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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 40 – Supreme Overlord’s Helplessness 2/2 “Hello beautiful ladies, this humble one’s surname is Zhang, name is Tiancai, I’m not sure if I would be able to have the honor to invite you two beautiful ladies to come over to my table and enjoy lunch with me. After all, no matter how good the seafood taste, without the accompany of a beautiful lady, the seafood would still feel tasteless.” A man who wore a gold color spectacle appeared courteously in front of the three of them. The speed that he spoke out those words were pretty good, just that, you dug all the way to the front of the Supreme Overlord, aren’t you basically lighting up a lamp in the toilet and searching for feces! “You can continue on feeling tasteless then.” Ye Hua said coldly. Such a weak human is totally not fit to even talk to me. I really cannot help but want to smack him away for disturbing my peace. Zhang Tiancai adjusted his spectacle and said with a serious look, “This mister here, do you know that you are being very rude! I am inviting the two ladies to a meal, please do not speak while I am at it.” Qing Ya and Qing Yutong immediately start laughing. When they looked at the expression on Ye Hua’s face, they just couldn’t help but want to laugh. This ignorant human actually asked me to keep my mouth shut! Just who is it that gave him such huge courage! Where did he even get his confidence from! Zhang Tiancai once again revealed out a gentleman-like smile, “Ladies, on my table, there are first-rate king crab, panulirus cygnus, top-rate Hokkaido red hairy crab, top-rate foie gras, caviar, and also…” “Shut up!” Ye Hua shouted coldly as a strange red light radiated out from his eyes. Zhang Tiancai felt as if he saw a frightening skeleton head quietly raised up to him, opened its pitch-black huge mouth and was going to devour him! Qing Ya and Qing Yutong also did not thought that Ye Hua would really become angry, thus even they themselves was shocked too when Ye Hua shouted. How could Ye Hua not be angry, how would you feel when a housefly flew in front of you and kept on buzzing, but you couldn’t squash it to death because you were in the period of not going to kill. This kind of contradiction made Ye Hua felt very annoyed, therefore, Ye Hua normally do not leave the house, mainly because he did not want to run into this kind of fool like Zhang Tiancai. Destroying his 5 years of meditation for a fool was totally just not worth it at all. Zhang Tiancai came back to his senses. What happened just now, for me to actually get scared by this man, that was embarrassing. “Mister, don’t think that just because you are handsome, you can bully others however you want. This kind of conduct of yours will receive criticism!” Qing Ya knew that Ye Hua was very angry but seemed to be holding it in due to some reason, thus, she did not remain silent anymore and shouted coldly, “Enough, you aren’t worthy to criticize my husband.” “That’s right, that’s right, you better scram back to your table and eat your seafood.” Qing Yutong of course stood on Ye Hua’s side, and even leaned intimately onto Ye Hua’s side. Ye Hua slightly let out a breath and felt that it won’t do if things continue on like this. I have to think of a way to punish those humans who likes to act cool in front of me. If smacking him to death with the palm of my hand is out of the question, I will just make him feel jealous to death! Ye Hua could be seen spreading out his hands and holding onto the two sisters. The two sisters cried out in surprise when they were held onto by Ye Hua, and their face turned red, especially Qing Yutong’s face. “You will forever only have the opportunity to look and won’t even be able to touch even a single hair of theirs! Furthermore, you are not even worthy at all to have a meal together with them!” Ye Hua felt that he had become smarter and was also becoming more and more human-like. Zhang Tiancai’s eyes revealed out envy as he snorted, “What can you give to them, a man who can’t even afford to order king crab!” “Mister, please move aside.” “Don’t bother me!” Zhang Tiancai shouted angrily. “Mister, please move aside!” This sentence was evidently a warning. This caused Qing Ya to wrinkle her brows, this shop is actually this formidable? Zhang Tiancai turned his head around angrily, “What is it!” “This table’s customers ordered bluefin tuna, our chef will be making it into sashimi right in front of them, so move aside!” Looking at the 100+ kg bluefin tuna, Zhang Tiancai went into a daze for a while. Not only Zhang Tiancai, even the surrounding customers also went into a daze. They have never seen before anyone ordering such an expensive fish in the main hall, and they finally have the opportunity to see it today. Zhang Tiancai quietly retreated. I actually stepped onto an iron nail, luckily I did not bleed, this is scaring me to death! I better go back and eat my king crab, this kind of fish is better to just look at. As for ordering it? It is too extravagant already. “Brother-in-law~ You are eating my tofu~” Qing Yutong shouted out lovably, seemingly afraid that her big sister wouldn’t be able to hear her. As expected, Qing Ya’s face immediately turned black. To actually eat your sister-in-law’s tofu in front of your wife! This time, Ye Hua was actually a little embarrassed for the first time ever, “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding.” “Humph, who misunderstood, using us to show off how formidable you are huh?” Qing Ya said, with her tone being full of jealously. Qing Yutong was about to laugh to death in her heart. And big sister still says that she does not like brother-in-law, look at just how heavy the vinegar smell she is emitting out is. Ye Hua felt helpless, I only did that because I did not want to anyhow kill people, “I will treat you to eat something really good tonight.” “Who even wants it.” Qing Ya said, with her tone evidently eased up. Qing Yutong shook her head, this temper of big sister’s, it is practically no different from acting coquettishly, she is just basically acting coquettishly in another kind of way.

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