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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 39 – World Harmony 1/2 “The speed that you two quarrel at is not directly proportional to the speed that you two reconcile at.” Qing Yutong didn’t forget to tease them. This is the first pair that I have seen that quarrels the most fiercely with each other and at the same time, reconciles with each other the fastest too. Look at them, they are even hugging with each other now. Ye Hua said indifferently, “Your big sister only has this bit of capability.” “Ye Hua, if you want to quarrel, just say so, I will accompany you to the end.” “You are a pregnant woman right now, your emotion has to be stable, if not it would not be good for the child.” Ye Hua reminded. Lately, he has been reading books about this aspect. “You even know that a pregnant woman cannot be agitated?!” Ye Hua took a glare at Ye Hua. Ye Hua said indifferently, “As long as you are obedient, we can still be together.” “Who cares about that!” “Brother-in-law, big sister, can you two not hug with each other when you two are quarreling?” Qing Yutong really couldn’t stand it anymore, how is this even considered as quarreling, they are practically showing off their love. “Shut up.” "Shut up!” Qing Yutong let out a deep sigh, “You two are only capable of bullying a little girl like me that has no temper. Let me go change first~” 10+ minutes later, Qing Yutong once again turned into Qing Ya. Furthermore, she even wore a sexy attire this time, a skintight black color dress and… and there’s nothing else after that. “Brother-in-law~ How is it? Do I look sexy?” Qing Yutong stood in front of Ye Hua and spun one round. Qing Ya snorted, wishing that she could give her sister a kick, however, after thinking that her sister helped her this afternoon, she decided to give in to her for once! Ye Hua’s gaze revealed out praise, not bad, it is possible for you to get onto my bed. “Not bad, much better than before.” Qing Yutong said craftily, “So it seems that brother-in-law likes this kind of style. Big sister, did you hear it?” Smack! Qing Ya raised her hand and smacked onto Qing Yutong’s butt, and the latter rubbed onto her butt and said with a face of grievance, “Brother-in-law, big sister smacked my butt~” “Alright, let’s go.” Ye Hua said indifferently. Qing Yutong stuck her tongue out at her big sister, then held onto Ye Hua’s arm, causing Qing Ya to almost go berserk. The three of them did not drive the car and instead walked out of the alley and arrived at the street. When they arrived at the street, Qing Ya couldn’t stand it anymore, “Take a look at you guys’ appearance!” “What’s the matter, I also didn’t touch brother-in-law’s butt, I am just being courteous by holding onto brother-in-law’s arm.” Qing Yutong retorted. She just simply wants to look at her big sister having to act like she doesn’t care when she actually cares. Ye Hua nodded his head, “Reasonable.” “Brother-in-law is wise.” Watching the two agree with each other, Qing Ya was angered to the point that her hands were trembling. This person is obviously my husband, but my sister is actually holding onto his arm. Ahhh!!! “There is still an empty space here.” Ye Hua reminded. Are you giving a handout to me? I am not going to hold onto your arm! “Brother-in-law, other people all think that I am your wife, and big sister is your sister-in-law.” Qing Yutong laughed and tightly hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm. This kind of peculiar excitement could only be experienced by Ye Hua, being hugged by the sister-in-law in front of the wife, it truly feels great. Qing Ya couldn’t stand it anymore and held onto Ye Hua’s arm while showing off an expression that says, ‘I am the one who is the wife’. Ye Hua laughed lightly, then held onto Qing Ya’s willow waist, but did not went to held onto Qing Yutong’s waist. This made Qing Ya felt much better, while totally oblivious to the fact that her tofu was being eaten by Ye Hua.

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