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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 33 – Fiery sister-in-law 1/2 “What thing, tell me.” Qing Ya couldn’t help but asked curiously. “If you change your bad habits, I will tell you about it.” “Just who is the one that has a lot of bad habits! You better be clear about it!” Qing Ya felt that her eight characters definitely did not match with Ye Hua’s eight characters, both of them definitely have to start quarrel when they talk to each other. Qing Yutong was also drunk, some hooligans came up to take liberties of me and the both of you are actually engrossed in quarreling with each other and not caring about it! Is that the way to act as a big sister, is that the way to act as a brother-in-law! “There are people bullying me!” Qing Yutong couldn’t help but said, if not they would definitely neglect about me. Ye Hua took a glance at Qing Yutong, “If you are bullied, fight back then, for a problem like this, do you even need me to teach you how to deal with it?” “That’s right, didn’t you learn martial arts before? A few hooligans shouldn’t be a problem for you right?” Qing Ya said indifferently. When we were small, my little sister was basically a little overlord, don’t be bewitched by her gender, if she was to start fighting, she would be even much more ruthless than a man. “You two!” Qing Yutong was angered to the point that she did not know just what to say anymore. Those two are definitely a matching pair, the coordination of those two when they verbally attack someone is definitely able to anger a person to death! Turning her head and looking at the 3 hooligans, Qing Yutong was angry, forget about it that the both of them are bullying me, but you 3 actually dare to come to try bully me too! A bunch of small fries, do you all really take me as a weak woman! Qing Yutong’s aura could be seen changing suddenly and killing intent started emitting out from her entire body. As expected of a best actress, to even be able to imitate out killing intent, Ye Hua had to give her a thumbs up. The hooligan’s mind was a bit absent-minded as he said hurriedly, “Young lady, calm down!!!” “Calm your sister!" Qing Yutong erupted, her small fist straightforwardly struck onto the hooligan’s abdomen, and the latter fell to the ground like a cooked shrimp. Upon seeing that, the two hooligans at the back did not know what to do, it was obviously the boss who went to took liberty of the woman, how did it turn into the boss getting beat up by the woman, this does not make sense!!! Qing Yutong totally did not have the intention of stopping, after settling the other two hooligans, then did she stopped. The crowd who were watching the show couldn’t help but gasp, this beautiful woman who looks delicate is actually that ruthless when she fights, the 3 men were totally not her match at all, looking at her, it seems that did not even use all of her strength, truly formidable! Ye Hua said, “Not bad.” “She became even stronger.” Qing Ya also praised. Qing Yutong really wanted to give each of them a fist, it’s easy to talk when you both don’t have to do anything. “Who is causing trouble here!” A 2 meter tall man with a fierce and tough appearance could be seen walking out from the crowd. His arm alone was much more thick and solid compared to Qing Ya’s thigh, and when he stood up straight, he was just like a small mountain. Upon seeing the man, the crowd couldn’t help but took a step back. Ye Hua let out a breath and walked out. The two sisters both went into a daze for a bit. With those small arms and small legs of yours, there is no need for you to step out…If any part of your body was to be fractured or broken, it would still be us who have to take care of you… However, Ye Hua also thought like that, if Qing Yutong was to suffer a fracture or break her bone, Qing Ya and I would be responsible for it. When that time comes and she has to stay in hospital or whatever, it would be troublesome, thus, I must as well just step out and settle it instead. Walking to the front of the man that was just like a small mountain, Ye Hua let out a breath. It has been 5 years since I hit someone, I must control my strength properly this time and try to not kill this man with my punch… “Brother-in-law, quickly come back, your arm is not even as thick as the man’s leg.” Qing Yutong placed both her hands at her mouth and shouted, seemingly as if she was afraid that others didn’t know about that. Along with Qing Yutong’s shout, everyone all knew that this man was the beautiful woman’s brother-in-law, so, the other woman should be the wife then, this man’s luck with woman is not shallow huh, however, meeting with such a huge creature, it feels like he is going to be beaten up. “Don’t try to show off, quickly come back.” Qing Ya couldn’t help but shout. Ye Hua’s heart was bleeding, those two ignorant women actually dare to take me that lightly! “Young fellow, your wife is calling you to back home and eat…” Bang! Ye Hua placed both his hand into his pocket, “What are you two looking at, let's go back home!” The two sisters did not clearly see what happened at all, before the man was even able to finish speaking, he was concaved into a machine. “The hack, what did that man do just now!” “I don’t know, I only saw that man flying into the machine.” Qing Yutong was dumbfounded, not expecting that her brother-in-law was also an expert that was concealed among the people. Qing Yutong hurriedly shouted, “Brother-in-law, wait for me~” It was also the first time that Qing Ya has seen Ye Hua’s martial strength. My god, if he was to hit at my body, I will have to prepare to go to the hospital. Within the 2nd floor office, the manager that was on duty witnessed the entire process and hurriedly made a phone call. “Master, I discovered a strange man, he defeated Da Shan with just a punch!” There was no gasp of surprise from the phone, instead, a voice could be heard saying indifferently, “Investigate him then.” “Yes, master!”

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