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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 40 – Supreme Overlord’s Helplessness 1/2 “Ye Hua, could it be that you have never eaten those delicacies?” Qing Ya grabbed the chance and teased Ye Hua for a bit. Ye Hua has indeed never eaten such expensive delicacies, but it doesn’t mean that he has never eaten food that was much higher quality. “Qing Ya, have you eaten dragon meat before?” Ye Hua asked faintly. “Brother-in-law is acting cool again, I have to cover my eyes.” Qing Yutong said as she covered her eyes, sexy while not losing her adorableness. Qing Ya was very coordinating with Qing Yutong, “What are you covering your eyes for.” “I’m scared that my eyes would get blinded by the light that is emitted out from brother-in-law when he is acting cool.” Ye Hua, “……” “When we have the time, I will bring you two to go try out dragon meat. The meat of a scarlet infant dragon is not bad. Qing Ya, you need to replenish your body with nourishment since you are pregnant right now.” Speaking up to here, Ye Hua knew that he had to order Lie Gu to go get some ingredients. It is my fault for being careless and forgetting that Qing Ya needs nourishment right now, I have to prepare a bit more ingredients. Qing Yutong covered her face again, “Brother-in-law, if you don’t act cool, I am still your sister-in-law~” Qing Ya did not sneer at Ye Hua this time and instead said faintly, “It would be enough if you don't try to anger me.” Seems like Qing Ya totally did not believe Ye Hua’s words, but towards Ye Hua’s concern, she still felt quite warm in her heart. Ye Hua laughed lightly and did not say anything. The both of them do not know anything. Right now, I will contact Lie Gu and get him to go on a trip. If he is still mingling around with that celebrity, I will stew him tonight and make dragon bone soup. After Lie Gu received Ye Hua’s order, he immediately went to seek for the ingredients. If I don’t go, His Honor would really stew me, and even let me drink the soup myself…he is practically savage and has no humanity at all. Under the attendant’s astonished gaze, they finished ordering all the dishes and began waiting for the dishes to come. While waiting, Qing Ya discovered that all the people that were eating in the main hall did not order the really expensive dishes, and instead most of the main dishes that the people in the main hall ordered were king crab and panulirus cygnus. Qing Ya immediately shouted in her heart, “Not good!” Ye Hua seems to be preparing to look at the panulirus cygnus, and it is quite possible that he will want me to help him peel it later on! Peel such a big lobster!!! “Ye Hua, look at me!” Qing Ya held onto Ye Hua’s face and turned Ye Hua’s face towards her. “My god, big sister, there is no need to be like this right, your sister is still single here. How about you split half of brother-in-law to me.” Ye Hua nodded his head, “Yutong’s thinking is not bad.” “You two are basically scoundrels!” Qing Ya said indignantly. Ye Hua stretched out his hand and caress Qing Ya’s cheek, “Be at ease, I won’t order such a big lobster and let you peel it.” This fellow actually saw through my thoughts and didn’t say it out earlier! Causing me to make a fool out of myself, he is simply bad to the core!

Translator: Wigglegui



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