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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 339 – Qing Ya’s confusion In actuality, Ye Zizi had been influenced by Donghuang Li. Donghuang Li was very courteous, even when she was playing games, she would say, “I’m sorry that I killed you.” Or perhaps, “Thank you for letting me kill you.” It could be said that the current environment was completely different from the environment Ye Zizi was in back then. Thinking to the environment back then, everyone was practically comparing who has the most kill count, and the topics that were brought up in conversations were all bloody topics. While carrying onto her schoolbag, Ye Zizi walked on the school’s pathway, and the students that were above in the classroom were looking at Ye Zizi curiously. She’s actually not in class at this time, is she not afraid of getting scolded by her teacher? At that time, she’s going to end up having to call her parents to come over to the school. Ye Zizi didn’t really care that she was late as she walked towards her classroom. When Ye Zizi arrived at her classroom, she discovered that a woman was currently talking on the lectern. However, Ye Zizi didn’t say anything to the woman as she walked straight into the classroom and sat in the last row of the classroom. All of the students were looking at Ye Zizi with a dumbstruck expression on their faces. This girl is so formidable, to actually not place the form teacher in her eyes and just straightforwardly walked into the classroom like that! Mrs Ma was an outstanding primary school teacher, however, in her twenty years of working as a teacher, this was the first time that she had come across such a formidable student. This child is currently only a grade 2 primary school student, if she were to be like this when she goes to junior high school or senior high school, it would be very bad. Furthermore, this child looks very good too… I definitely have to bring her back to the correct path and stop her from going astray. “Class monitor, this girl sure is formidable, she’s actually not afraid of the form teacher.” Wang Ji said secretly to his deskmate, Liu Chuanfeng, and there was admiration on his face. Liu Chuanfeng didn’t feel anything about Ye Zizi’s action, after all, he possessed the thoughts of an adult, “That’s right, she’s very formidable.” Ye Zizi squeezed her schoolbag into her drawer, then propped onto her chin with both of her hands and began waiting for school to end. All this time, Mrs Ma had been glaring at Ye Zizi, seemingly wanting to use her aura to scare Ye Zizi and make Ye Zizi become well-behaved. However, Ye Zizi didn’t feel anything at all and was even letting out a yawn. Mrs Ma was very indignant. No student has ever been able to escape from my deep glare! “Ye Zizi!” Hearing that someone was calling out to her, Ye Zizi looked towards the woman who was at the lectern, and she discovered that the woman was glaring at her. Is she trying to provoke me? As His Honor’s subordinate, how could I be afraid of challenges! Ye Zizi immediately glared back at Mrs Ma, and Mrs Ma suddenly retreated a step backward. What a formidable little girl! In my 20 years of teaching, today, I was actually startled by a little girl’s glare! This is truly unforgivable! "Ye Zizi, why were you late on the first day of school!” Mrs Ma changed her strategy and questioned Ye Zizi. Ye Zizi didn’t utter a word, she didn’t want to respond to anyone in the classroom. “Your teacher is asking you a question!” Mrs Ma shouted out. Ye Zizi still didn’t utter a word, and even more, she lay down on her table and went to sleep. This caused Mrs Ma to explode with anger, “Call your parents to come over to the school, I have never seen such a child like you before, this is angering me to death!” Ye Zizi still didn’t utter a word… Seeing that all of her moves weren’t working, Mrs Ma walked over to Ye Zizi while with a grave look on her face, “Ye Zizi! Ye Zizi!” No respond… No respond… This obstinate little brat! I definitely have to have a talk with her parents! Mrs Ma hurriedly went to look for the telephone numbers of the child’s parents. Currently, Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi just woke up a while ago, and right after Ye Hua had finished washing up, Ye Hua immediately received a phone call from Ye Zizi’s teacher. “Baizhi, I will be going to the school for a while.” Ye Hua said gravely. It is only the first day of school and this Ye Zizi is already misbehaving! Donghuang Baizhi was currently washing up, and upon hearing that Ye Hua was going to take a trip to the school, she thought to herself, “It must definitely have something to do with Ye Zizi.” “Ye Hua, wait for me, I will go along with you.” Donghuang Baizhi didn’t feel reassured to let Ye Hua go to the school on his own and felt that it would be better if she tagged along. The two immediately head straight to the school without even eating breakfast. Within the office, Mrs Ma was glaring at Ye Zizi, and Ye Zizi was looking outside of the window while with a melancholy look on her face. Right at this moment, Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi arrived at the office. And when Ye Hua saw Ye Zizi’s attitude, his anger immediately soared. To actually dare to go against me, this Ye Zizi’s guts are getting bigger and bigger! “Ye Zizi, see if I don’t beat you to death today!” While speaking, Ye Hua straightforwardly rushed towards Ye Zizi. The teachers within the office were scared stupid by Ye Hua’s attitude. This guy is not acting, he is being serious! To actually be willing to lay his hands on such an adorable child like this, this man is practically inhumane! Donghuang Baizhi pulled onto Ye Hua, “Ye Hua, no matter how insensible Zizi is, you shouldn’t resort to violence!” “Baizhi, let go of me, I am going to smack this brat to death today!” Ye Hua shouted out angrily. Ye Zizi appeared to be very afraid as she retreated to a corner and shivered at the corner. Originally, I wanted to have a chat with this child’s parents, but I didn’t expect that this child’s father would be this violent. It is no wonder that the child would have that kind of a personality, from the looks of it, it is due to her father. “Don’t be agitated, in actuality, Ye Zizi didn’t do anything really bad, she just merely arrived late to school today.” Mrs Ma hurriedly persuaded. Ye Hua went into a daze for a moment, and not only did he not calm down, but he also even said with a cold tone, “Ye Zizi, you actually dare to be late for school! How did I teach you?! You need to have a concept of time! I am going to smack you to death today!” Thinking to back then, this Ye Zizi would often be late to battles, and the reason would be because she overslept. This Ye Zizi does not have the slightest bit of concept of time at all! Faced against His Honor’s anger, Ye Zizi stood pitifully at the corner. Mrs Ma turned pale with fright. I didn’t expect that such a small thing like being late for school would make him become so angry. This Ye Zizi won’t get beaten to death by him, right? “Don’t be angry, Ye Zizi explained herself to me already just now. She studied till very late last night, and today, she was late to school because she helped a grandma to cross the road. Ye Zizi is a good child, she deserves to be praised.” Mrs Ma’s attitude truly took a 180-degree spin. Ye Hua looked at Ye Zizi, seemingly to be asking if what the teacher said was true or not. Ye Zizi nodded her head with fear. “Alright, let go of me.” Ye Hua said towards Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi was speechless. I didn’t expect that Ye Hua’s attitude towards Ye Zizi would be this fiery, continuously wanting to beat her at the drop of a hat. Looking at Mrs Ma who was in front of him, Ye Hua said faintly, “If Ye Zizi dares to misbehave at school, you can give me a call, I will put her in order when she comes back home!” Mrs Ma’s expression turned stiff as she persuaded, “About that… problems won’t be solved by beating the child.” “If I don’t beat her, she won’t learn her mistakes! Remember what I said, give me a call if she misbehaves." After finishing speaking, Ye Hua brought along Donghuang Baizhi and left. All of the teachers who were in the office let out a breath of relief. This parent’s temper is too big, I really feel worried for this little child, this little child is so adorable, but her body is most likely full of wounds. Mrs Ma let out a sigh, “Ye Zizi, you can go back to your classroom.” Ye Zizi didn’t say anything and silently left the office. This is so boring… His Honor’s acting skills are too lousy, acting as if he wants to beat me, but purposely gets pulled back by sister-in-law. Too fake. However, this is good too, that Mrs Ma won’t dare to anyhow tell on me anymore. Sitting inside the car, Ye Hua was still feeling very angry. This Ye Zizi is truly unruly! “Ye Hua, what’s the matter with you today, why was your temper so big?” Donghuang Baizhi was very confused. Ye Hua let out a light sigh, “Nothing, let’s go back home.” Seeing that Ye Hua wasn’t willing to talk about it, Donghuang Baizhi didn’t continue probing on the matter. Donghuang Baizhi felt that Ye Hua had many secrets. She wanted to ask about those secrets of his, but at the same time, she was afraid that Ye Hua would get angry. Meanwhile, Qing Ya who was far away at Zijin City was feeling puzzled about last night’s auction. There is a problem with their attitude towards me, especially that Xiao Yi, his attitude towards me is practically a mix of humbleness and unwillingness. There is definitely something going on that I do not know of! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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