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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 7 – Second urban legend An hour later, the atmosphere of the club was joyous and harmonious. Although Koya and Hideki both looked upon Kairen as their rival in love, they were still after all relatively pure senior high school students. After chatting with each other for a bit, the few of them immediately became close with each other and began calling each other as brothers. Although Koya and Hideki said that they were planning to capture Shinkawa Chie’s heart, in the end, they were merely just thirsting after Shinkawa Chie’s body. Now that Shinkawa Chie’s childhood friend has joined the ghost club, the two immediately put an end to whatever ideas that they had toward Shinkawa Chie. Under the harmonious atmosphere, the few of them began chatting carefreely with each other in no time. “That’s right… do you all know about the incident that happened yesterday?” Discovering that Shinkawa Chie seemed to somewhat be unable to join in on their conversation, Kamisaki Kairen picked up his phone and said hurriedly, “Yesterday, a female student committed suicide by jumping off a building.” “Isn’t this a normal occurrence in our country?” “If I recall correctly, there is even a sacred location for suiciding in our country.” “This one isn’t the same as usual.” Kamisaki Kairen placed his phone on the coffee table and let everyone take a look. “When this girl committed suicide, she wore a red dress and red boots.” “A red dress and red boots?” The few of them became interested. There was nothing abnormal with red clothing, but it was definitely unusual for one to dress up completely red when committing suicide. “Looking at the forum, the female student seemed to have been bullied in school, she was being verbally bullied by her classmates, and in the end, she finally couldn’t endure anymore and ended up committing suicide.” “Eh? This female student committed suicide at Meguro District. If I remember correctly, Kambara Shinji lives at Meguro District, right?” “The female student indeed committed suicide at Meguro District. Yesterday when I was on my way home, I even passed by the incident when the incident was happening.” Kambara Shinji said after taking off his earphones. Kambara Shinji had already been writing for an hour and right when he was about to rest for a moment, he heard everyone discussing about the female student who committed suicide yesterday. Upon hearing what everyone was discussing about, he straightforwardly opened his mouth. While speaking, Kambara Shinji took a look at the phone that was on the coffee table, then said faintly, “I recommend you all to not discuss about this matter.” Seeing that everyone was looking curiously at him, Kambara Shinji continued and said, “After all, normally when one commits suicide, who would dress up like this? For someone to commit suicide while dressing up like this, they had most likely suffered a huge amount of physical or psychological harm when they were alive.” “So… the female student dressed up like that because she wanted to curse the people who harmed her?” “More or less.” Kambara Shinji nodded his head. In Kambara Shinji’s past life, there was an expert who explains this kind of stuff. A lot of people really couldn’t understand the thoughts of those people who committed suicide, they felt that if a person wants to suicide, shouldn’t the person do it in a desolate area? Why would the person do it in a place where there were many people? What those people don’t understand was that, some of the people who chose to commit suicide, they only did it because they had no choice, and only by committing suicide at a place where there were a lot of people, then would they be able to attract society’s attention. By attracting society’s attention, they hope that society would be able to seek justice for them. And as for the female student who committed suicide while dressing up entirely red, the female student definitely did it because she harboured huge resentment towards her bullies. When the female student was alive, she didn’t dare to do anything. But she hopes that, after she died, she would be able to turn into a malicious spirit and take revenge on her bullies. If not, why else would she have dressed up like that? This was also the reason why Kambara Shinji didn’t stay when he came across the incident yesterday. No matter what, it was better to be safe than sorry. After all… The notebook which Kambara Shinji possessed, wasn’t it precisely an item that could create urban legends? Looking at the photo of the female student, Kambara Shinji’s expression twitched. However, he didn’t continue saying anything else. After looking at the time, he straightforwardly stood up and said, “It’s getting late already, I have to start heading home.” “Together, together.” Very quickly, Kambara Shinji parted ways with the other club members at the school gate. Before Kambara Shinji had even walked a few minutes, while passing by an alley, he discovered that three third-year students were currently surrounding a first-year student. All four of the students belonged to Cherry Autumn Senior High School. Upon seeing that, Kambara Shinji shouted “hey” towards the direction of the alley. Very quickly, the three third-year students looked over, and immediately, their expressions changed slightly, “Kambara?” “Hisachi, bullying a student again?” Kambara Shinji placed his schoolbag down on the floor, then said with a slight smile on his face as he cracked his knuckles, “How about adding me in with the student?” Upon hearing that, Hisachi Kento’s expression changed. Hisachi Kento was the leader among the three third-year students. After snorting, Hisachi Kento pulled onto his two followers, then took a glare hatefully at Kambara Shinji, “Let’s leave.” When Hisachi Kento walked out of the alley, Kambara Shinji slightly moved to the side and bumped onto Hisachi Kento, causing Hisachi Kento to stagger and almost fell. Looking at the look of provocation on Kambara Shinji’s face, Hisachi Kento wanted to open his mouth and curse at Kambara Shinji. However, in the end, Hisachi Kento restrained himself. From the start to finish, the two followers remained silent and didn’t say anything. The three of them were third-year students, and all three of them had exchanged fists with Kambara Shinji quite a number of times already. Also, because of Kambara Shinji, all three of them have gone to the school’s medical room quite a number of times already. Kambara Shinji was very well known within Cherry Autumn Senior High School’s bad students’ social circle. And the reason for that was because back when Kambara Shinji was still a new student, those three third-year students dragged him into an alley and tried to threaten him into lending them money. In the end, Kambara Shinji fought against the three as one and straightforwardly beat the three to the point that they had to enter into a hospital. Of course, Kambara Shinji himself also ended up being badly injured by the three. Back when Kambara Shinji’s father just died, Kambara Shinji was feeling very repressed. Thus, when the three third-year students sent themselves to Kambara Shinji’s doorstep asking to get beat up, Kambara Shinji didn’t hold back any of his punches. However, although Kambara Shinji was fit and tough, when all was said and done, he was still just an ordinary human, and fighting as one against three was his limit. Not too long after Kambara Shinji's first fight with the three, Hisachi Kento went and found a few other bad students to help beat up Kambara Shinji. However, every time when they beat Kambara Shinji to a pulp, quite a number of them would also end up greatly injured. And as time passed on, all of them felt that Kambara Shinji was a hard nut to crack and thus they stopped finding trouble with Kambara Shinji. On the contrary, there were even some who admired Kambara Shinji and wanted Kambara Shinji to join them and be bad students along with them. But when they asked Kambara Shinji to join them, they ended up getting beaten up again by Kambara Shinji. Because of this, everyone within Cherry Autumn Senior High School’s bad students’ social circle felt that Kambara Shinji was basically a lunatic. Back when Kambara Shinji transmigrated over and obtained the memory of the past Kambara Shinji, he felt that the past Kambara Shinji was rather admirable. Also, back when Kambara Shinji just transmigrated over, he felt very pressured as he had to face the threat of having just a month of lifespan left. And because fighting was a good way to relieve pressure, during the past month, Kambara Shinji had been frequently bullying those bad students. Seeing that Hisachi Kento endured and didn’t fight back, Kambara Shinji pouted his mouth and said, “Boring.” Seeing that the three left, Kambara Shinji picked up his schoolbag and continued heading back home. From the start to finish, he didn’t bother looking at the first-year student who got bullied by the three third-year students. “Thank you…” When the first-year student within the alley raised his head, he discovered that Kambara Shinji had already left. After picking up his schoolbag and walking out of the alley, all he could see was Kambara Shinji’s back. When Kambara Shinji took the train and arrived at Meguro District, he had already more or less forgotten about what happened at the alley. Or perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say that his mind was currently completely occupied by a certain matter. Upon arriving back home, Kambara Shinji turned on his computer and looked up on the female student who committed suicide while wearing completely red. Just as Shinkawa Chie said, the female student committed suicide because she was verbally bullied by her classmates. Words can hurt, and sometimes, words can hurt more than psychical pain. Originally, Kambara Shinji did not know what to write for his second urban legend, but when he was in the clubroom and heard his club members discussing about the girl who committed suicide, he had an idea on what to write for his second urban legend. And during his journey back home from school, he had already thought everything through in his mind. School bullying was something that happened throughout the entire world. School bullying exists in every country, it was just a matter of which country has more cases of school bullying. And Japan was precisely one of the countries which has the most cases of school bullying. While pondering, Kambara Shinji flipped open the notebook that was on the study table. After flipping to an empty white page, he picked up the fountain pen that was at the side, dipped the fountain pen tip in ink, then immediately began writing. “Year 2020, 8th April, 12 am midnight……” https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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