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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 338 – Ye Zizi’s slight change Donghuang Baizhi didn’t know what to even say anymore. “You can scram then.” “Hmmm~ Zizi doesn’t want to scram, Zizi wants a Ferrari.” Ye Hua glared coldly at Ye Zizi, and the latter retracted her head. His Honor has become angry… “Alright, Ye Hua, what are you scaring Zizi for?” Donghuang Baizhi stepped in and speak up for Ye Zizi. Ye Hua was rather scary when he had a stern look on his face. “Ye Zizi, you are really lacking discipline! In the future, you will be taking the bus, end of discussion!” After finished speaking, Ye Hua held onto Donghuang Baizhi’s hand and left. Meanwhile, Ye Zizi shouted out in her own mind, “His Honor is a big scoundrel, jealousy king, act cool king! To actually bully a child, shameless…” Upon returning back home, Ye Zizi closed her room’s door by slamming the door, expressing her rebellion in her own way. Meanwhile, Ye Hua shouted to Ye Zizi who was within her room, “Either you go to school tomorrow, or you leave this house tomorrow!” Donghuang Baizhi said tenderly, “Alright, Ye Hua, don’t scold the child anymore.” “This Ye Zizi is basically lacking discipline!” Ye Hua said angrily. Within the seven sins, this Ye Zizi is the only one who is mischievous! Ye Zizi kicked off the shoes that she was wearing to the side, then sat on her bed, hugged onto her pillow, and continuously cursed at His Honor in her own mind. His Honor from back then is much better than how His Honor is right now… I have decided, I won’t go to school even if I get beaten to death! I am going to leave this house! I am never going to play with His Honor anymore! The next morning, 6 am, Ye Zizi was woken up by the alarm. While rubbing onto her hazy big eyes, Ye Zizi thought to herself, “It has been very long since I last woke up this early.” After finishing washing up, Ye Zizi wore her brand-new school uniform, then carried onto her schoolbag and left the house. Ye Hua who was standing by the window and hugging onto the empress said faintly, “I will count her as sensible.” “Ye Hua, I still want to sleep.” The empress said lovably as she caressed onto Ye Hua’s chest. Listening to the empress’s request, it was only natural that Ye Hua was going to satisfy the empress’s request. While walking on the road, Ye Zizi kicked onto a small stone that was on the road. She was currently feeling very gloomy. However, Ye Zizi who was wearing a blue color school uniform looked rather adorable. If she were to tie a red scarf around her neck, she would look even more outstanding. “Zizi, going to school?” The aunt who was selling Chinese crepe at the alley entrance greeted with a smile. Ye Zizi nodded her head while remaining silent, seemingly to not be fond of conversing with people. However, when Ye Zizi saw the Chinese crepes, she couldn’t help but lick onto her lips. “You still haven’t eaten breakfast, right? Let aunt make a crepe for you to eat.” Ye Zizi fished out a few rmb from her pockets, 2 rmb was for her bus fare, and the rest was for her school lunch, she didn’t have any spare money at all. The seven sins’ poorest sin, Ye Zizi. The aunt seemed to know what Ye Zizi was trying to say and said generously, “I won’t take your money.” Upon hearing that, Ye Zizi immediately became happy and revealed a smile on her face. However, she still didn’t speak at all, causing it to seem as if she has speech anxiety or something. If Ye Hua were to know that the aunt gave Ye Zizi a free Chinese crepe, he would definitely come over and have a discussion with the aunt. Why do I, the Supreme Overlord, has to pay for the Chinese crepes, and yet a child doesn’t have to! Holding onto the piping hot Chinese crepe, Ye Zizi’s mood became much better. As Ye Zizi walked over to the bus stop, there were quite a number of people waiting for the bus. This Chinese crepe that the aunt makes sure is delicious. While eating the Chinese crepe, Ye Zizi got onto the bus and paid 1 rmb for the bus fare. As the bus began traveling on the road, more passengers got onto the bus, and Ye Zizi was currently sitting on her seat and looking outside of the window. “Little friend, quickly let your seat over to me.” A middle-aged woman who had a wavy hairstyle said towards Ye Zizi, and the tone of the woman was very domineering. Ye Zizi turned her head around and took a look at the woman, then turned her head back and looked outside the window. “Hey! Little friend, you have no manners! Everyone, quickly come and take a look at this little friend!” Upon seeing Ye Zizi’s action, the aunt immediately attempted to pressure Ye Zizi with the moral high ground. Ye Zizi’s face was turning blue, and right now, she really wanted to kill the aunt by giving the aunt a slap on the face. This was exactly Ye Hua’s motive. In actuality, Ye Zizi’s tolerance wasn’t really good, enemies just had to slightly agitate her, and she would immediately take the bait. At this moment, a grandpa stepped forward, “Woman, what is wrong with you, you are still young and yet you are using your age to pressure others. It’s not like you don’t have legs or hands, so what are you bullying a child who doesn’t know any better for?” Upon being chided by the grandpa, the aunt felt that her face had been thrown away. Furthermore, the people on the bus were pointing and talking about her too. In actuality, when Ye Zizi was holding herself back from killing the woman, in other people’s eyes, Ye Zizi looked very helpless and pitiful, and they couldn’t bring themselves to say anything about this little girl. “Old man, what does this matter have anything to do with you? If you have the capability, you can go ahead and get her to let her seat over to you!” Not willing to back down, the aunt said harshly. Ye Zizi suddenly stood up from her seat and pulled onto the grandpa, and her intention was very evident. The grandpa said with a benevolent smile on his face, “Don’t need, grandpa’s body is very fit.” Ye Zizi shook her head, then pointed to her seat. With a smile on his face, the grandpa sat down on the seat that Ye Zizi let over to him, then said towards the aunt, “Look at this child, how does she have no manners at all? You are the one who has no manners!” The aunt felt extremely awkward from having her face thrown away, and when the bus came to a stop at the next stop, she immediately got off the bus. Ye Zizi used her head. If Ye Hua were to find out about that, he would definitely be very gratified. Don’t think that this was just a small matter, if Ye Zizi were to be willing to use her head elsewhere, Ye Hua’s objective could be counted to have been achieved. “Little friend, where are you going to?” Seeing that Ye Zizi was wearing a school uniform, the grandpa asked curiously. Ye Zizi’s impression of the old man was a tiny bit favorable, “YIngyu Primary School.” “The grandpa went into a daze for a moment, then said hurriedly, “Little friend, you took the wrong bus, you should be taking bus 118.” “Oh.” Ye Zizi replied indifferently. So, I took the wrong bus. Should I be feeling nervous? Or sad? How about I just skip school today? If I do that, I will become very happy. Seeing that Ye Zizi doesn’t seem to behave like other children, the grandpa asked with concern, “Do you not know how to go to your school?” Ye Zizi shook her head. “Where are your father and mother?” Ye Zizi shook her head once again. My father and mother? They are most likely dead, I think. The grandpa was very worried for Ye Zizi, and he decided that he might as well just see Ye Zizi off to her school. Upon reaching the next stop, the grandpa and Ye Zizi got off their bus. Afterward, the grandpa brought along Ye Zizi and got onto the correct bus. Ye Zizi felt that the grandpa was very strange. Why is this person so worried about my own matters? Does he not have anything else to do? He must have nothing else better to do. Half an hour later, the two arrived at Yingyu Primary School. It was currently already 7.50 am, and the school’s gate has already closed. Ye Zizi was late for school on her first day of school. “What are you two here for?” The security guard who was at the gate shouted out. The grandpa said with a smile, “This child took the wrong bus and thus ended up being late for school.” The security guard took a look at Ye Zizi who had a cold look on her face and seeing that Ye Zizi was indeed wearing their school’s school uniform, he said, “Go on in, don’t be late again next time!” Ye Zizi’s brows were wrinkled, and she seemed to be making a hard decision. “Thank you.” After finished speaking in a low voice, Ye Zizi ran into the school. For someone like Ye Zizi who does not have any good opinion towards humans to actually say thank you to a human, if Ye Hua were to know of this, his jaw would definitely drop to the ground. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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