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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Mu HanXia smiled and swiped her card to open the door. "Hello!" He stood under the steps and leaned against the car as he stopped her again,"You are just leaving like this? Then, what will I eat tonight?" Mu HanXia laughed again. Whenever she was together with Lu Zhang, the times she laughed and smiled seemed to be especially alot, and she seemed to become very relaxed. This was probably due to the boy's character. She rummaged through the plastic bag and found a salmon rice ball that she threw to him. Lu Zhang caught it very stably. Upon glancing at it, he became cheerful: "Hey, are you feeding a pig?" He was the type of person that, if he wanted to eat some fresh salmon, he would fly to Osaka on a whim. And, she threw a pack of salmon onigiri from the supermarket ? To feed him? Mu HanXia was too lazy to turn her head and merely waved at him before walking in. Lu Zhang tossed around the rice ball in his hand before sitting in his car. After driving for a while, he felt that he, himself, was quite amusing today. He had clearly invited a few friends to play games at his home. He had volunteered to go out and buy beer only to escape halfway to send Mu HanXia home. He really was quite heroic, no? Not to mention, he really did become a bit hungry. He glanced at the rice ball in the co-driver seat, picked it up, took off the wrapping, and took a bite. "Ugh!" He immediately spitted it out and threw the rice ball into the small trash can in the car. Sure enough, if it tastes bad, it tastes bad. Even if it was bought by the beautiful master, it still won't become delicious. —— When Lin MoChen drove into Mu HanXia's neighbourhood, he happened to pass Lu Zhang's car. He glanced at it before continuing to drive forward and reaching her home. He saw that the lights of her house had already been turned on. He turned off his car, but he did not get off immediately. Suddenly, he laughed self-mockingly. His eyebrows never wrinkled before when investing hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet, at this moment, when he was downstairs of a woman's home, he hesitated. He came too close, too fast. He was afraid she would hide again. Many things have deposited in her pair of clear eyes. She was longer like before when he could see through her at a glance. The day she left that year, those cold and heartless words and actions remained clear in his heart like a scar from a knife. But, if he was too slow, or too far away from her, he was afraid that he would lose control of his emotions that were as vast and chaotic as the sea that had been suppressed in his heart one day. Thinking about it for a moment, he picked up his phone and called her. It rang ten times before she received it. Lin MoChen: "Have you arrived home?" Mu HanXia: "Yes. Is something the matter?" "Have you eaten?" he asked. Mu HanXia: "Not yet. I'm cooking right now." Both people were quiet for a while. Then, Lin MoChen said slowly: "I am... just downstairs of your home, and I also haven't eaten. After he finished speaking, he leaned back in the car chair and smiled silently. Mu HanXia was silent. "It's not that far..." she said. "There is a family restaurant that is quite good. It should suit your taste." The phone call became extremely quiet. Seeing him stay silent, Mu HanXia said, "If there is nothing else, I am going to hang up." "Han Xia." He said, "Don't get too close to the Lu family kid." Mu HanXia froze for a moment. She was near the window and, across the window, she vaguely saw his car parked downstairs, dark and silent. "This has nothing to do with you, no?" she said. "No?" he answered. Mu HanXia replied affirmatively: "No. Lin MoChen, you are controlling too much. My relationship with Lu Zhang is as a subordinate and also as a friend. But it has nothing to do with you..." She said slowly. Lin MoChen was silent. Although Mu HanXia spoke decisively and bluntly, she could also sense clearly, because he had been approaching her quietly these past few days, because of his choice in words, a kind of tangled feeling was surrounding her. But, this is what she subconsciously wants to resist. "Really?" His voice sounded very calm. Mu HanXia understood very clearly that the more he is in this kind of situation, the moodier he became, and the less he showed. Suddenly, she remembered what Sun Zhi said the other day. After she left, without a word, he attacked Cheng WeiWei ever so fiercely. Suddenly there was a trace of tenderness in her heart. Just as she was about to say a few words to ease the atmosphere, she heard him speak again. "Han Xia, you should know that it is not difficult for me to let Lu Zhang's commercial real estate department fall." Mu HanXia's complexion turned cold instantly. "Lin MoChen, are you threatening me? Is there no distinction between public and private matters?" "No distinction between public and private matters?" He repeated her words slowly and suddenly smiled, "Mu HanXia, ​​what did you say was my private matter? What, again?" Mu HanXia bit her lower lip lightly. "I am not," she said. She thought that, with his character, he would definitely laugh even more coldly, or he would say more cold words. Just like before. But he was silent. The night wind blew gently. His car remained dark. The few stars in the sky and the row of street lamps on the ground extended to the distance. His voice was unexpectedly more calm than the night: "If you are not, what else is on this Earth?" http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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