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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 88 – You took medicine during that night right 1/2 There was no more reason to continue staying here anymore, pulling onto the absent-minded Qing Ya, Ye Hua said to Jiu Ye, “Xiao Jiu, call the car over.” Jiu Ye immediately stood up, “I will go and arrange it right away, please wait for a while boss, the driver will come right away.” Ye Hua nodded his head, Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s temper are very weird, as long as someone is disrespectful towards me, they would not say anything and immediately kill the person. This Jiu Ye can be kept for the time being, he can be used to handle trivial miscellaneous tasks. If Jiu Ye was to come to know of Ye Hua’s thoughts, he would definitely feel very complicated, on one hand, he wants to hug onto Ye Hua’s thigh, and on the other hand, he wants to hug onto the thigh while still having his face… Jiu Ye’s Rolls-Royce Phantom arrived very quickly. The driver opened the car door with a respectful expression on his face, and Ye Hua pulled onto the absent-minded Qing Ya and walked out of the side room. The things that they are discussing are too childish, I’m not interested in knowing what they are going to discuss further on, and I also wouldn’t want to know. Right now, I’m very curious as to just what Qing Ya this fool is thinking about. After knowing my strength, she became completely stupefied. I will see if you still dare to be so mischievous in the future. Qing Ya was indeed stupefied, I didn’t expect that a man that I casually found was actually a cultivator. I really don’t know if it can be counted as my luck being good or my luck being bad. Is the temper of cultivators all so bad? To let their own woman peel crayfishes and buy Chinese crepe for them at the drop of the hat? On the journey back, the two did not speak with each other at all, and Ye Hua sort of couldn’t stand it anymore, has this foolish woman really been scared stupid or something? “Stop at the side.” Ye Hua said coldly. The driver didn’t dare to speak much, even if I were to get fined, I also have to stop the car at the side. Pulling the foolish Qing Ya out of the car, Ye Hua walked to the riverbank and looked towards the distant. There were quite a few couples taking a stroll along at the riverbank, and also quite a lot of old people dancing at one side. The main reason that there were so many people at the riverbank was because the riverbank was windy, the wind that blows over time to time was able to let one free carefree and relaxed. Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette and leaned onto the protective railing with his back, while Qing Ya stood at one side, lost in her own thoughts. After finish smoking the stick of cigarette, Ye Hua was a bit jittery, could it be that this woman really got scared foolish? “Speak.” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. Qing Ya took in a breath, then asked, “Ye Hua, do you know any absorption technique?” “Why?” Ye Hua slightly wrinkled his brows. “If I were to learn it, I would be able to absorb your inner strength.” Ye Hua, “……” “What about three flowers congregation?” Ye Hua’s brows became more wrinkled. “You don’t know that? Then, do you know Nine Yin Scripture?” Ye Hua has the thought of wanting to smack onto Qing Ya’s butt. “Ah, you don’t know that too? What about North Underworld Martial Technique then?” “You don’t even know this too?! What about Buddha’s palm then?” “Sigh, Ye Hua, could it be that you cultivated the Sunflower Scripture?” Ye Hua couldn’t stand it anymore as he held Qing Ya into his embrace, “Whether if I cultivated the Sunflower Scripture or not, don’t you know the answer yourself!” Qing Ya let out a breath, I just wanted to mess around with Ye Hua just now, after discovering that he is still the same as he was in the past, I feel relieved. In the end, he basically just has another identity right now, which is that he is a cultivator. Not sure if I were to tell others about it, would it be able to give me face? For example, when other people said, “My husband’s net worth is 10+ billion, what about your husband huh?” And Qing Ya would be able to straighten her back and shout out proudly, “Your husband is nothing at all, my husband is a cultivator!” If Ye Hua was to come to know of Qing Ya’s current thoughts, he would definitely give Qing Ya a lecture, to actually compare me with those inferior humans.

Translator: Wigglegui



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