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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer The setting sun shone on the window glass as Mu Hanxia sat opposite Lu Zhang. She has a relaxed posture while he has crossed his legs. Just as she was about to continue talking, Mu HanXia's cell phone rang. She picked up her phone and saw that the number calling started with 139. She was slightly startled. By this time, most people had switched to phone numbers starting with 18. 139 was a very old number that could only be found several years ago. In an instant, she remembered who the owner of the number was. She glanced at Lu Zhang, took her phone to the balcony, and locked the door. The sun's rays were sprinkled across the earth. Downstairs, the traffic seemed to undulate back and forth. The phone rang gently and unhurriedly in her hand, but what she remembered was the lingering and deep kiss last night. She was silent for a while before she picked up: "Hello, who may this be?" Lin Mochen remained silent for a second and then said, "It's me." Mu Hanxia's voice adopted the tone of a polite smile: "What's the matter?" Lin Mochen also smiled mildly on his end: "Several old colleagues at the company heard that you are back and proposed to eat together tonight." Mu Hanxia hesitated for a moment. "Are you free?" He asked. "I ..." Mu HanXia paused. It would seem rather stingy if she said she wouldn't go. But the more distantly undisturbed his tone was right now, the more Han Muxia remembered last night when he kissed her so strongly that she struggled to restrain herself. "Thank them on behalf of me." Mu Hanxia said, "Today, I have to work overtime until it is very late. I can't go. Next time, I will invite them." Both were silent for a few seconds. "Okay." Lin MoChen said, "Don't be too busy. Don't forget to rest." Hanging up the phone, Mu Hanxia was a little dazed. Did Lin MoChen just urge her not to be too busy and not to forget to rest? In her memory, he never said these kinds of words to her. At that time, she felt that investing her entirety to struggle was expected as a matter of course. He, himself, was always busy until the darkness of twilight. Everything in his interest was placed first. Naturally, he had never said such soft words to her in the past. ... Realizing that she was sinking into an originally already dusty memory, Mu HanXia restrained her mind. What happened last night was a sudden shock for her. Now, as Lin Mochen approached calmly, she didn't know how sincere or how insincere he was. Or, is it just that he hadn't gotten over some of the matters from those years? And, he couldn't untie the knot in his heart? After all, he used to be such a proud person. These years, things have been smoother and smoother for him. The more he walked, the higher he went. She was probably the only person that was unreconciled in his heart. However, no matter what he thought, Mu HanXia didn't want to think more deeply. When she examined her heart, what was clear was that she did not want to turn back again and start afresh with him. Lu Zhangxie glanced at her walking in and said: "Why do you have the face of someone in debt ... it wouldn't have been your ex-lover calling, would it?" Mu HanXia was startled. Nodding her head, she said: "It's not. It was......a spam phone call. Lu Zhang smiled: "The next time you receive this kind of call, give it to me. I like answering this kind of call the most so that I can tease****. Last time, I even made the swindler cry. They angrily hung up my phone. When I tried calling again, their phone was turned off." Mu HanXia chuckled. Lu Zhang returned the smile and suddenly realized that the atmosphere between the two seemed to be a little too harmonious. He immediately stopped smiling, resuming his indifference expression. Mu Hanxia also said sternly: "Then, let's talk about the plan." He gave a faint noise of agreement. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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