said, “I want to eat supper!” “You ate so much just now and you are still able to eat now?!” Qing Ya who was driving the car was speechless. “I want supper, I want supper, I want supper.” Qing Yutong actually started behaving shamelessly. This made Ye Hua to start questioning his own judgment, this is basically just a child that has not grown up and totally not a mature woman, Qing Ya is much better compared to this Qing Yutong. Facing against Qing Yutong’s shameless behavior, Qing Ya didn’t have any way to deal with her and had no choice but to stop the car at the roadside. The three of them sat at the roadside midnight snack stall, and at the front, there was even an old television placed there, and news was currently being played on it. “So comfortable~” Qing Yutong said comfortably, the breeze of the summer river bank was very comfortable, being blown by the breeze feels just like a person giving you a massage. Ye Hua remained silent, compared to look at their beautiful appearance, Ye Hua was more interested in watching the news report. “Brother-in-law, what are you staring at me like that for, big sister will misunderstand~ Although it is said that half of a sister-in-law’s butt belongs to the brother-in-law, but brother-in-law, you are being too open and straightforward~” Qing Yutong said shyly, beginning to act again, she even shyly stroke her cheeks. Ye Hua said indifferently, “Move a bit to the side, don’t block me from watching the news.” Pfft. Qing Ya couldn’t help but laugh, and half of Qing Yutong’s face turned black, brother-in-law this scoundrel! “According to the report, a fire happened at a castle that is located in the suburb of London, leading to the collapse of the castle. Luckily, there were no casualties.” Qing Yutong sighed endlessly, “Such a big castle collapsed and no one actually died, this is too mystical.” Qing Ya turned her head around and took a look, “Most likely that no one stayed in the castle.” Only Ye Hua knew why there were no casualties, because those people were all in Wei Chang’s stomach. At this moment! At one corner, a youngster that was dressed plainly and simply was seated there, his gaze was gazing firmly at the television, looking at the familiar castle that had turned into ruins…

Translator: Wigglegui



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14/7/2019, 10:47pm, 2/3.

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