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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 85 – He is a cultivator! 2/2 Everyone also followed and took a seat. After letting out a breath, Jiu Ye said, “Everyone, for a thing like this to have happened, I also feel sorry about it, but the dead cannot be revived, and right now, since the culprit has already been captured, it should be able to appease your heart. As for Bai Family, in actuality, if the matter becomes escalated, it would not be good for both me and you guys.” Li Qianyi disapproved, “Jiu Ye, our child was murdered at first-rate clubhouse, Bai Family have to take responsibility for it!” “That’s right, what CEO Li said is right!” Jia Gaoao agreed. “Jiu Ye, it couldn’t be that it is because you are afraid of Bai Family, that’s why you are trying to side with Bai Family right?” You Yusi said with a deep voice. Jiu Ye said helplessly, “I understand how everyone is feeling right now, it is fine for you all to want Bai Family to take responsibility, but you all need to plan a time right, there’s no way you all are thinking of heading to Bai Family right away and ask them to take responsibility right?” “Jiu Ye, no matter how strong Bai Family is, or how high Bai Family’s status is, for such a thing to have happened, Bai Family should give us an explanation!” Han Wei said with a cold face. Ye Hua finally understood, all those people are afraid of Bai Family, and right now, they want to push Xiao Jiu out to act as the cannon fodder for them. However, where did those puny rich merchants get their guts from, to actually have the guts to want to call out Bai Family. Although justice is on their side, it is still abnormal. Humans are just precisely like this, always trying to hoodwink and outwit each other, scheme this, and scheme that, even when playing a computer game, they are also like that. “That’s right, us southern people are not afraid of those northern people.” Li Qianqi said bold and unrestrainedly, seemingly as if he wants to start a war with the north. Ye Hua held onto his chin and asked, “Qing Ya, how is this Bai Family?” “Bai Family is very strong, especially Bai Family’s woman, that Wang Dabao from yesterday is precisely the one who married Bai Family’s woman.” Qing Ya said softly. “How many wives does that Wang Dabao have?” Ye Hua asked. “Why are you concerned about this for!” “How many!” Qing Ya said coldly, “That Wang Dabao is a very devoted person, he only has one wife.” “This Wang Dabao is indeed a little interesting.” Ye Hua said faintly, those who have a bit of strength, which one of them doesn’t have a bunch of wives and concubines, just take a look at that Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang. Qing Ya mumbled, “That Wang Dabao also dotes on his wife very much.” “What, are you saying that I don’t dote on you?” Ye Hua asked. Qing Ya said with a grave look, “Have you ever doted me before!” Ye Hua could be seen leaning towards Qing Ya’s ear and said softly, “During that night, I doted on you very much.” “Scoundrel!” Qing Ya couldn’t help but shout out, then raised her little fist. Unfortunately, her little fist was grabbed onto by Ye Hua. Everyone looked towards Ye Hua and Qing Ya, we are discussing about a big matter right now, and yet you two are flirting with each other right here, you two are truly trying to anger us to death! “What are you all looking at, never seen a husband and wife quarrel before?!” Ye Hua said coldly. Everyone was speechless, it was obviously you two who disturbed us, and yet now you are blaming it on us! “Ye Hua, don’t be like this.” Qing Ya said petulantly, this fellow, every time after he finished acting cool, I would have to help him clean up his mess. Qing Ya said with a light smile, “Everyone, I apologize, my husband didn’t hmmm, hmmm, hmmm….” Before Qing Ya even finish speaking, Ye Hua covered Qing Ya’s mouth, is there even a need for you to explain? Jiu Ye was sweating, the boss sure is formidable. “I mean what I said!” Ye Hua said indifferently, then let go of his hand, I will see just how you are going to smooth this matter out. Qing Ya was very angry, can’t you speak nicely? It’s fine if you used this kind of tone to speak to me, but when we are outside, you are still using this kind of tone, do you know that you will make enemies very easily like this! Everyone still wasn’t clear about Ye Hua’s background and thus didn’t say anything yet, after all, even Jiu Ye himself also had to call him boss. “Everyone, I arrived late!” A man who wore a green robe walked into the room unhurriedly, and behind him, there was a youngster, who also wore a green robe and had a long sword carried on his back. If Qing Yutong was here, she would definitely be able to recognize the green robe man, this man was the cultivator who ‘beat the dog till it spat out blood’. “Executor Jian, you have finally arrived.” Everyone quickly stood up to welcome the green robe man. This Executor Jian is formidable, I heard that he is the executor of a certain sect within the cultivation world, and he himself is also Long’an City’s contact person. “Executor Jian, why were you tied up in the garden this morning?” Jia Gaoao truly touched a sore spot. Jian Yuan’s expression sunk, and soon after, he laughed, “I met with some problem while cultivating yesterday, which caused my cultivation strength to greatly decrease, and right after that, I met a fierce beast.” “You are the dog abuser who was tied up and hang on the tree this morning?” Qing Ya asked curiously. However, after asking, she immediately regretted it, that was very uncourteous of me. The atmosphere immediately froze, and Jian Yuan face changed from white to red, and red to white, and even the little cultivator who was behind him also felt embarrassed. “Qing Ya, why did you say that, do you know that he is a cultivator.” Ye Hua said calmly. Qing Ya was astonished, “Ah, he is a cultivator too?” Ye Hua laughed. Jian Yuan was about to start bleeding internally soon. Everyone was already scared out of their mind. Jiu Ye had nothing say and he felt that he really had to give it to them, this married couple sure is sinister. And Qing Ya wants to express that she was feeling very wronged, this is all because of Ye Hua who lead my tempo astray!

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